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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Acne Solutions

The typical solutions for acne problems are to run to the store and grab an arsenal of drugs and creams, and attack with everything at once in hopes of getting rid of an acne problem by bombardment. Not only does that not work to get rid of a skin acne problem, it can even make blemishes worse by aggravating the skin. The first thing you have to do is choose a good acne product, and use it wisely, and the second thing is to follow these 16 tips to create the proper environment inside and out for acne problem skin.


Acne is much more than simply a surface problem and you’re not going to get rid of an acne problem overnight. There are a lot of things working together, inside and out to cause your skin blemishes. The following changes in your life will help you to reduce the inflammation, and see results faster than with medication alone.

• Some jobs have environmental or clothing restrictions that promote the occurrence of a skin acne problem.
• In order to get rid of an acne problem you need to pay close attention to your daily hygiene habits, but maybe not for the reasons you think.
• Acne problem skin can be made worse by certain clothing.
• Ending an acne problem skin is not an overnight ritual.

Get Rid of Restrictive Clothing to Get Rid of Acne

Tight clothing and accessories that bind, or make you sweat make it hard to achieve acne free skin. Hats and scarves can make you sweat and create more oil along the hairline, and neck. Acne does not just appear on the face, however. For women, tight bras and shirts may aggravate acne on the shoulders and under the breast. Men who wear heavy flannel and tight belts can get breakouts on the back, shoulders and at the waistline.

• When you have to wear heavy clothes make sure your skin can breathe and your clothing doesn’t contribute to excessive sweating helps create acne free zones on the body.
• In extremely hot weather it can be even more difficult to eliminate sweating and oil buildup. Take frequent showers with soap that includes a good moisturizer that won’t cause the opposite problem and dry out your skin too much.
• Wash your face with a medicated soap twice a day, but avoid scrubbing which can actually make it harder to achieve acne free skin by increasing the inflammation.

Work and Environmental Hazards that Aggravate Acne Problems

Restrictive clothing in the workplace such as goggles, heavy shirts and helmets can make you sweat and increase oil production around the eyes, hairline and chest and shoulders. You aren’t going to be able to fight that by getting rid of the problem without losing your job. You will have to find ways to defeat the problem.

• Make sure heavy shirts or cover-ups are not too tight so your skin can breathe.
• Another way to keep job related gear from creating a skin acne problem is to keep items like goggles and gloves clean to eliminate bacteria buildup on the surfaces that come in contact with skin. Clean goggles often, or replace whenever possible. Never wear goggles that someone else has worn previously.
• Remove your helmet as often as possible to allow airflow and clean the hairline with an antiseptic to kill bacteria.
Dirt, dust and other contaminants in the air also create a problem for acne sufferers in factories and other manufacturing businesses.
• Wash for face thoroughly after work, and if possible during lunch breaks to help get rid of the debris that attaches to the skin and clogs pours, creating acne problems.

Anti-acne Hygiene Tips for Men

• If you use electric razors, dry your whiskers before shaving to make it stand up so it is easier to shave and doesn’t aggravate acne problems.
• Make sure regular razors are sharp and avoid pressing excessively hard on the skin.
• Don’t use multi-blade razors that can aggravate the skin.
• Cleanse the skin before shaving to get rid of oil so the hair is easier to remove)
• Use shaving gel to protect the skin
• Always shave with the grain.

Anti-acne Hygiene Tips for Women

• Keep makeup light, and avoid skin covering powders, blush or foundations that increase acne problems.

Don’t Stress Out

Stress increases the hormone, cortisol, levels and increases oil production. Stress can create an acne problem in other ways as well. It can keep you from getting enough sleep, and also cause liver function problems. These both contribute to more severe acne problems as well as other severe health issues. Some ways to alleviate stress include:

• Exercise regularly and eat healthy.
• Meditate or use other relaxation techniques to get rid of the day’s stress that contribute to acne problems.

How Long Does it Take to Become Acne Free?

It can take months for complete acne free skin in some more difficult cases, and once you have rid yourself of blemishes, it will require a constant vigil of care to keep them gone.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pin Me

I remember in college, pinning was such a big thing. Even in later years, pins are a great way to express feelings, associations or interests. When we were showing our horses, we used to have pins with a certain horse's picture on it, and their name, or sometimes we'd have some made with our farm name. My husband wears a lapel pin on his uniform with his name. Those are much classier than the fun pins we used to use, but smart choices for businesses, especially those that deal with people. When I worked at gas stations in past years, we used to have to wear them, but they were the cheap kind you just used a label maker to print out a name on and stick it to a plastic backing. The one my husband wears is a permanent solid metal kind that is much nicer and more elegant.

