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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Little Guitar Player

Alexis is always excited to learn new ways to improve the sounds she can create on her guitar. The fun use of the great jet city amplification jhs a/b overdrive pedal is just one of the things I have talked to her about. I've found that not only does our shared love of music really give us a connection that I am hoping will make the transition to teen year communication strong, it also makes it a lot easier to figure out the best gifts for holidays and birthdays. Since my grandson hasn't quite developed a desire for an instrument yet (he's leaning toward the drums, and his mother is constantly shaking her head madly at me when I discuss possibilities with him, lol) it can still be quite a diffiuclt decision when it comes to getting him something he will love for a gift. Alexis is easy. I know exactly what to think about when considering gifts for the little guitar player in the family.


Boy, can't even go fishing in peace. Well, it wasn't me, but this is a cool video.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Music Wish

Having always played rhythm guitar, I never thought I'd be drawn to bass, but I've seen the jackson bass guitar at Guitar Center and am really thinking about it. It would be pretty cool to be able to accompany my granddaughter on her guitar by playing bass alongside her. I don't know if I'd feel funny taking lessons again at my age, and starting with bass would be such a new experience for me I would almost be learning from scratch. On the plus side, I cann still read music even though my guitar and piano days are long in the past. I'm not sure how much different reading for bass guitar is from reading for rhythm guitar or piano, however. It will be interesting, that's for sure. Maybe I can let hubby know that it is on my wish list for the holidays.

Posting my Affirmation for Today

I attract money. I am going to live in Cape Coral, Florida in the home I want with the boat I want.

The Law of Attraction is all about the feelings and attitudes you put out, and the expression of what desires you have that bring them to you. It's "The Power of Positive Thinking" in action.

Cleaning Up for the Season

Well, got a late start on cleaning up the boat for the season's shut down. Temps are really low already, which is pretty unusually. I had hoped to get a few more days out with the boat in November before putting it away for good. That just didn't happen this year though. So, she's all cleaned up and taking the long winter's nap now.

One of the big issues I had this year was cleaning all of the carpet on the new bass boat. The cruiser we used to have only had carpet below deck and scrubbing down the cockpit above was just a matter of wash down. The bass boat is carpet from front to back. It's nice, looks pretty, and is probably more comfortable than if it were fiberglass or whatever, but considering the type of use it gets, it's a little bit of a pain as well. It mean getting some serious stains out even though I had tried to keep it cleaned up as it got used all summer long.

This was the first time I ever had to use spot stain remover to clean up carpets. It was worth it though. The carpets all look as good as new, and now ready for next spring when we get out again.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

High Tech Way to Create a Law of Attraction Vision Board

Vision boards are a very popular and useful way to help manifest the vision you have for what you desire. When using the Law of Attraction to obtain a desire, the first step usually suggested is to create one. Usually a vision board consists of a bulletin board or some other form of backdrop like a large posterboard. I have come up with a fun, high-tech way to create a vision board that anyone can use if they own a computer --- and if you're reading this you probably do.

Gather up the pictures you want to have represent the desire you have for the Universe to bring. If it is a specific house, or type of home, a car, a boat or other material thing, just get pictures off of the internet that represent either the exact example, or similar ones. You don't have to worry about copyright, these are not images you are going to use online.

If your desire is an abstract concept like a stronger relationship, or finding love, just get pictures that show the type of feeling you are looking for. A couple holding hands while they walk on the beach, a couple getting married, etc.

Download each picture to a file on your computer that will be easy to find. Have all of the pictures in that one single file. The next step is for PC users. I'm sure this is possible for Mac users as well, but I am not sure of the steps required. If you have a PC, just right click on your desktop. Select personalize from the drop down box that appears, and when the window opens, click on "desktop background" in the lower left hand area of the window.

From the box that opens, select "browse" and look for the file that you placed your vision pictures in, and click on it. Then go down to the bottom and choose a rotation speed. I usually chose 30 seconds per image. You can choose any speed you feel will work best, but usually having the images rotate at least one full turn throughout the day so you see all of them is best. Avoid selecting a speed for each picture that will not let that happen, for instance every 6 hours per image or only change image once a day. The idea is to see each image often, so you want them to rotate continuously.

