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Saturday, June 27, 2009


The song that is number one on my playlist for now is not a Michael Jackson song... but it is dedicated to him and how I feel in my heart. I know that the entire world is grieving the passing of a great artist and I feel quite lost knowing that he is no longer with us.

Tiny Little Netbook

About six months ago my husband bought himself a Netbook. At first I was concerned about its size. It seemed like it would be so uncomfortable to type on for any length of time but I was impressed at how easy it would be to carry it around. Well, on our vacation a few weeks ago I realized just how handy that tiny little computer really is. I also gained a new appreciation for how powerful it was for such a small device. I have definitely decided that netbooks are a great invention. I have it on my must have list now as an item that will give me maximum flexibility especially when we travel. I can't pry hubby's out of his hands long enough to use his on my own.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Perfect Kitchen Plans

When I remodel my kitchen, which is coming up soon, it needs it badly, I am definately going with an undermount sink. That's where instead of resting on top of the counter the lip of the sink is underneath the counter top and the edge of the counter extends to the very edge of the sink basin. It really works best with granite types of counter but I think it will be great with tile too and that's the way I was planning on going for my new counter tops. There are a couple reasons I prefer undermount to the old-fashioned top mount sink. The first is simply style. It looks nicer. The second is more of a practical nature, an undermount sink is less likely to leak or have broken seal problems. It is also easier to keep clean where the sealant on top mount sinks tend to get grimy and be hard to get clean after years of use.

Home Again

Okay, we're home again. Vacations are wonderful and you never want them to end. They do, though, unfortunately, and all too fast. We had a terrific 4 day vacation again in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin at the Lodge at Geneva Ridge. This time was even better because unlike in April more activities are available thanks to the summer tourist season. Boating on the lake in a fast little speedboat was really the absolute highlight of the trip for me, and I spent most of my time for the first few hours back here last night perusing boats for sale ads online, lol. We even saw a great looking boat for sale at a lot on the way home not far from where we live. The place wasn't open to ask about price so I'm going to call today. Here are a couple of pictures of the 'Dancing Horses' in Delevan, Wisconsin.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Help with Diet Aids

If you have ever wondered which diet pills will be the best of the pack, or what fat burners are a better choice to buy you can find out online. Review sites give you a great way to find out before you buy which pills, powders, and concoctions are rated highest and which are not worth the money. I really like that because there are so many different types of diet aids now it's almost impossible to know which ones to try without some help. Being in the middle of a diet struggle means I am constantly looking to find what will work and what won't. If I had to try and figure out what is best and what just isn't on my own I'd have given up a long time ago. While it's true what works for one person may not work for another, it does help to get insight from those who have been there before you.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I just had one of the most exciting times I've ever had. While on vacation up here in Lake Geneva, WI we rented a speedboat and went out on the 7 mile long lake. What a BLAST! Now we want to buy a boat. LOL I definately see it in our future. I knew we'd like it because we'd been on boats before, just never on a small personal boat. Well, obviously we didn't 'like' it we LOVED it. What a thrill. It wasn't a huge expensive boat. Just a little runabout but it kicked butt and was just as much fun as could be. Got a couple of pictures as I was driving. LOL

Skin Care

Most people think of acne as a teenager problem but there are a lot of adults that have trouble with it too. My daughter has nice clear skin and had limited problems with acne as a teen as well. Now me, on the other hand had terrible acne as a teen, but my skin as an adult is clear and I don't have any more problems with it. My husband had teenage acne and still has very mild occassional problems but nothing to worry much about. My son got the worst of it. He had terrible teenage acne like I did but as an adult did not grow out of it. While it isn't as severe it can't be said that his is as light as my husband's. He still requires the use of acne treatments like Acnetix to handle the problem on a regular basis. It is a very emotional problem. Unlike many illnesses it is right up front on the surface and being on the face makes it even more traumatic. He deals with it well and keeps it under control the best he can but I wish he didn't have to deal with it at all. I'm glad that they make such products now for adults. When my husband and I were younger they didn't have those offerings and it would have been much harder for us than it is for my son now with all of the great products available.

Vacation Time Again

Yeah it is. I'm back up in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on vacation. That's right, I'm sitting here typing on vacation in a lovely hotel suite at a luxury spa resort. My husband said just this morning as I typed away--you really don't understand the concept of a vacation do you? LOL

I guess not.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How Did We Live Without Cell Phones?

Every time I use my cell phone I wonder how we ever lived without cellular phones in the past. I know there are many young people (say under 30) who can't even remember a time without cell phones, or at least barely. I grew up long before the advent of cell phones and life seemed pretty normal. In fact, when I was a child we only had one phone in the house at all!! Yep, ONE phone. How did we do that? And it was in the kitchen! Of all places, lol. No one sat for hours on the phone. Then when I was a pre-teen, joy of joys I got a phone installed in my very own bedroom! Oh joy. Yes, I'm kind of rolling my eyes. Now we can't even leave the house without our phones plastered to our hips, attached to purses, or somewhere on our bodies. Kids as young as my grandchildren have their own phones that they carry with them everywhere. It's strangely funny and yet perfectly normal all at the same time and I have to wonder how we did without this marvelous technology back in the stone ages when I was young.

Vacation Again

I've been doing great business wise and have discovered the thrill of going on vacation. So... got back from vacation mid April and am heading out again this Friday already. Going back to Lake Geneva because it was so much fun last time. That's the last trip up there this year though. Have plans for more vacations this year, however. In the fall going to do a two-day one night quickie thing up to the Chicago area to go to Brookfield Zoo. Probably don't really need to stay in a hotel, can drive up there in an hour and a half and could just go to the zoo all day and drive home, but that doesn't seem as much fun as checking into a hotel for the night, relaxing, maybe going swimming and doing the whole sauna, whirlpool thing the next morning and then driving home. In December we're going to LAS VEGAS, whoo hooooo have been wanting to do that for a long time. We're going for five days (if you include fly in day and fly out day) and going to go to the National Pro Rodeo on two of the days as well as of course, doing some gambling at night, maybe take a few shows the other day we don't go to the rodeo. Hoping to stay at the Mirage in the Tower Suite, it looks so fantastic. Then planning a trip (still a maybe) the following March to Alaska to watch the start of the Iditarod. It's sort of a dream of hubby's. So hoping to make that happen.