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Friday, May 29, 2009

Serious Problem

I have developed a serious problem. It's almost a fetish (that was almost a Freudian slip because I typed feetish first). I have an new-found love of women's shoes. Since I'm a woman that isn't too strange, unless you take into consideration that up until a few months ago I truly believed that since you only had two feet, how many shoes do you really need? I thought a pair for dress and a pair for play was plenty. I actually had about six pair--total, and I wore them until they died before getting replacements. Lately, however my collection of shoes has grown. I now have almost eighty pair of shoes and am still on the lookout for the perfect pair of white strappy sandals with wedge heels. I have two pair but they aren't quite right. They're pretty and I like them, but they're not exactly what I'm looking for. I found a black pair like that I adore, but have yet to find them in white. Still looking...

Rodeo Days

Here's another picture from the rodeo I went to last weekend. It was only a few miles from where I live and they hold it every year there. It was a lot of fun. Made me miss having riding horses again, but only for a little while until I remembered all the work and money involved with owning horses.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a Difference a Bed Makes

I'm not sure we fully realize how important a bed is as a piece of furniture. I didn't realize how much I needed a new bed until I went on vacation in April and slept on a piece of heaven. When I bought my old bed 15 years ago it was top of the line, and actually it still LOOKED in good shape. It didn't have springs poking through, or worn spots. It was a little saggy, but what really made the difference is top of the line 15 years ago and top of the line now had very little in common. Now there are pillow tops, extra thick mattresses. You can find a sleep number bed to make the perfect sleeping firmness and even have it so both sides of a bed are suited to the individual tastes of two different people. The difference is astounding, and the restfulness can't be beat. A bed makes a huge difference in how you handle your waking hours.

Days Gone By--Or Years

Here's an old picture I dug up and scanned in. Boy how times have changed. This is me and my husband about 25 years ago.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hassle Free YMT Vacations

I have recently discovered the thrill of vacationing. I know that sounds like a somewhat strange statement, but it is true. In my entire life I have never actually been on a real vacation. I've traveled, but it has always been for one type of work or another. Traveling purely for recreational means was simply not something I had time for (or money for). However, after my pleasure trip this spring I can safely say I am HOOKED. I already have three more vacations planned just for this year. What makes that possible is, well, simply--I'm old. That used to be a negative. However, being older means not having children to worry about, pay for as in school, activities, and such, and also having a bit more stability in your own work life, and income levels. For some anyway. Another big plus to being older that I have just found is YMT Vacations.

YMT Vacations specializes in travel arrangments for mature adults. While it may not seem like there should be a distinction between travel arrangements for young people, or people with children, there are plenty of times when as an adult who has 'been there, done that' would prefer a more peaceful getaway even in the wildest of places. They offer beautiful tours of many different varieties in popular areas such as Hawaii, Alasaka, Canada, and Europe at great low costs.
I have found, after trying to develop my own itinerary that having an experienced company do it for you takes a lot of the headaches and hassles out of vacations as well. Who needs to be exhausted just from planning a vacation? Work is exhausting enough, I want to take a vacation that lets me truly relax and enjoy it. Thanks to YMT Vacations I know where I can go to do just that.

Pembrook Rodeo

There's a yearly rodeo that is held not too far from where I live. I've been to it a few times in the past and we went yesterday to enjoy watching. It is the largest, and oldest 'black' rodeo and although anyone of any race is welcome to participate, (and watch if they want) it is predominately African-American. It is a lot of fun and I had a great time. It's held just outside of Saint Anne in Pembrook every Memorial Day weekend. Here's a picture of the contestants in the ring just after the entry parade at the very start of the day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Warm Winter Vacation

I've been taking quite a few vacations lately. It's really nice. I had forgotten how good vacations are for rejuvinating and relaxing. The last few have been to Wisconsin which is great for warmer months. We're going up there agin in June. Lately, though I have been concentrating on where to go for the winter. I'm hooked on taking vacations. Since I do not take days off during the week when I'm home they are a necessary break. I want somewhere warm though for the winter. At first I was trying to find someplace that wasn't a 'normal' tourist area but found out that anywhere warm in the winter is likely to be a tourist area. That being the case I have narrowed down my choices to a few select places, and now, looking at affordability am thinking about Orlando, Florida. There are many great packages available, many even including airfare making it very cost effective while getting me someplace beautiful and warm. Most people think of Disney World immediately when they think of Orlando vacations but there's a lot more than just Disney in that area. In fact, there is so much packed into that single area it would be impossible to see in a short vacation. The sad thing is I'd probably spend my entire trip laying on the beach... however, it sure will be relaxing, and I love the ocean.

Nothing Wrong With Free

I would really like to wring WordPress' neck right now. I can't get into my WP blog. It is hosted on my website server so techincally I pay for that blog and it is virutally useless, although I was able to get further in today than I have in the past it is still not possible to write on it. Thankfully the blog still shows up for visitors. However, it makes me truly appreciate blogs like Blogger here. Free though it may be, it hasn't failed me yet.