Finally, click save and you are done. Now when you are at your computer, make sure all screens are minimized when you are not using them so you see your vision board rotating on your desktop.

I started out using the standard stagnant vision board on a piece of posterboard. It was so limited though. I have a rotating vision board that consists of over 500 images of the specific things I want to have materialize, even though it is really only 2 items and 1 specific area in location. It is a number of shots of each of the three things that constantly give me a good picture to use in my visualizations.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazing Home or Professional Medical Supplies at Great Prices

Medical professionals need great places to find the top of the line care items at great prices. As an EMT, my husband buys a lot of his items online for better values, better selection and quick delivery. However, you don't have to be a medical professional to be able to take advantage of the great values delivered by Whether you are an athlete who would love to have great options for back pain relief, leg pain management or just need a great pillow to alleviate neck and back pain, you can find it all at this fantastic website at amazing prices.

As someone who regularly suffers from back pain that comes from an improper sleeping position, that cervical pillow is a fantastic deal. When doing any heavy lifting, my back is also always in danger. LGMedSupply also has an adjustable, heavy duty back brace. Another interesting product, offered for a great price, and even free with some purchases such as the back brace, is the TENS Unit. This is great for chiropractors, masseuses, and even for home or work use. It is a safe and dependable way to get rid of pain anywhere, and targets the areas specifically for relief that is as close to magic as you can get.

New Politics

Ever since the Bill Clinton scandal I have felt that politicians are getting a rep that, while likely deserved, is not a new thing, just a newly realized thing. Welcome to the world of mega communication, instant news, invasive paparazzi and widespread media. There is no excuse for the antics of many of the politicians, but there really isn't any excuse for what actually amounts to naivite on the part of the people either. If the internet and mutli-media had existed in the times of the exhaulted JFK he would have been more vilified than Bill Clinton ever was, and probably very on par with Anthony Weiner. I mean, after all, John didn't have cellphones, instant messaging or texting available to send selfies to Marylin (and probably a whole host of other daliances).

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Journey of a Lifelong Adventure to a Love for Music

I spent some time discussing guitar equipment and sound. She's very young and just starting out, but even at 12, she is realizing the differences in sound quality on various pieces of her equipment and other items that might be available. As a child, she tends to focus on the big and shiny. Of course, a more sophisticated guitar, one that she isn't quite ready for just yet, would produce better sound. She understands that even without explanation. She was surprised when I brought up strings, and things to consider when replacing broken strings on her current guitar. Using a good quality string can greatly enhance the sound quality. We talked about many different brands and styles and she seems drawn to the helix electric at musicians friend. I think I've talked myself into a weekend shopping trip to the store. I love going there with my granddaughter, though. She is so much fun to watch as she learns more and more about her chosen artform. A young sponge and it takes me back to when I was exactly her age, just beginning on the wonderous adventure that would introduce me to a lifelong love for music and the instruments that create it.

