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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Deer Tribe Metis Society Provides Great Teaching in Ancient Arts and Beliefs for Modern Life

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is an organization that is spread out in locations all across the U.S., Canada, and many other countries. They offer lessons in life, spirituatlity, sexuality, and every aspect of personal well-being including self-defense and other methods of physical self mastery. I think that is a marvelous goal for a business--to help others become more centered and self-aware. I think one of their ceremonial encounters would be amazing. I've always loved the idea of a sweat lodge, or pipe ceremony and the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society offers those and many more programs for personal fulfillment.

I think learning more about yourself helps you to build a better understanding of everything and everyone around you. It also helps heighten your personal abilities and talents. Another of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society healing classes helps you to understand the choices you've made in your life. That one would be very interesting because I've often wondered why I've done certain things and if there was a deeper reason for some actions. The Deer Tribe Metis Society is a worldwide organization with deep roots in ancient Indian traditions and holistic attitudes.

Super Comfort and Super Value

A few years ago I discovered the amazing benefits of 800 count Egyptian cotton bed linens, and now I've found the benefits of buying 800 count Egyptian cotton linen on Ebay. I just got a full set of king sized sheets with 4 pillow cases for 30.00. It would have easily cost 89 dollars or more in the store. In fact a set I just bought a few weeks ago from a store cost 92.99. I can't wait to get my new sheets. Super comfort that was a super value.

Traveling is Safer Thanks to Amos Tamam

Amos Tamam is more than just a smiling face. His attitude towards business is one of service and caring that helps others get the most out of his product. For several years Amos Tamam has been the spearhead in getting area Taxis to accept credit cards to make it easier for consumers to travel safely and without hassle.

Carrying cash is not a great idea for anybody especially in the large metropolitan areas of New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Amos Tamam is the CEO of Verifone, a company most people are familiar with whose credit card swiping machines have made life simpler for shoppers and shop owners alike in accepting credit and speeding up the process and it is now determined to make those same developments work for the traveling community as well.

No More Hooky

I goofed off a lot yesterday. I did a few assignments early in the day but then took the rest of the day off. No hooky today though. I got a late start but have been working my fingers off ever since.  It's a good thing really that I have so many companies and deadlines to meet. It is one of the things that makes working from home a bit easier. If I have the freedom to simply pick assignments and do them at will, sometimes that works and is nice, but often it can lead to a little bit of apathy and the desire to just relax and be distracted. Having work that needs to be done quickly and on a tight deadline keeps you from being complacent.

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan Helps Develop Inner Peace

There's more to inner peace than simply looking within. Harley Swiftdeer Reagan has taught the principles of inner peace as well as martial arts and healing at his dojo in Scottsdale, Arizona for decades and leads by example in showing that inner peace comes as much from giving to community and social health as it does from counselling your own inner being. Through his Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society that was begun in 1986 Harley Swiftdeer Reagan helps to fight injustice in the world around him, and help not only those around him but future generations as well.

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan is an elder on the tribal counsel of the Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society with the purpose of helping those around him and society of the area learn to embrace each other, and life with purpose and fullness.

Distractions At Work

I like working from home, and have become more and more addicted to working in the living room rather than my office. I have to admit though that at times the living room is too distracting--like now, and I should be in my office. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Magic Help

I keep hoping to find a magic pill that will help me lose weight. It's not that I'm expecting there to be no work. I don't believe any diet aid that claims to work without the user changing anything about their habits or ways of eating. Exercise and eating right are now a pretty important part of my life but my body has decided it is not going to cooperate and it is really aggravating. I need a diet pill that is safe and works. There are so many sometimes I feel like it's impossible to choose the right one. What is great is that by shopping online I can find all of them and not worry about a store I'm at only having certain ones, and they're usually a lot cheaper at online stores too. Maybe I'll eventually find that magic pill... or something to kick my body in gear.

Spoiled to the core

After going on vacation to that luxury resort in Lake Geneva a few weeks ago I am completely spoiled. I no longer am happy sleeping on $15.00 a set WalMart sheets. No... now it has to be 800 count Egyptian cotton. My husband has been laughing at me, although he is definitely not complaining. I got some nice ones from a store on line and just won a bid on Ebay for a couple of really low priced 800 ct Egyptian cotton sheets that I can't wait to get. So besides stopping on the way home from the resort to buy a new bed I've been spending a fortune on sheets just to sleep in luxury every night. Yep, I'm spoiled to the core.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flowers for Mother's Day

I don't know if I can imagine a Mother's Day without flowers. Why is it that we associate the giving of flowers on that day? What makes them the perfect gift? The actual history of Mother's Day is a bit jumbled with an old pagan tradition of honoring mothers called 'Mothering Day' which is still celebrated in many parts of Europe. However, only the celebration we know as Mother's Day that was begun by Anne Jarvis in the early 20th century and held on the second Sunday of May has such a set date. Other mothering days such as the one most commonly known as Mother's Day in England have various dates throughout the world.