Beware of TCF Information When Signing Up

I opened a bank account with TCF bank up here at my new location. It is a branch kiosk at the Jewel where I shop a lot so I thought it would be convenient enough. I am a little disappointed by the misinformation and hustle I got when I signed up. I hope it picks up a bit and the service is better than that overall. I do like their online banking platform, so I am not going to make any rash decisions, although part of me is saying I should just close it out and open one at the bank across from my house instead, and think of the bad start as an omen. Hopefully I am just being a worrier. I won't have to really deal with the branch manager or deal with the issues that caused the problems I had at the start from now on, so as long as other operations are okay, it should be okay.

One thing however, that will change my mind if I find a better situation is that I found out TCF charges for debit card use. I'm not use to that. My old bank didn't charge for debit or credit on the card. I don't know if that's unusual, or something I'll find up here. Half of me is still considering keeping my old bank account open. I haven't closed it yet,and since I do almost everything electronically anyway, I don't have to actually go to the bank. I'd just have to change the address on the account so my monthly statements and stuff come here. I'll certainly let you know if it isn't though. If you are thinking about a bank, be really careful about what they tell you when you walk in, and verify information, and read the booklets describing the services FIRST instead of taking the word of a branch manager.

Good Boots Are Good Everywhere

If it rains much more this year, people around the river where we used to live are going to need hip boots. I always kept a good pair of boots for when the weather was really tough and things got soggy. I though I wouldn't need them up here in the "burbs" where I live now, but rain like today really soaks up the ground, and gets things soggy. Plus the areas around the curbs, and the alley really get like a little stream of water going on. Too bad I left my boots at the old house. I'm going to have to make a quick trip down there this weekend and pick them up.

It's Raining and I Feel Like a Kid Again

"It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring."

Do you remember that little ditty from childhood? I do, and everytime it rains like this, I think that in my head. I dont' sing it anymore like I did when I was little, because everyone, including my family would know I was as crazy as they think I am, but I think it. I wish I didn't have so much work to do today. I'd love to go back to bed. This is PERFECT sleeping weather. It's cool, it's gray and relaxing and the sound of the rain is soothing. Storms are okay too, but this is much nicer. Unfortunately, no rest for the wicked. I have to get back to work.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've been using the express checkout lanes at the supermarket now. We didn't have those down south. It's so cool. There's no checkers, no baggers, you do it all yourself. You run the item across the barcode scanners and put it in the bag, select the payment method, and put the card in, or insert the cash, and you're done. It's actually so much faster. There aren't a lot of stores that have that, even up here, but I look for them now whenever I shop. I'm glad the grocery store I go to the most has them. They actually have 8 self-checkouts, and although they have about 10 regular checkout lanes, usually they only have 2 or 3 open, so there's a lot more opportunity to self-check without having to wait in lines.

Long Distance Blues

I'm getting really tired of long distance selling... we sold the horse trailer a couple weeks ago, and had to drive back and forth to the old house to do it several times. All in all, I guess the few times we had to go out there for the "looksees" wasn't too bad. Now, though, we are selling the boat, and the tractor, and I'm facing more driving back and forth, and not looking forward to it. When it comes to actually selling the house, we'll use a real estate agency so they can deal with the viewings.

New, Old Oven

I've been cooking up a storm at the new house. It's nice to have a working oven, although for the first time in my life, I'm having to battle to bake things without burning them. This is the hottest, fastest oven I've ever owned. I've often heard that every oven is different, but I've never had one THIS different. It's not like we're at a different altitude, or even drastically further north or south. It's just a hot oven. I finally got things under control except for the fact that it would burn stuff on the bottom. After wrapping the oven shelf in tin foil, that seems to have solved the problem. If I ever get the other house sold though, I'm going to look into restaurant equipment or used professional ovens to get a good deal on a high-quality, but not quite so old oven. The one now in the house has to be over 40 years old, maybe more. The house is 50 years old, so the oven may even be 50 years old. It's huge, and I thought it would be so great because it's a double oven, but the bottom oven doesn't work at all, and I can't find the pilot in it. So a new oven would be great anyway.

Back to Bally's

Wow, I'm so tired. I finally got back to the health club today. It's been several weeks. Now, I've made the excuse that I've been working hard at the new house, cleaning, doing yard work, and it's not a lie, but it hasn't been the same as a real workout. Thankfully, it's been enough to keep me from gaining weight, but I haven't lost a pound either. Back to work now though. The best part is, although the club we belonged to moved, and I don't like their new facility, so my son and I went to one of the other affiliate clubs and I love it. I love it even more than the original one. I like the layout much better, and the pool has four lanes instead of just three. Going back on Saturday.