The American Dream Illusion

The American Dream of homeownership is perhaps the grandest illusion of all. It is a game that is not only perpetrated to defeat, it is virtually undefeatable. The odds aren’t just stacked against individuals, they don’t really exist. They are an illusion. You never really own the land. The county you live in owns the land and you are granted the more or less temporary ownership so long as you pay for the privilege. Unlike a mortgage which is a finite loan, lasting only as long as it takes to pay it back along with the interest, however fair or unfair, land taxes and the county’s ownership of the land your property sits on is infinite. It never ends. You will NEVER own that land outright. It’s true that you can do what you want with the land as long as you “own” it by paying the mortgage on the property and/or the taxes… or can you? Well, in some, in fact most, of the incorporated areas of the county that’s not true either. You can only do the things you want as long as they meet the ordinances put forth by the county zoning board, and you pay the fees to do it. Is Home “Ownership” Good? Of course it makes more sense to buy a piece of property, even with its extreme costs and limitations, than it does to rent. After all, people who buy income property aren’t doing it, as a general rule, to be altruistic. They aren’t going to let people live there free, or even at “cost.” When someone buys income property it is to rent it out at a price that will both pay the expenses (mortgage, utilities and taxes) and also afford some amount of profit, even if that profit is slim, you’re paying far more than you would by buying the comparable property for yourself, and eventually, if you are smart, you’ll pay off that high interest mortgage and pay far less on taxes and utilities than you would if you were just renting. The trick is to be reasonable. We are so far out of the reach of reasonable as a whole in society. For years I have driven by new developments asking myself why it is you only see huge, extraordinarily expensive homes being built anymore. Rarely do you fine communities of homes at reasonable footages and acreages anymore. Everyone wants the BIG dream. No longer are we happy enough just to buy the dream of home ownership, it has to be as big and as expensive as we can afford, and then some. I love to watch the multitude of various home repair/sale/flipping shows on television. Often the same questions pop up in my mind when watching them as what used to come to mind looking at developments. Why do these shows always seem to showcase homes worth hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars as if they were the norm? Obviously from all of those developments building mini mansions, they aren’t far from the norm unfortunately. But why? Do we really need a six hundred thousand, three thousand square foot home with four bathrooms? It’s pretty unlikely. In fact, most families of four or five could live quite nicely in a hundred and fifty thousand dollar, one thousand square foot home, but that certainly isn’t going to impress anyone. Another reason for the mass desire for glamorous extravagance is those exact shows. Those and all of the lifestyle of the rich and famous type shows feed our desire to have, at least the appearance of, being in the upper echelon of society. The people that finance those shows aren’t foolish. They know we have some innate desire to see how the “other half” lives, and an even greater desire to have that as well once we see it. Seeing it over and over only drives home the desirability of such extravagance. Unfortunately, the average person can’t really afford it, or if they somehow can manage to eek out the money to pay the bills on such grand palaces, they will never own it outright in order to at least get out from under the mortgage if not the proportionately higher property taxes. Exactly what that upper 1% wants. They don’t really want you to get out of the mortgage, or the need to add to a mortgage with a 2nd, or 3rd in order to pay for more things you don’t really need. IF you did you would no longer own them interest, and the governments that support that 1% don’t want you to either, because then you might start to see the truth of what part they play in your subjugation to costs.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall is Here and Winter is Coming

Living in Illinois, winter is never something to forget about. However, in the summer it is nice not to have to think about below freezing days and struggling with snow. It's coming though. There's no way around it. The temperatures are dropping daily, and the days are getting shorter. Winter is just around the corner. Makes me shiver a bit just to think about it, but for those of us in the frozen northern states, there are delightful ways to get around the discomforts of cold weather like battery powered gloves. It may sound like a sinister idea, but those things heat up to a toasty, but comfortable level and keep fingers nice and cozy even in the nastiest of cold weather. Anyone who has lived in a bitter cold area knows that when fingers or toes are cold, the rest of the body is quick to follow.

Power of the Positive

I am really working on my positive thinking lately. I have always believed in the power of positive thinking and it has worked well for me for most of my life. There are times, when for some reason or another, I kind of let it slip, and let me tell you, it is VERY evident when that happens. It's sort of been like that all this year up until a few weeks ago when I realized it was me and my thinking that was getting in the way. Back on track now, and things are beginning to turn around. Do you believe in the "Law of Attraction" or what used to be called the 'Power of Positive Thinking?'

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Getting Help in a Way You Understand

If you know someone who is an immigrant and does not speak English, make sure you find a lawyer who can provide proper services with things like work visas, assylum, deportation defense and family law in a language they understand. Legal defense isn't helpful if the person in need can't understand what is happening. For Spanish speaking individuals find abogados de inmigracion. While Spanish speaking individuals are amongst those who need help most often with American immigration issues, there are also Polish and other nationalities who need help with immigration law in their native language.

New Aquarium

Well, after about 2 months, my new aquarium is finally cycled. I did it with a full load of fish too, something they say is impossible. The readings are now 0,0,5 as of this morning, and they have been that for the past six days. So it's doing really well. It was a little touch and go for a few days last week when the nitrIte level was off the charts, and for weeks and weeks before that, of course, the ammonia was beyond any readable level. Now, though, it's perfect, with only a little of the safe nitrAte (third reading) showing. I'm really happy. I suppose I could have made it easier on myself and the fish had I waited and done a fishless cycle, or cycled with just a couple of fish, but really, from what I've read, 8 weeks isn't out of line in those cases either, and the fish themselves have always acted happy and well, and have even grown a lot over the past 2 months.

Monday, July 29, 2013

New Guitar Options for Power and Sound Quality

Well, it appears my grandaughter is really getting serious about her guitar playing. She is advancing quickly and her teacher is impressed with her dedication. Since her birthday is coming up, my daughter is looking into some guitar brands to get her an upgrade to a better instrument. Of course, the first guitar my daughter bought for Alexis (my granddaughter) was, while nice, on the lower end of the cost scale. It is servicable, and is doing its job well, but it couldn't possibly have the quality of a truly well-crafted instrument. No one would expect it too. Before really investing in a top-quality guitar, however, my daughter wanted to be sure it was something Alexis would stick with.

At first, my daughter asked me about the brands and styles of guitar I would suggest. After doing her own research, however, it was becoming apparent that I was going to be the beneficiary of a lot of new ideas on the subject. It has been a long time since I have personally held a guitar and the new brands and styles are quite amazing. One brand that is under serious consideration is the godin multiac. It's a very versitile acoustic guitar that offers many electronic benefits as well. I have always loved both accoustic and electric guitars. Alexis is happy with her current accoustic, but one of the Godin's would give her a lot more options for rich and powerful sound.

Sunday's Spot

While not the paradise that Isle a la Cache was, we did find another spot along the Des Plaines river that was quite beautiful. We had a really pleasant day since the weather was just a little nicer than on Saturday. However, as much fun as it was, this spot didn't yield any fish. It was really surprising to me since the spot should have been bountiful. It was at the mouth of a river convergence where Salt Creek meets the Des Plaines, there were lots of structure spots and small holes for fish to hide. Finally, I spotted a lot of minnow and tadpoles in the area. Where there's bait there's usually game fish, but not on Sunday. Possibly the cooler water, the change in temperatures and the fast current played against us. Regardless though, it was a lot of fun and a nice day on the banks of some beautiful water. I even spotted a deer who was nice enough to pose for a few pictures. Here are some pics.

Getting the Right Bankruptcy Help

My husband and I recently contemplated filing bankruptcy. There are a lot of costs to declaring chapter 7 or 13. We were looking into chapter 13 since we had too much property value to declare chapter 7 without losing our home. Along with the possibility of losing valuable assets, there is a cost to filing for bankruptcy when it comes to your reputation. Since your credit rating is an indictor to businesses of what your personal attitudes and ability to repay loans is, a ding in your rating from a bankruptcy of any type can be a painful one to overcome. However, there are a lot of ways that filing chapter 7 or 13 can actually help you. If you are contemplating filing, then it is pretty likely your credit rating is already in bad shape. Filing bankruptcy will clear that up and banks will be aware that those old debts are no longer an issue. When filing for bankrupcy we immediately sought out the advice of a lawyer. While filing is not cheap, it is far less expensive than paying debts you can't afford, or continuing to fight the bad credit too much debt causes. However, always be sure to find free consultation bankruptcy information. There are two reasons you should find a lawyer that will offer a free consultation. The first is that while bankruptcy will cost you money, that is one less bill you do not need. The second reason is that you should talk to as many representatives as necessary to feel comfortable with who you hire to handle your case, and make you feel like they understand your needs. That can get very expensive if you have to pay just to speak with each person while making that decision.

New Fishing Paradise just a few Minutes Away

We just found this place on a shore fishing expedition since the weather wasn't particularly condusive to boating this week. While this area won't suit our boat it will be great to kayak, and we had fun fishing it. Caught some lovely smallmouth bass.

Sometimes it is just amazing what you can find tucked away even in an industrial area.There's a place called Isle a la Cache here along the Des Plaines river. The area is surrounded by industry such as the Citgo oil refinery. You'd never think such an oasis (and it's not small, lots of hiking) would be nestled in there. It was along an old trading route where settlers and French traders would make deals with the local Potowatomi. There's even a little museam with artifacts and models of stuff.

