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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Creative Help with Creatine

There are many ways to improve your workouts, and some of them involve a product called creatine. Using creatine doesn't mean you don't have to do the work, but when you use it, it makes each workout more powerful. The trick is to find the best creatine. Like all other products, there are different versions of the workout aid, and it is a good idea to investigate each one, find out how strong they are, how fast and effective they are, and how much they cost. That can help you make the most informed decision about what's right for you. It is about time I started using the exercise equipment I have at home again, and getting a little extra boost to make them work harder, and be more effective.

AT&T Mobile

I got a new phone! I've only had it a few weeks, but I really like it. I never thought I'd leave AT&T (and it turns out, in a strange way I really haven't), but when my daughter got a Straight Talk phone, I was really impressed, at least with the side slide version. I have always liked side slide phones, and this one was really very capable. Here is a picture of the new phone

It is a pay as you go phone, but it has a monthly unlimited everything plan that is hard to beat. It is $45 for unlimited text, internet and minutes. It is about what I paid for AT&T on the family plan anyway. What is funny is that it turns out the actual 'service' is through AT&T even though the Straight Talk phone is a product of a Walmart and T-Mobile cooperation. Then again, AT&T has been talking about buying out T-Mobile. I didn't think that had actually happened yet though. Unless all that news coverage was just a cover for -- it already happened.

Getting the Fat Out

I'm having such a hard time with my weight now that I'm fully in menopause. I can't believe how differently my body works now than it did just a few years ago. I seriously need to lose weight, and am going to have to buy fat burners to boost my metabolism and burn more calories. I think they work better than fat 'blockers' that are supposed to stop your body from even absorbing fat from food sources. My general diet is pretty low-fat to begin with. What I need is to burn the food more effectively. I hope anyway.

Batty's a Year Old

It's so hard to believe, my little bitty puppy is a big girl now. She's not a puppy anymore. She's a full-grown dog. I have never been so in love with a dog, and I've had many great dogs. Here is a picture I took on my phone, she is my little velcro dog, never far from my side.

Picturing the Plunge

I have many friends online who are excellent photographers. I get so jealous because basically I'm a point and shoot kind of gal. I would LOVE to be able to take the beautiful images my friends do. I've been thinking about getting a "real" camera lately, and looking at fuji cameras. They are so amazing, and take great pictures. I'm just afraid of the complicated adjustments and dials. I suppose, like anything, once you get used to it, they aren't complicated at all. I'm going to have to take that plunge and find out.

Housing Values

I'm waiting on pins and needles a bit today too. We applied to refinance the house, to get some cash out, and consolidate our bills. It will really help a lot. We have already been pre-approved, and had to wait for the appraisal of the house, which REALLY had me nervous. Prior to the economy and housing market crash, I could have easily predicted the value, based on prior real estate knowledge, understanding of how appraisals work, and knowledge of the general market in the area. But after all that has gone on in the last couple of years, I had no idea what any of those areas were like anymore. It was a horrible feeling, being so in the dark. I don't like that. LOL However, all my worry was for nothing! We got the appraisal back day before yesterday, and it was actually 10 grand BETTER than I thought it would be. Now granted, pre-crash, the value would have been about 30 grand higher, but I took that into consideration when I did my own calculations, but was worried I was still way off. I'm glad I was off for less than it really was valued at, instead of more. Now the anxiety is over, all the paperwork is in, and the appraisal was great, so it's just a waiting game for the call about when we will close.

Steps or Individual Help

I know of several people who could really use help with drinking problems. It's hard to get someone help when they won't admit there is a problem, though. I think the best programs are non 12 step rehab programs. The 12-step things are good too I suppose, but they are too rigid. A non-12 step program is developed on an individual basis, according to specific needs of the person involved. I think that works better because it addresses specific problems, rather than a general method that is made for everyone.

March In, March Out, Barely Knew it.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Work is booming and I rarely have a free minute. When I do, my daughter has been needing a lot of extra help, and I haven't even had time to take a breath it seems. I guess that's a good thing, it sure makes time go fast. March flew by like it hadn't even been here. I wish it would warm up a bit again though. We had a nice few weeks, and then the temps went back down and it's really pretty cold around here for the end of March.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Flowers for that Special Day in Pittsburgh

There are so many occasions when flowers just say it all: anniversaries, Valentine's Day, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers or just when you want to tell that special someone you love them. Look online to find a company that handles flowers in the area. Online shops can be your Pittsburgh florist, delivering fresh, beautiful arrangements to your loved ones in the area, no matter where you live. It is especially helpful when you are in another part of the country, because you can pick out the flowers, and vases or other aspects of the arrangements from the selections available, so you know exactly what will arrive on the other end.

American Dream Fantasy

To say I started off the day today in a foul mood wouldn't be accurate. I was feeling fairly good thinking about what should have been a pleasant work day. However, in general lately I've been in a bit of a funk. You see, I've come to realize the whole American Dream of home ownership is a facade--a lie. You never really own your own home. We've been working hard to pay down our mortgage, and with it in reach, thought we could relax, but when we looked harder it seems that the yearly real estate taxes in total will still amount to about $500 a month. The government owns the property, not us, not ever. I know it should be obvious, but when you spend the better part of your life paying a mortgage, even though you know the tax and insurance escrow is there, it is just lumped in with 'mortgage' and it's sort of a matter of 'out of sight, out of mind'. Since the vast majority of people never pay off their homes, they never really feel the impact of that government levy. They are lulled into the belief that the American Dream exists when in reality, it is just a fantasy.

Sail Off With My Premium Money

I received a letter in the mail today from a competing insurance company saying I could save up to 40% on my boat insurance. How do they know that? I suppose they have a good idea of the industry standards, but it still seems like a bold statement to make. If I do check it out, and it's real, I have to make sure I can get a return of premiumon the insurance I just paid for. Otherwise, it will have to wait a year. Doing the homework on such things is important. Getting lower cost insurance, so long as the coverage is the same, is a good thing, but never jump blindly. There are great ways online to get quotes and compare your premiums, and see if you're getting the best insurance available.

Stressed and Tired

What a day! I'm exhausted. I spent the entire day taxing my daughter around. She has to get her head out of her rear when it comes to the loser she's seeing. He's no good for her, and I have to keep rescuing her. I have no trouble being her rescuer, that's what parents do, but to have to do it because of that jerk repeatedly is getting old.

Because I needed a laugh: