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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Music Wish

Having always played rhythm guitar, I never thought I'd be drawn to bass, but I've seen the jackson bass guitar at Guitar Center and am really thinking about it. It would be pretty cool to be able to accompany my granddaughter on her guitar by playing bass alongside her. I don't know if I'd feel funny taking lessons again at my age, and starting with bass would be such a new experience for me I would almost be learning from scratch. On the plus side, I cann still read music even though my guitar and piano days are long in the past. I'm not sure how much different reading for bass guitar is from reading for rhythm guitar or piano, however. It will be interesting, that's for sure. Maybe I can let hubby know that it is on my wish list for the holidays.

Posting my Affirmation for Today

I attract money. I am going to live in Cape Coral, Florida in the home I want with the boat I want.

The Law of Attraction is all about the feelings and attitudes you put out, and the expression of what desires you have that bring them to you. It's "The Power of Positive Thinking" in action.

Cleaning Up for the Season

Well, got a late start on cleaning up the boat for the season's shut down. Temps are really low already, which is pretty unusually. I had hoped to get a few more days out with the boat in November before putting it away for good. That just didn't happen this year though. So, she's all cleaned up and taking the long winter's nap now.

One of the big issues I had this year was cleaning all of the carpet on the new bass boat. The cruiser we used to have only had carpet below deck and scrubbing down the cockpit above was just a matter of wash down. The bass boat is carpet from front to back. It's nice, looks pretty, and is probably more comfortable than if it were fiberglass or whatever, but considering the type of use it gets, it's a little bit of a pain as well. It mean getting some serious stains out even though I had tried to keep it cleaned up as it got used all summer long.

This was the first time I ever had to use spot stain remover to clean up carpets. It was worth it though. The carpets all look as good as new, and now ready for next spring when we get out again.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

High Tech Way to Create a Law of Attraction Vision Board

Vision boards are a very popular and useful way to help manifest the vision you have for what you desire. When using the Law of Attraction to obtain a desire, the first step usually suggested is to create one. Usually a vision board consists of a bulletin board or some other form of backdrop like a large posterboard. I have come up with a fun, high-tech way to create a vision board that anyone can use if they own a computer --- and if you're reading this you probably do.

Gather up the pictures you want to have represent the desire you have for the Universe to bring. If it is a specific house, or type of home, a car, a boat or other material thing, just get pictures off of the internet that represent either the exact example, or similar ones. You don't have to worry about copyright, these are not images you are going to use online.

If your desire is an abstract concept like a stronger relationship, or finding love, just get pictures that show the type of feeling you are looking for. A couple holding hands while they walk on the beach, a couple getting married, etc.

Download each picture to a file on your computer that will be easy to find. Have all of the pictures in that one single file. The next step is for PC users. I'm sure this is possible for Mac users as well, but I am not sure of the steps required. If you have a PC, just right click on your desktop. Select personalize from the drop down box that appears, and when the window opens, click on "desktop background" in the lower left hand area of the window.

From the box that opens, select "browse" and look for the file that you placed your vision pictures in, and click on it. Then go down to the bottom and choose a rotation speed. I usually chose 30 seconds per image. You can choose any speed you feel will work best, but usually having the images rotate at least one full turn throughout the day so you see all of them is best. Avoid selecting a speed for each picture that will not let that happen, for instance every 6 hours per image or only change image once a day. The idea is to see each image often, so you want them to rotate continuously.

Finally, click save and you are done. Now when you are at your computer, make sure all screens are minimized when you are not using them so you see your vision board rotating on your desktop.

I started out using the standard stagnant vision board on a piece of posterboard. It was so limited though. I have a rotating vision board that consists of over 500 images of the specific things I want to have materialize, even though it is really only 2 items and 1 specific area in location. It is a number of shots of each of the three things that constantly give me a good picture to use in my visualizations.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazing Home or Professional Medical Supplies at Great Prices

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As someone who regularly suffers from back pain that comes from an improper sleeping position, that cervical pillow is a fantastic deal. When doing any heavy lifting, my back is also always in danger. LGMedSupply also has an adjustable, heavy duty back brace. Another interesting product, offered for a great price, and even free with some purchases such as the back brace, is the TENS Unit. This is great for chiropractors, masseuses, and even for home or work use. It is a safe and dependable way to get rid of pain anywhere, and targets the areas specifically for relief that is as close to magic as you can get.