Here are some pics

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Challenges to an Old House

There are a lot of advantages to the home we moved into a few years ago. While it is small, it's the perfect size for just the two of us. It has a very small yard compared to what we had before, but it is so much more manageable, and it is fully fenced for the dog. That makes things really nice, and we are very happy. However, there are some big drawbacks to the fact that it is an older home. It is really only about 60 years old, which makes it on the older side of an average aged home that's for sale. However, the prior owner was very old and didn't do anything to keep up with some important repairs so we have had to spend a lot of money over the last two years to just make it liveable.

The biggest thing that we still have to do is remodel the bathroom. Along with being seriously outdated, it is also run-down and in need of repair. Since there are also repair issues it is so important to save money while at the same time getting quality fixtures. Looking for special items like bathroom sinks from means we can get the great looks we want at a price that will leave us enough left over for the repair work needed without breaking the budget.

Once we get the bathroom done, we will actually finally be in a position where we can relax and just do normal upkeep. As much as I like tinkering, and to a point like doing rehabs and projects on the places I live, this was a lot more than I would have chosen to do normally. I am looking forward to being done with the major repairs so that I can have more fun doing the kinds of home projects I like to do.

Starved Rock to Spring Valley Boating

Had an amazing time last Saturday. The weathr was beautiful. Mid 80s temps, bright sun, and no wind. Perfect for baoting so we hauled the bass boat down to Starved Rock and launched at the state park just past the dam. Then we headed out and fished and cruised for 20 miles down to Spring Valley before turning around and running back to the LaSalle area and beaching on an AMAZING beach. We had the small grill along and cooked out brats and just had a really wonderful time sitting on the beach just inside the treeline for some shade, and playing in the water. I made a video of the trip in general:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Zuchinni Fun

I love summer for a lot of reasons. Number one on the list is fresh veggies and fruit though. Zuchinni tops the list as one of my favorite vegetables. I love it just about any way it can be made. I found a new recipe today online and had to try it for lunch. It's REALLY easy. Half a zuchinni, coat with a little oil and top the halves with garlic powder, tomato, a little salt and some mozerrella cheese. Bake in the oven for about 25 minutes at 375 and it's done. Made for a great, light lunch. Here's a picture. I had made 2 zuchinnis but my son stole one of the halves before I could take the picture. Next time I might leave them in about 5 minutes or so longer to get them a little browner, but they tasted wonderful.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Best of Both Worlds

Hubby and I are both smokers. I smoke cigarettes and he smokes cigars. In a lot of ways, cigars are so much better since it doesn't take as many, and it is more of a flavor experience than cigarettes are. The biggest drawback to cigars is the price at most stores. Hubby always tries to shop around to get the best cigar prices. Smoking cigars really is the best of both worlds, you get the nicotene and smoking experience, but rich, hearty flavors. I even love just being in the room with them when he smokes them. The aroma is splendid. My favorites are the fruit flavored ones that leave a hint of the aroma in the air. He likes woodier flavors, and they have a warm, soothing aroma.

Can't Wait

Tomorrow is the day! We are taking the new boat out for the first time. Have had it for almost 3 weeks but the weather has been so terrible with severe storms and flooding it hasn't been possible. I'm a little nervous. I've had a boat before, but it was a big cruiser. This is a small bass boat. I have no idea how it will handle. Luckily, in spite of the crazy weather lately, tomorrow is supposed to be bright, sunny, warm and best of all, not windy at all which will make handling a new, strange boat easier since there won't be waves other than wakes from other boats.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Important Steps in Online and Offline Business

Business is easier than ever before now. Anyone and everyone seems to have some sort of online business going. Whether you have an online business or an offline one though, some steps are going to still be as important now as they were before the computer made having a global storefront a simple process. You have to have the proper legal setup to protect yourself and that requires the help of a business lawyer. You can certainly find them online, but you should look for one that is local. If you are in Raleigh, you should look for a business lawyer raleigh nc not just some lawyer from California or even London. It isn't because those lawyers aren't good enough, but they may not have the local law information you need to protect yourself and the best information on how to compy with the state and municiple regulations. Even online you have to make sure you are operating legally so you don't run into trouble that can cost you far more than a few minutes with your local lawyer.

