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Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Ready to Go Out Again

I watched a show the other day on TV, and the host was giving a demonstration on how to get bigger better eyelashes. She was using an eyelash enhancer, and it looked wonderful. I really haven't used makeup much since starting to work from home, but sometimes when we go out it's nice to look all pretty again.

Now that we live up in the suburbs again, I want to do a lot more going out too. There are so many things I haven't seen in years--Decades even. I was surprised when my husband mentioned going to the zoo out of thin air. I would love that. Now I know I don't have to get made up to go to the zoo, but then again; it would be nice not to scare the animals.


It's Halloween!

I waited all year for this. Living back up in the city again. I thought for sure there would be so many more trick or treaters. I bought six big bags of candy. We had a few kids, and the town webpage says trick or treating ends at 6 pm... well, I unloaded about half the candy, but boy am I going to have a tummy ache tomorrow. I had to put what I didn't eat of what was left away so I wouldn't be tempted anymore.

Coming Home

My daughter is thinking about moving to an area outside of her town. She wants to move to northern Indiana, by the lake, closer to us. That would be nice, but it also means she would have to find another job. It's far too long of a commute to travel everyday back and forth to where she works now in a nursing home. I suggested she broaden her job search when she gets up here to include hospitals, and even Dental Jobs. I know she actually likes working in the nursing homes. She says the hospitals are nice too, but you get to know the patients much more in the nursing homes. She hasn't ever worked in a dental office, but with her medical training it shouldn't be any problem. It will be a big change for her, no matter where she goes, but it will also be nice to have her so close again.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cats and Dogs Living Together--Complete Chaos

Who would have thought that a cat that had never lived with a dog, or even seen one, and a dog who only saw playful little kittens outside, but never lived indoors with a crabby older cat would learn to love each other? I think the dog is really good for the cat. She is very old, and the young dog keeps her active and playful. They actually play together, and the cat starts it many of the times.

Ranger Woes Getting Happier

I have an old ranger in the garage that needs some minor repairs before it is road worthy again. My son offered to fix it for me if I could find the right polaris ranger parts to do the job. That is such a great help. The actual parts aren't really that expensive, but if I had to take it to the shop to get it fixed, it would probably be in the garage for the next decade or so. It is really a benefit for both of us, he really loves to mess around with cars, and fix them up. The thing is, it's a really nice looking old ranger. I like the style a lot. I may even put my Monte Carlo in the garage and drive the Ranger once it's fixed up.

Misery Needs Company

I'm so glad my back has gotten back in shape. I thought it would never be better after this last episode. I know the old adage is that once you have back problems, you always have back problems, but I can go for months, even years without having it go out. Usually it's not something big that does it either, but rather doing something silly like this time--moving a chair. Jeesh.

Well, at least I had my little bat-head to keep me company and console me while I was down. I think she's happy I'm up again though.

Excited Over iPhone

I've always wanted an iPhone, and now I am about to get one, but the one thing that has always worried me is the big open touch pad. I have enough trouble with my slider phone that has some of its buttons on the surface. I put it in my purse, or in my pocket and end up finding out it is on, surfing the internet or trying to make a call without me. The otterbox iphone 4 case may be the answer. It has a hard case that covers the touch pad so it not only stays clean, but won't jump into action if I sit down, or it jostles around in my purse. The fact that it will protect the screen is a great thing too. My screen on my current phone is showing the wear. It's still fine, but you can tell it isn't covered up when stored.

The technology today just amazes me, and iPhones are almost everything you can imagine in a tiny little palm held instrument. Forget just not leaving home without a phone which was something I would have never imagined growing up, but now you can't leave home without a computer, internet connection, messaging service and camera. At least it's all in one, and so small you don't even notice you're carrying an entire office in your pocket.

In the Closet

Cleaning closets today. So much fun... not. But it is great to have a fresh, clean closet with neatly folded or hung things. I don't know how they get to be such a mess, even though I try to keep things neat in the meantime, but they do. I think, if I didn't occasionally clean out the closets I'd end up being a hoarder, because I'm always throwing out stuff I've stuffed away.