New Politics

Ever since the Bill Clinton scandal I have felt that politicians are getting a rep that, while likely deserved, is not a new thing, just a newly realized thing. Welcome to the world of mega communication, instant news, invasive paparazzi and widespread media. There is no excuse for the antics of many of the politicians, but there really isn't any excuse for what actually amounts to naivite on the part of the people either. If the internet and mutli-media had existed in the times of the exhaulted JFK he would have been more vilified than Bill Clinton ever was, and probably very on par with Anthony Weiner. I mean, after all, John didn't have cellphones, instant messaging or texting available to send selfies to Marylin (and probably a whole host of other daliances).

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Journey of a Lifelong Adventure to a Love for Music

I spent some time discussing guitar equipment and sound. She's very young and just starting out, but even at 12, she is realizing the differences in sound quality on various pieces of her equipment and other items that might be available. As a child, she tends to focus on the big and shiny. Of course, a more sophisticated guitar, one that she isn't quite ready for just yet, would produce better sound. She understands that even without explanation. She was surprised when I brought up strings, and things to consider when replacing broken strings on her current guitar. Using a good quality string can greatly enhance the sound quality. We talked about many different brands and styles and she seems drawn to the helix electric at musicians friend. I think I've talked myself into a weekend shopping trip to the store. I love going there with my granddaughter, though. She is so much fun to watch as she learns more and more about her chosen artform. A young sponge and it takes me back to when I was exactly her age, just beginning on the wonderous adventure that would introduce me to a lifelong love for music and the instruments that create it.

The American Dream Illusion

The American Dream of homeownership is perhaps the grandest illusion of all. It is a game that is not only perpetrated to defeat, it is virtually undefeatable. The odds aren’t just stacked against individuals, they don’t really exist. They are an illusion. You never really own the land. The county you live in owns the land and you are granted the more or less temporary ownership so long as you pay for the privilege. Unlike a mortgage which is a finite loan, lasting only as long as it takes to pay it back along with the interest, however fair or unfair, land taxes and the county’s ownership of the land your property sits on is infinite. It never ends. You will NEVER own that land outright. It’s true that you can do what you want with the land as long as you “own” it by paying the mortgage on the property and/or the taxes… or can you? Well, in some, in fact most, of the incorporated areas of the county that’s not true either. You can only do the things you want as long as they meet the ordinances put forth by the county zoning board, and you pay the fees to do it. Is Home “Ownership” Good? Of course it makes more sense to buy a piece of property, even with its extreme costs and limitations, than it does to rent. After all, people who buy income property aren’t doing it, as a general rule, to be altruistic. They aren’t going to let people live there free, or even at “cost.” When someone buys income property it is to rent it out at a price that will both pay the expenses (mortgage, utilities and taxes) and also afford some amount of profit, even if that profit is slim, you’re paying far more than you would by buying the comparable property for yourself, and eventually, if you are smart, you’ll pay off that high interest mortgage and pay far less on taxes and utilities than you would if you were just renting. The trick is to be reasonable. We are so far out of the reach of reasonable as a whole in society. For years I have driven by new developments asking myself why it is you only see huge, extraordinarily expensive homes being built anymore. Rarely do you fine communities of homes at reasonable footages and acreages anymore. Everyone wants the BIG dream. No longer are we happy enough just to buy the dream of home ownership, it has to be as big and as expensive as we can afford, and then some. I love to watch the multitude of various home repair/sale/flipping shows on television. Often the same questions pop up in my mind when watching them as what used to come to mind looking at developments. Why do these shows always seem to showcase homes worth hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars as if they were the norm? Obviously from all of those developments building mini mansions, they aren’t far from the norm unfortunately. But why? Do we really need a six hundred thousand, three thousand square foot home with four bathrooms? It’s pretty unlikely. In fact, most families of four or five could live quite nicely in a hundred and fifty thousand dollar, one thousand square foot home, but that certainly isn’t going to impress anyone. Another reason for the mass desire for glamorous extravagance is those exact shows. Those and all of the lifestyle of the rich and famous type shows feed our desire to have, at least the appearance of, being in the upper echelon of society. The people that finance those shows aren’t foolish. They know we have some innate desire to see how the “other half” lives, and an even greater desire to have that as well once we see it. Seeing it over and over only drives home the desirability of such extravagance. Unfortunately, the average person can’t really afford it, or if they somehow can manage to eek out the money to pay the bills on such grand palaces, they will never own it outright in order to at least get out from under the mortgage if not the proportionately higher property taxes. Exactly what that upper 1% wants. They don’t really want you to get out of the mortgage, or the need to add to a mortgage with a 2nd, or 3rd in order to pay for more things you don’t really need. IF you did you would no longer own them interest, and the governments that support that 1% don’t want you to either, because then you might start to see the truth of what part they play in your subjugation to costs.