Knot Necessarily Prime Time

I religiously tape and watch Knot Right Kayak Fishing on TV every Wednesday. I love the show. This outtakes video they recently posted on YouTube was priceless. It's not exactly rated PG though for anyone who might be a little sensitive. For everyone else,... it's just plain funny.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gearing Up the Garage

I've been really gearing up my garage to do some serious projects this winter. Part of the new equipment in there are surface clamps that always need to be tightened and loosened. A couple of older ones I had needed new handles so I thought about getting some manual clamping systems to add to the bunch instead of redoing the old ones. Being a boat lover means spending all summer playing with the various boats, and all winter working on them. Sometimes it's easy work, sometimes it's big projects. I don't forsee too many projects on existing boats this winter though, since I did a lot last winter. So, my first project, provided nothing unforeseen happens over the summer, is going to be working on building a jon boat from scratch. It's going to be fun, and even moreso now that I have the equipment and tools I need.

Great Catch Just from Shore

While I was out cruising around in my kayak on the Kankakee River last Sunday, Bob just fished from shore. Wouldn't you know it he pulled in three times as much as me just standing at the boat launch. Here are two of his catches that I managed to paddle back in time to catch on camera.

Pro Gear for Fun and Fame

When I was younger, and serious about playing guitar, I never really had a lot of professional gear. I had some nice guitars and several good amps over time, but I didn't really have any microphones or stage stands. My granddaughter is really "amping" up, pardon the pun, to get really professional even though she's still just playing for fun. She has developed a full Christmas list of things she wants including stuff like It's funny, but at the same time, really cool to see her being so serious about the music and where she wants to go with it. When I look back, I can definitely see the differences. It isn't a matter of right and wrong. I loved playing the guitar, but it was never a serious occupation for me, it was just fun. She loves to play the guitar, but there's a whole extra element to her love, it's a passion that goes far beyond fun. Maybe someday it will bring fame, but no matter what, she will be doing something she loves.

Kayak Fun

I am having such a good time with my kayak. Here is a video of my second trip out with it on Tampier Lake.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Warm Water in All Weather

Spring is the time of year when everyone gets anxious to jump in the pool. Winter is over and I know that all I can think of is all the stuff I want to do outside including swimming. Unfortunately spring weather doesn't always cooperate. Cool nights and chilly mornings can make it impossible to use the pool. Even a few temperature changes in the summer months can make the pool too cold to be comfortable to really enjoy. The best way around that is to install a raypak heater that will keep the water at a steady temperature during any kind of weather. It extends the swimming season and keeps water a consistent temperature even in regular summer months.

Spring is Time for Planting

Did a bunch of work today in the yard. Really starting to shape up. The grass is really long though. It's been really rainy and it was drizzling all day today. I could have probably mowed the lawn, but I kept expecting it to pour. Tomorrow is going to be a little warmer with much less chance of rain (according to the forecast) so hopefully I can get that done tomorrow. Planted a bunch of flowers around the front and spread mulch, plus planted some Thai peppers and tomato plants and two planters today. Hope to get some gladiola bulbs put in tomorrow and put in some lettuce and cucumbers. Here's a picture of the front flowers I planted today.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Getting it Right

We have a lot of music supply stores available around where I live now. It's nice compared to living down in a rural area where there isn't much of a selection. My daughter and granddaughter still live in a relatively rural area so when my granddaughter needs something for her guitar now, I usually order it for them online or pick it up locally for her and send it to them. I love the fact that I can run down the street and pick up elixir strings at guitar center and know my granddaughter will have the best experience learning to play the guitar because she has the right supplies to make it the best it can be. I never thought there would be anything as much fun as playing music myself, but watching her learn and find the joy of creating music actually beats my own experiences and brings me more joy than I ever thought possible.

