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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Exercise Relief

Wow, no sooner than I mentioned working out, maybe a bit too hard, I found a product to help alleviate tennis elbow, and pain in the elbow from other repetitive motion. The aircast pneumatic armband fits around the arm just above the elbow, and is adjustable to any size. It uses air cells to allow pressure where needed, while being flexible so it doesn't bruise, or limit motion. It's amazing. I hope they have something for sore knees. They have elbow ice packs too. Both of those products are great for tennis players and golfers who most often develop "tennis elbow."

Working Out

I've been going to the gym a lot lately. Trying to get back in shape. Just another benefit of living up in the city, we joined the local Ballys. It's great, but I had to take yesterday and today off. I was so sore yesterday I could barely move, and although it's a lot better today, I just wanted to really make sure I had a chance to recover completely. I'm going to go tomorrow, and just do the machines. I was doing the machines and then swimming. I think from now on I'm going to alternate machines/swimming on different days.

Bike Racks, Buses and SUVs

One of the wild things we've seen now that we're up here in the city is buses with bike racks on the front. That way if a biker wants to take a break, he can take a bus and put his bike on the front. Pretty cool. Of course, it's all unusual to us, buses, taxis and all that. It's been a long time since I have lived up here and seen those things. I have seen lots of suv bike rack holders on the back of SUVs, cars, trucks etc. They're easy to spot on highways and make a lot of sense for anyone traveling. I just never gave much thought to possibly needing to take a bus if you're out riding a bike.


Nicole visited here for the last few days. It was good seeing her, but a little difficult because we really weren't ready for company. We are still in the process of moving in, cleaning, and don't even have any extra places to sleep, she had to sleep in a recliner. We didn't go out much either, because with only one income, since Bob is still off work due to illness, there just isn't the money for that either. I wish we could have done more, but it would have been better if she'd given us a month or two to get all settled and ready for sleepover company.

Fighting Acne

You know, there are a lot of acne medications out on the market, but did you know that there are vitamins for acne? I didn't know you could take vitamins to treat acne, but it makes sense. If what you eat affects your skin, vitamins can nourish the skin and fight acne. The best vitamins for acne are available online, where you can get a larger selection and better prices than in a local store. I find that's true of most products you buy now. Services are a little different, because you are usually limited to who can come out locally, or who you can go to, although finding them online is easier too.

Big Picture

Just got HD TV yesterday. I'm still not sure it's quite worth the hype, but you can tell the difference. What's nice is with the free directv upgrade, the new HDTV box is a DVR too, so now I have 2 DVRs (3 if you count my son's) so instead of only being able to record 2 shows at once, I can record 4 (2 in the living room and 2 in the bedroom, and of course, an extra 2 in Bobby's room, but they don't count for me). Yes, I watch a lot of TV. It's always on, even when I'm working. I choose old shows I love, for instance, right now "Cheers" so I don't have to pay a lot of attention to them, but I listen and laugh while I work.

Job Clothes

When you work, you may have to wear a uniform. My husband has to wear a uniform for his job with the ambulance company. Nurses have to wear scrubs, the official nurse uniform. Me, as a writer, I don't really have a uniform that is set, but in a way, all writers have a basic uniform. T-shirts, comfy pants, sweats, shorts, maybe even pjs, but always something that's comfortable. It's nice working at home. There are benefits to working in hospitals and other official buildings, but I wouldn't trade my job for anything, and I don't have to spend any gas money to get there either.

City on Facebook

Okay, it's official. I'm hooked on "Cityville" on Facebook. I've played a lot of other games on there, and always got tired of them because it was nothing but point and click, but the cityville game has a lot more too it, and a lot of animation. It's a blast. I've been playing it for 3 days now and really built up a nice city. I'm almost ready to expand on it. I don't know how long it will last, but for now, it's a lot of fun.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Supplements that Work

Lots of men, including my husband, take testosterone supplements. They can be very helpful, especially as men age. Even some women find mild testosterone supplements a good way to fight menopause, and other hormonal disorders. The trick is finding testosterone supplements that work. Not all supplements are created equally. The nice thing about the internet is not only can you find a much wider variety than you might in store, but you can also do the research without a lot of running around, and get a wider number of opinions. So do your homework and buy wisely.

