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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Luxury on the Water

We have a boat, and that's 'RV' enough for us, but a lot of people at the marina where we go have both boats and RVs. They camp out on the bank of the river in their RV and just use the boats to go out on the water. It is a cool idea, but very expensive. Many of them have rv repair plans so that they can get their RVs fixed if they have to, some travel back and forth with the RVs every weekend, although some pay the higher fees to just keep their RV in the same spot all year long. I don't think we'll ever have anything like that to worry about, but it's nice visiting them when we're out there, and getting to relax in the motor homes. The boat is nice, but it does get cramped sometimes.

Frustrated and Insane

We have been working at getting refinancing on our house for a couple of weeks now, and each time it is 'done' there's something else they come up with. It's totally insane, and dragging for no good reason whatsoever. I'm about to pull all of my hair out. This last thing is so stupid it's not even funny. If it drags on past Monday, when it SHOULD have finally closed (actually SHOULD have closed today, but Monday would have been the alternative), I am going to do some comparative shopping. Since we already have the appraisal (and I thought THAT was going to be the hard part with the real estate market what it is, and that turned out great), it shouldn't be too hard to approach some of the other lenders that had been offering us deals. We were just dealing with the one since it seemed fair, and they were moving along well, but this is ridiculous, so if they don't hurry up, they'll just have to compete.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Harsh Politics

Last night was the premiere of Reelz Channel's "The Kennedy's." It is a one-week long mini-series. I started watching it for two reasons, I love, love, love Greg Kinnear, and I am always interested in history docudramas. The show is really good so far, although all I've seen is the two-hour premiere, but I had a sort of revelation at one point, where John (Jack) was running for a local office, and he slipped up in his speech, kind of a funny little thing where he said "Americans want less jobs... um, Americans want more jobs." all of a sudden I began to wonder where our country's political arena would be if the modern technology of today was available back then. When a politician said something stupid back then, far, far fewer people heard about it, and it took weeks or longer even then, and was often diluted by media management. Now, with social networks, blogs, streaming video, etc etc, no one can get away with any slip up. Would JFK have been branded a buffoon of the likes of Bush, or Palin? Is our current "living live" atmosphere too harsh for politics, or any other social area?