Batty and Her Crack Bone

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beauty in Sand

I think the Middle East would be a really cool place to visit. When I used to think of that area of the world all I thought of is sand, but really, there's so much more to it, especially now with some of the huge emirates developing amazing cities like Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. They are just beautiful to look at in pictures. Since I am an avid horse lover and the foundation breed of many of the best horses comes from the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, I am also drawn to the rich history of the Bedouins and their animals. Even though the "Ocean of Fire" race from the famous movie "Hildago" is not likely a real race, or never was, there are many famous desert races that test the endurance and speed of the magnificent Arabian horses of the area. All I have to do is figure out what sights I want to see and then use a site to get my tickets and I'll be off. One thing I would surely want to do is find a way to take a trip on a camel in the desert. And, even though water isn't something you might immediately think of when it comes to a desert region like Arabia, there is plenty of it. Rivers and oceans, and well, you all know how I am about water, so I'd have to fish in the beautiful waters where historical figures had centuries before. Really, what is so alluring about the area in general is the historical aspect and how centuries of past history exists side-by-side with modern technology and buildings. This is an area of the world with the oldest and longest known history and there are still easy to visit and discover areas that abound with the architecture of the time as well as plenty of ways to relax in modern convenience when you get back to a hotel. I think I'll plan it for a winter trip though. While the world here is deep in snow, I can be perusing the warm and enchanting ancient world of the Middle East.


This is the type of kayak I'm hoping to get in a few weeks. With the weather starting to show signs of warming up, I'm really getting anxious.

Car Trouble

If it isn't one thing, it's another. Everything had been going along pretty smoothly with my car, but you know, the last payments are coming up on my loan and that means one thing--it's going to fall apart. Well, it started last week. My stereo speakers blew out. I don't know exactly what caused it, but I'm glad you can get genuine toyota parts online easily. My husband will have to fix it so I can have my music back. That may not be as important as actual automotive functionality, but the stereo is something you don't realize you miss until it's gone. I keep on turning it on while I'm driving, somehow expecting a different result.
Crossing my fingers that all goes well over the next four weeks. So much going on it isn't even funny. We're trying to sell our house down south, and our 25 foot cruiser (boat) at the same time. We tried for quite awhile to sell the house by owner, but it's really hard to get interest and enough advertising that way, plus having to get down there anytime someone wants to take a look, and it is usually just a 'lookie lou' type situation. Placing it with a real estate agent last Monday was the best thing we have done. It got a lot of calls and a solid offer in less than 5 days. If all goes well it should close at the end of April. Here's hoping. Having the house with a real estate agent also brought a call asking about the boat, so we have someone coming to look at in on Saturday.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Putting Together a Catalog

I have a lot of items including books and products that I have created and sell online. Recently I've started to look into what it would take to get a catalog printed up and where to find printing. I'm looking forward to being able to send out a full package of what is available to the people on my lists so they don't have to hunt for the different products, or follow a bunch of links. A catalog is great too because many of the readers I have that are older don't really use the Internet as much as younger people do. Even my neighbor who has a computer, barely uses it for emails. A catalog is a great way to reach those people and help them find the books and products I have in one place.

Next Year on Ice

I love fishing, but have always hung up my poles during the winter. Cold weather and frozen water have never appealed to me. However, the winters are long and by the time February and March come about I get a severe case of cabin fever. I've seen a lot of great stuff on ice fishing lately, and the video here is one of those great examples of how much fun it can be. I think next year I'm going to get some gear together and plan to get out on the ice a few times to break up the long off season.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

New View

I have always lived in older homes. This home I am in now is in serious need of new windows. Finding a contractor for window replacement is pretty easy now with the internet. I never really trust the people that come to your door and offer any kind of home repair with the line "we were in the neighborhood". I prefer to look for someone on my own. For instance, if you are in the East you can look up replacement windows in richmond va and get all of your options where you can check them out and see what they have to offer without high pressure sales people. Remember, if you do talk to door to door sales people that those incentives for buying right away are meant to coerce you into making a snap decision. Don't fall for it. Do your homework first.


Wow, Microsoft has some exciting ideas coming down the pike for game play. The new concept of illumi room brings an almost 3D or IMAX style experience to the XBox style game play. Here's a coming attraction video to show what it will be like.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Getting it Right

I have a friend who's father is a DJ and it amazes me how much goes into what he does. When I used to think of that job, it seemed like a fun way to make a living, but I really only thought about someone going to parties or bars and playing a music list. There's so much more that goes into it. You have to have the right equipment, be able to mix sounds and create beats, there are programs for everything and it is a lot of work to learn. There is a definite artistic ability to being a DJ. You're as much a musician as the people who create the records you play. The more I learn about it, the more fun it sounds like it would be. I have had a lot of musical training in my past, and I love to work with computers and programs to mix sounds for videos. It seems like it would be just a little extra stretch to learn how to do it for live play.