The origin of the tradition of giving flowers on Mothers Day isn't exactly clear either, although the symbol of birth and creation that flowers inspire is probably the reason for the popularity of that particular gift.

While many things about the celebration are a bit hazy the one thing that isn't is how easy the Internet has made giving the gift of flowers on Mother's Day or any other day. 1800flowers is an amazing way to send flowers to your mom on her day, or any loved one anytime, anywhere in the world.

So Hooked

Why is it I always seem to come late to the party? Well when it comes to following trends anyway. I think it's because my mind fights to resist hype. Being in advertising I think I have become a bit jaded to it. I am cynical. There I said it. Well, the problem with being cynical is it makes it too easy to avoid good things that really are good things. That's where my current passion is seated. A few weeks ago I finally watched the movie version of "Sex in the City" when it played on HBO... and promptly fell in love with the characters--that's right I'm the 1 person on the planet who had never seen an episode of one of the most popular sitcoms on TV prior to watching that movie which was really an 'end cap' although it did well as a stand alone too.

So now I am hooked. I just finished watching the DVD set of season two and am about to start in on season three. I even took one of the discs with me on vacation last weekend that's how hooked I am--and to think I've missed out on these all these years simply because I hate to follow the 'next big thing' trend. It's time to stop being so cynical. I miss out on too much. Thank heaven's for DVDs and re-runs.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Fuss Fences

We need to put up new fences and although I love the wood privacy fence we put up when we moved in 15 years ago, it gets so weather-beatten so fast. It lasted well but now it looks its age. I like the idea of having a professional for aluminum fence installation and getting all aluminum fences. Aluminum lasts almost forever, needs very little maintenance. You just wash it off and it looks brand new. No more painting, no more chipping, weather damage, or just fading. I've seen some classy farms with aluminum fencing for their split rail pastures too so we could do our paddocks in aluminum and no more cribbing from the horses, or extra maintenance there either. Aluminum fencing is the closest you can come to no fuss fencing.

Extra Great Vacation at Lake Geneva

I just got home from an amazing vacation weekend. I spent three days at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin's Lodge at Geneva Ridge. It was so luxurious. It is a 5-star resort on its own private lake. Actual Lake Geneve is downtown and huge, but the resort has a big lake all its own. The rooms are super luxury with king-sized pillow top mattresses, a couch, a wide-screen wall mounted tv with cable and dvd player. The spa has full-service massages, body wraps, herbal baths, manicures, pedicures, and facials. The fitness room has all the expected workout equipment, and the pool, oh is it heavenly complete with a middle of the pool island with a tree, a full atrium deck with plants and lawn chairs and tables. There is a delicious sauna and steam room, and of course the whrilpool of which I made good use of all of the above. In the summer there is also an outdoor pool with poolside bar. I'm going back for my birthday for a 4 day weekend in June! Here's a picture of the room, and a picture of the PATIO (yes we had our own patio) view.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Online Shopping

I love the fact that if I'm thinking about buying something researching what other people think about it online is so easy. Before the Internet if you wanted to buy something like a diet aid which I look up a lot, you had to guess, or take your chances. Now you can look up what people think, what reviewers say, and even what claims a product makes by looking for reviews like the phenphedrine review. Not only does it go a long way in easing your mind when making purchases you can make more educated decisions on what to use or not use. Buying online is so much easier, faster, and even cheaper than going to a store too, and you don't have to worry about if the store you are going to will have what you want. Shopping availability is nearly unlimited online.

Picture the Past

Here she is, the grandbaby I told you about in the last post. Alexis Marie at 3 months old playing on grandma's computer.

Where We Were, Where We Will Be

Between learning how to shop for various items online like term life insurance online and working online I live my life on this computer. After over 9 years I can't really remember any other way of doing things, although I know I spent 90% of my life without the Internet. Does it seem like that to anyone else? Kids today, even young adults can understandably not remember a life before the Internet, they grew up with it all around them, heck my 8 year old granddaughter has been able to work a computer for years. In fact, I even have a picture of her sitting on my lap as an infant playing with the keyboard of my at that time new computer. It was a big clunky looking desktop thing but it was a marvel in and of itself compared to former computers I'd owned. Now that computer would be a dinosaur incapable of any of the modern methods of surfing or working online. It really makes me wonder what we'll be doing 10 years from now.

Argh, HP

I have a HP Pavillion DV7Z CTO Entertainment notebook. It's only about 7 months old and I have never been less satisfied with a machine in my life, an HP's support sucks too. I have jumped through hoops more times than I can count with them on a variety of things and still not had them resolved. Needless to say this is the LAST HP I'll ever purchase.