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Friday, March 30, 2012

Real World Dating

Going back out into the dating world would be really scary to me. It's been many years, and so many things have changed. It's dangerous now. There are killer diseases that there's no way you can see. Taking someone's word that they're clean isn't a good idea either. I keep telling my daughter, who is still in the dating arena, to make sure she gets the peace of mind of std testing for anyone she's going to be with. Never be afraid to bring up the subject. It's you life you're talking about.
Remember this? I just loved this series, not only for the actual plots, characters and action, but for all the boating.

More Power!

Living in the Chicago area, I don't have many problems with cell phone coverage. It isn't until I make a trip down south to our property in a rural area that I realize how spotty my service can be. I take it for granted that I'll always have clear reception, no dropped calls, and just a signal in general. I tried to get on the Internet down there on Thursday--forget it. I tried to make a call to my daughter that lives just an hour away from there to see if we could hook up for lunch--no signal. I am really thinking about looking into cell phone boosters to improve my service down there. It would be helpful for any time I travel through areas without good reception too, which is often enough. You never realize how much you depend on your cell phone until you can't use it. At least I didn't.

Blogger Format

I'm not sure if I'm in love with the new Blogger format yet. Some things about it are pretty cool. I like the new big text input area, and the general layout. I really like the analytic tracking area better in this new platform. What I DON'T like is where the title bar is. It feels like it's separate from the posting window. I often forget to enter a title for my post because of where the title bar is now. Everything is still available that was available in the old posting area so that's nice. It's also a little easier to use with the options on the left side bar by the window rather than hidden in an options link underneath the post the way the old version had it. If they'd just put the title bar down on top of the text window, I'd be a happy camper.

Being a Guitar Hero Again

It's been some years since I played guitar. I think about it all the time. If I were to buy a guitar now and start up again, I think I'd look atSchecters. They are so sharp, come in so many cool body styles, colors and designs. It helps that they are very affordable too. For someone like me, who is just thinking about getting started again, finding a solid, reliable instrument that has great sound, but also will be easy on the budget is a must. I do miss playing. I have the time now, and would really enjoy it just for fun if not to be in a band again like when I was younger.
It's that time of year again. The time when I am thinking about the water and boating. With all the warm weather a lot of people are already boating this year. I don't know if I'll get back in the water this summer, but I can still dream about it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lining up all my purses for my own display

Guest post written by Marianna Brooks I think it never hurt to try and take the normal things that you have in your home and make them look really nice. That's how I feel about my clothing and accessories. I have a really cute bird cage-shaped earring stand that spins around that I keep out on my dresser top. I love little things like that because I love looking at my earrings even when I'm not wearing them! I feel the same way about my purses, so I decided to go in search of some kind of way that I could display my purses while still keeping them protected and not just plain out in the open. When I was thinking through this and looking online for some purse organization tips I saw info on Debt Management. I could definetly use the info to start working my way out of debt and towards a financially sound place again. I found this amazing idea for hook purse storage where you hang hooks from the ceiling of your closet above a top shelf so you can see your purses hanging but they take up so much less room! I thought this was a great idea and I can't wait to try it out with my closet and purses!

Again, Rude, Rude Drivers

Driving home today, it was just a few short blocks and I was driving a long at the speed limit in very heavy traffic and I saw the car coming up from the rear in my mirror. I saw the driver dart into the other lane and knew they were coming around... the problem was, there was only half a car's space between me and the car ahead of me in the opposite lane. This coming driver was not slowing down, so I did because at that instant in the only slightly wider gap between my car and the car in the other lane, that driver flew across in front of me. What an IDIOT! At first, I thought it had to be a cop in an unmarked (sports car--like that's likely), but as luck (or not for that driver) would have it, the light ahead changed and they ended up getting trapped behind a big truck and a lot of traffic so they couldn't go around, and when the light changed, I actually drove passed the woman with the long blonde hair casually looking in her visor mirror... oh yeah, that dangerous dive she did really got her far. I ended up a block ahead of her--doing the speed limit, in my own lane, with no crazy stunts. People are just plain stupid when they do things like that. They take everybody's lives in their hands to get nowhere really fast.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Visions of Flower Beds

Ah, spring is in the air. No, I mean REALLY. The weather we're having is just unbelievable for Mid-March. Heck, it's been unbelievable for February, and all winter long really. It is so absolutely gorgeous outside, and has been for several weeks, that I have had a really hard time controlling the urge to garden. I've allowed myself to appease my desire by working the dirt a bit, getting beds ready for planting and things of that nature, but up until now, haven't given in to the urge to plant anything. Mother Nature could definitely still throw us a smack down. At the same time, all of this warm weather has visions of foliage and garden tools dancing in my head. I'm in a new place now and this is my first spring here, so I have to re-start many things I had in place at the old house. I'm looking into a smaller, more compact worm composting bin for this place. The soil here is beautiful, and it will be a real thrill to work with it, and create lovely flower and vegetable garden spots around the front and back yards. I spent most of the end of last summer and fall after moving in here, cleaning up the overgrowth of a once cared-for, but overrun yard, and am now ready to see how it can really shine.

Funny Thought For The Day

Work Clothes

Lots of people wear uniforms at work. Watching the hotel employees I was taken back to the days working in various positions that meant wearing work uniforms. cherokee workwear creates workplace clothing for all sorts of jobs. Some are even cool for people who just like to hang out in scrubs because they've found out how comfortable they are. My husband works in the medical field and once I tried on some scrub pants he had, and now I buy them all the time just to wear around. I still have some of my old work uniform shirts too. Workwear has come a long way over the years, and some times they can double nicely for casual wear at home.

Beautiful Lake Geneva, Beautiful Weather

Spent the weekend in beautiful Lake Geneva, WI. I come up here every year about this time for a conference, but NEVER has the weather been this BEAUTIFUL when I do. It was just a joy being up here.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Protecting Your Pool

We had a pool at our old house, and I miss it a lot. I love the health club pool, and it's bigger too which should be a great incentive, but I miss being able to just walk out in the back yard and jump in whenever I want.

At our old house, fencing wasn't necessary according to the law, but we always thought that a safety pool fence was just a smart move. Whether it is to protect your kids, your neighbor kids, or pets from accidents when you're not around, fencing is just a good idea.

However, up here in the city, if we were to add a pool a fence for safety would be mandatory. It makes sense that areas with denser populations make having pools fenced off to prevent people from just walking through and jumping in, possibly getting hurt. It is a win/win actually. It protects others from accidents, and protects you from lawsuits.

Toeing the Line

I've been having a good time giving myself mani/pedis lately. I left all my  nail polish at the old house, and for a long time went without because I refused to buy more when I had so much, I just had to go get it. With the weather and all, I haven't been able to get down there for months, so finally I broke down. I just made a pact that I wouldn't buy any colors I already had. So I'm back to having fun again, and keeping my tootsies as pretty as possible. LOL