Changing Tunes

Watching this show "The Voice" brings up an old question for me. All of the singers are doing cover songs of other artists, usually very popular songs. Personally, my opinion is if you're going to do that, stick with the way it is in its original "popular" version. Some of them try to put their own spin on it. In some degree that's okay, but if they do it too much, it's a turn off. That's just me though. I know some people don't feel that way.

Video Games

My son and my nephew are really addicted to gaming. I know they're not alone. It is a really big thing, both online and with boxes. I've even gotten really involved in several of the PC Games available. They can be a really great way to take a break from working. I think I like the PC type games better than box games because you can play your favorite games wherever your computers are, and sometimes even from apps on a smart phone, or other computers as long as you have your password etc.

The Voice still Strong

I'm watching "The Voice" again tonight. I'm still enjoying the show for the most part. The only section of it I didn't care for was the second competition where they had 'showdowns' sort of, where two people sang against each other--at the same time. That was kind of annoying. The beginning was terrific, and these last round competitions where the people sang individually is really good too. Touch choices for the judges because so many of them are so good.


My husband doesn't have an addiction, per say, but he has the most negative attitude I've ever known. It sort of runs in the family, but I have to live with this one. I'm exactly the opposite, but it's really draining. Things like that can really impact an entire household. The people who have those problems think it's just their problem, but it's not. It has a big impact on the entire family. It is hard for families of drug and alcohol addicts. Getting help is difficult because it is usually hard to convince the addict themselves they need help, or it would be successful to even try. When it comes to hard drugs like cocaine, meth or it can be a true nightmare for everyone involved. It branches out in an insidious way and touches everyone the addict ever comes in contact with. Family, friends, people living in the area, everyone has some sort of impact. It is important that families don't give up, and that they continue constantly to not only get support for the addict, and convince them that they need help, but also to get help for themselves, to survive the mental, physical and emotional turmoil that surrounds them.


Joined Bally's a week ago and am making good use of it. It's nice living where there are so many conveniences again. I joined the Bally's instead of one of the many others in closer proximity because they're the only ones that had a pool (as well as sauna, steam room and whirlpool). Now I hear they are moving toward the end of the year and may not have the pool. At least the membership I got is one that I can go to any of the Bally's, and there are a few others, just a little further away that have pools. I'll have to see if I like them, or maybe look into Olympia in Palos. If they are like they were back when I lived there before, they have a beautiful pool.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Father/Son Bonding

Bob and Bobby went out for a night out together. It's kind of cool that they get along fairly well, and that at 25 and 55, they can enjoy each other's company. They go across the street to the neighborhood tavern, where there are several big screen TVs that they watch the games on, and there are a lot of regulars they know well, and everybody has a great time. I go sometimes, but it's not really my thing. I'm not much of a drinker, I don't care much for sports and I really don't like to intrude on their time.

Ready When Needed

In the past, we've always kept our gun locked away in a drawer, in a special locking case, with the bullets out of the chamber, and locked away separately. Most of the time I laugh at that: I mean, if a robber came in, it would take so long to unlock everything, and put the pieces together, that it would be totally useless. I think a gunvault would be a better idea. Something that would fit into the living room decor, and still be easy to get into when necessary, but where the gun could be kept in one piece together with the bullets so it was accessible, and ready when needed.

Work and TV

Watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" now. It's a marathon on TVLAND. I never get tired of certain shows. Even when I've seen them so often, I know every word by heart. Raymond is one of those shows. I also love "The Nanny," "Golden Girls," "I Love Lucy," and "MASH." I watch a lot of TV during the day, taking breaks to run errands, clean house, and of course work, but even when I'm doing things around the house, or working, I have it on, and it is my background noise. I used to use music, but I actually find that much more distracting. If I have a show on, especially one I've seen hundreds of times so I don't have to really pay attention to it, I can work happily away, and even get a laugh at favorite spots of the shows now and then.