Enough Already

I gotta say that I'm getting tired of this winter stuff. I know it's still March, and up here in northern Illinois March is still wintery, but it should be getting better not worse than February and January. I am getting cabin fever. I went out fishing off the pier on the Cal Sag a few weeks ago when we had a 45 degree "warm front" and that helped to get me over the winter blahs for awhile, but they're back big time now. I am really itching to get some real fishing in, and I really want the ponds and lakes to open up. They're still all icy now.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Power in Numbers

If you have had a problem with a company's product or performance, it is likely others have too. Fighting the "big guys" can be tough if it is just you. There is power in numbers and finding where the other people who have had a problem similar to yours can increase your chances of winning a suit. That's what class action lawyers do. They are skilled in getting the people together and making a case against a big company to resolve the issue and get payment for everyone involved. You may have to look in other areas of the country to find a lawyer already involved in a suit for the problem you are having. If you can't find an existing suit that addresses your issues, and you live in southern California you need a San Diego class action lawyer. If you are the first one making a complaint, your lawyer will do the legwork to find out if it is a widespread problem, and get you a better chance of winning a judgement.

Get the Most out of YT

Great advice on getting the most out of your YouTube videos and social media.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taking the Wind Out of My Music

I LOVE the wind instruments. As a high-schooler I took the flute, but I was always fascinated with the oboe. It wasn't available when I signed up or I would have taken that instead. One thing that always stumped me was the need for reeds in most of the wind instruments. Playing the flute, I didn't have that issue. I always thought it could get rather expensive, having to replace the reeds so often. However, there are some wonderful options to help make things easier like the They produce a rich, vibrant tone while making it more cost effective to keep the reeds in good condition. I don't know if I'm too old to learn a new trick anymore, but I might be tempted to pick up an oboe and give it a try now. I still adore the amazing sounds and beautiful melodies that instrument produces. I've always liked the sax too, but I just don't have the soul for that one.

This Old House

Sigh, still having bathroom troubles. The toilet and flooring replacement last spring didn't do the trick apparently. It's acting up again. I didn't replace the old, kind of rusty, cast iron flange when I replaced the toilet and that turns out to have been a short-sighted mistake. So, back to the drawing board and pulling everything up again. Ugh.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Update-It wasn't Blogger with those Ads

I'm so relieved to learn that it wasn't blogger putting all of those extra text link ads in the posts I was seeing. It was some sort of external text link site. If you are suddenly seeing text link ads EVERYWHERE you go, you can click here to unsubscribe:

Friday, January 04, 2013

A Ten Dollar Word

It's one of those words that is so long and looks impossible to pronounce. If it wasn't for my hubby's occupation in the medical field I wouldn't have even known what a sphygmomanometer was, much less anything about sphygmomanometer price and availablility. We were talking about blood pressure and blood pressure machines and he mentioned the sphygomomanometer the doctor's office uses vs the personal bp cuff he has at home. It's one of those words that make you blink and look off into the distance for a moment while you try to place it, then realize you can't without an explaination.

New From Blogger

I guess Blogger (owned by the mega company Google) has decided that free blogger sites are not going to be free anymore. I suppose they have to make money somewhere, but I really dislike the popup style ads they are using. Inline text ads are one thing, but ditch the pops please.

Dream Computer Set Up

I just love some of the monitor stands that I've found online. My dream set up are monitor display stands that can hold several monitors and be easily moveable since I use a computer cart for the majority of my work now. I'd prefer to ditch the cart and have a stand with monitors and a keyboard holder. Then I'd have a computer set up on the desk beside me and not have to move the cart all over the place.

Funny Face

I made a 3d prop head in Sculptris that I just thought was hilarious. Then I managed to import it through Blender and 3dxchange into IClone to make it a part of an avatar by attaching it to the head of the existing one. That way I was able to animate it to a certain extent and have fun with it. Here's a little clip of the action. The expression still makes me laugh.