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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finding the right Insurance

I need a new insurance company for the house we're in. The old insurance lapsed, and when we first got it, it was in no condition to re-insure. It was a fire hazard, and stuffed to the rafters with junk (hoarder style). We finally got it cleaned out enough, although there's still a little bit to go, but now we have to find someone to come out and give us a quote. I need to find a place like that deals with home insurance. Wholesale Insurance does life and offers an easy way to find the insurance you need. I'll have to cruise around and see what I can come up with.

Seller's Blues

I have to laugh at some of the responses we've gotten from a Craigslist ad to sell our horse trailer. I can't even count how many people want to trade another trailer (we want to SELL not buy, and we don't have horses anymore), or even other items. One guy wanted to trade a vintage Mustang. Now, that might be tempting in some ways, but I can just imagine the condition of that vintage car if they were willing to trade for an 8,000 horse trailer. Then we discounted the price a bit, to get it moving, and received a lot of interested emails and calls. One guy had me totally convinced he wanted it, so we met down there, and then after going over it, he said, it's in great condition but we're going to hold out for an all aluminum trailer. Okay, well,he has a dinky little 1500 truck, and that might be difficult to pull with if the trailer were fully loaded with 3 full-size horses and all the tack. But dude, the ad said ALUMINUM SKIN ON A STEEL FRAME. Duh. I guess he couldn't read.

Buying Online

There are several places you can buy liporexall, but it can be hard to find it in a brick and mortar store, and you'll probably pay very high prices for it when you do. When you add the time it takes to travel to the store, the gas you use to drive there, and just the hassle, it's much better to look online and get it. It's easier to locate, you can find much better prices, and there's no hassle involved. Life is hard enough without playing Easter egg hunt for products you want from the store. I prefer to buy online whenever possible.

Great USA

Watching Burn Notice. I still love the show. Although, Michael changed his hair style, and I'm not fond of that. USA Network is probably my favorite station for weekly shows. They have so many great shows it's hard to keep up with them all. Suits is a new one now that follows Burn Notice this season, but that is one I can do without. My husband is watching it, but I never got into it. I love Covert Affairs, Necessary Roughness, Royal Pains and White Collar though.

Getting Things Done in the Heat

Whenever I am looking for a new diet aid, I use the internet to find diet pills that work. For right now, I'm doing pretty well, but living in a sweat box helps. All things considered, I'd much rather be using diet pills and have air conditioning. I'm also going to the health club a few times a week. I'd like to go more often, but the heat makes it almost unbearable, even though the club and my car actually are air conditioned. It's just hard to get motivated when it's so hot in the house. We manage to get what has to be done, finished, but other things are harder to make yourself do.

Hotter than the Sun

A thousand degree heat is a real killer when the air isn't working. Wow it's like an oven in this house. I had to go through this a few years ago in our old house, but I don't remember the summer being quite this hot. It's actually not even the air conditioning here, it's the furnace. It's about 50 years old, and gave up last winter. We made use of space heaters and made do, but fans aren't cutting it with the heat this summer. I hope we can get it fixed before winter, but if not, at least by next summer. I don't think I could deal with another hot as the sun house. I can deal with all the heat outside, and even go out and work in it if I know there's a nice cool house to recover in.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The History of High-Tech

My husband and I have this discussion often: how much technology has changed in the last 30 years. Oh, it's changed tremendously over 100 years, but I think really, the biggest, most dramatic changes have happened in the last 30 and less. The most relevant changes being cost and size. Before 30 years ago, bigger was better, and improvements meant getting bigger, not smaller, but that seemed to reverse a lot in the 80s. Cell phones started out being big clunky things you carried with a shoulder strap and a charger, camcorders had to be carried on your shoulder when used, and were as big looking as most commercial movie cameras today. The above also cost about 20 times as much as they do now. Our first camcorder was huge, used bulky VHS tapes, and cost several thousand dollars. It was the earliest version, highest-tech of its time: real state of the art stuff, that would now make you laugh as you looked at the viewing screen on your hand-held camera with computer link and SD card storage that cost a couple hundred dollars.

Cleaning, Cleaning and More Cleaning

We have a possible buyer for our house in the country. It's amazing how much junk you can collect over 16 years in one place. We didn't even really realize it, because the house is so big that you can store a lot of things without having it look cluttered. In a lot of ways, I'm glad the house we're in now is so much smaller. It won't be possible to just gather up "stuff" and forget about it.