Getting Settled

Well, I have two rooms left to clean out, and am 1/3 of the way through my soon-to-be office. I have to find a place around here to get my good laptop fixed. I'm working on my backup laptop. I screwed up my good one myself by being over anxious, and trying to set it up before the Comcast tech came out to install the new internet, and ended up messing things up. All the other computers work fine, and nothing had to be done to them at all. I could just kick myself because now I don't know if my computer will ever work right again. After I get that fixed, I have to find a good office supplies store around here. Most of the time I buy online, and that works great. But every now and then I need something NOW, and can't wait for delivery. I prefer to shop for almost everything, including supplies online though, because I can get a better selection of items, and much better prices, even with delivery. Sometimes even free delivery.

Ruler On Ice Ruled the Belmont

Wow, what an upset today in the Belmont Stakes! Ruler on Ice, a 40 something to 1 shot one in a last minute push. Shackleford lead all the way until the last 1/4 then faded like a brick. Animal Kingdom, my other favorite, the KD winner, had a horrible start, and almost toppled head over heals out of the gate when he got caught in the crush and clipped another horse's heels. His jockey almost went over his head, it would have been a horrible crash. Thankfully, both jockey and horse managed to regain their footing, and continue, but couldn't overcome the problematic beginnings. Ruler on Ice is a beautiful animal, but it seems like such a lucky shot that he won. I don't begrudge him his win, but three different winners of all three stakes races. It was quite a grab bag year for the triple crown.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Reality Hits When Health Issues Strike

Having recently had a serious health scare in the family, it brings into sharp focus the importance of . Thankfully, it wasn't necessary at this time, but if things had gone the other way, it was good to know we have a good policy to count on. No one likes to think about what might happen, but the time to get policies in order is during those times when things are good. It's too late once health issues strike, and you're left with bills, final expenses and the difficulty of living in the future without help.

Favorite Commercials

One of my favorite commercials: Rub my belly

Why Some Women Benefit from Testosterone Cream

There are several reasons why hormones go out of whack. For some women it's menopause, but it can even happen as early as 20 in some. While testosterone is normally considered a male hormone, women need some levels of testosterone to produce a normal sex drive. If the levels of testosterone are not sufficiently present, the safest method of reviving it is to use testosterone cream for women. It's easy to apply, and the dose is far lower than what men would use. It is applied externally and helps stimulate sexual desire. Some doctors are wary of prescribing such creams. In some cases it is simply a matter of over-precaution, in others it is a matter of older men not thinking it necessary for women to have strong sexual urges. However, today we know that women need to have a healthy sex life as much as men, and this type of cream is a very beneficial aid when the body isn't as cooperative as it should be.

Papillon Sheep Dog?

I LOVE this! I don't know how I missed this "Breed All About It" episode on the Papillon, but I found it on YouTube. Unfortunately they won't allow embedding, but here's the link:

Check out the itty bitty Papillon herding sheep like the best border collie. LOL It's adorable. I love my little Pappy, and this episode really shows how wonderful these little dogs really are. The biggest little dog you'll ever meet.

Moving On

Due to some medical problems, it looks like my husband may have to look for a new line of work. Unless he is allowed to remain in his current management position without the side work on the ambulances themselves, he will have to look for management jobs elsewhere. He has a lot of experience, but it can be difficult when you're past a certain age to get in with a company. Not only that, but by the time you're in your 40s and 50s, you have established yourself. He's done his time, worked his way up, and now if he has to start over, at a lower pay, there isn't the time to work up to a better position again. It's a rough situation, and a worrisome time. It doesn't help that jobs are hard to find now, but the Internet does make it better with job sites, and networking connections.

Belmont is Still a Jewel

Well, the Belmont Stakes is in just a few days. I'm excited even though, as one website put it, it is the "red-headed stepchild" now. The final jewel in an impossible Triple Crown since the winner of the Kentucky Derby, Animal Kingdom, lost the Preakness by a half-length to Shakleford. To some it makes the final race less exciting, but to me, it's still one of the most prestigious races in the country, and one I look forward to all year long. I really only watch those three races. I'm not obsessed with horse racing, nor do I own, or have any involvement with race horses, so it isn't a constant passion. I just love those three races. I enjoy the pre-race show, and the spectacle of the event. To me, the Belmont Stakes is as much a jewel, Triple Crown possibility or not, as it ever was. I still kind of hope Animal Kingdom can come back and win it, too. If not, at least Shakleford. Either of those two would make it look like, if not for the other, there would have been a TC this year.