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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No More Printing

As I got older, it got harder and hard to print and have it be legible. I don't write often, but there are some things you just can't get around, like envelops. For addresses I mail often such as car payments, mortgage payments or other repetitive bills, or just to have envelops with my return address printed so it's one less item I have to write out, I've found pre-printed envelopes what is available in envelope printing from helps a lot. I don't avoid writing to friends or paying bills because I have to print out a bunch of envelopes anymore, and I don't have to worry about the mailmen being able to read the addresses either. For more formal mailing situations, pre-printed envelopes just look more professional, too.

Future Monster

Just a little fun piece I threw together.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Long Way Baby

Things sure have come a long way in technology. Not only in the computerized 3d animation things I am doing now, but the writing, the mobile technology, even computers. I remember growing up, we didn't have any of the things there are today. Well, to be fair, we did have telephones and TVs, but they barely resembled what we have today, and you sure couldn't carry them around with you. I got to watch it all grow. I remember the old music setups too... wireless?? Not likely. Tripping over wires was an occupational hazard. Now there wireless makes things so much easier to move around the stage with things like the wireless mic at Musician's Friend.

Monster Dance

This is my favorite of my latest animations. Although I did not create the characters from scratch (I did do the animation and scene development), I did shape them and make them unique (the Doctor, Frankenstein, the Monster trio, the skeletons).

Smoke Online

Cigars are so expensive and it can be really hard to find the best ones. That is why buying cigar retail online makes so much sense. It doesn't help much to buy cigarettes that way. It's not any cheaper to buy them online and you can find just about any brand locally for the most part, but cigars are not so easy. I smoke cigarettes, but my husband smokes cigars and used to always moan about the lack of selection in local shops. Now he is in heaven since he can click a link and find any of his favorites easily, and usually at much better prices.

CGI # 2

Here's another pic of a recent creation I did using Blender. It is my second attempt at computer generated sculpting. I still have to work on my meshes and then learn how to rig for bones to allow animations, but not bad I don't think, for just starting.

Find Out Who is Clean

I can think of a million reasons a company or even small business would want to have a 10 panel drug test available. It can give bosses the ability to find out if employees are clean in minutes without sending them out to clinics or hospitals and then waiting days or weeks for the results. I can also think of a few ways parents could use them for when they are experiencing difficulties with teens with alcohol or drugs. It's great that they are so easily available now.

CGI Creations

I have been working at computer generated sculpting. Here are is a shot of an elf head I did. This was actually the very first thing I have ever attempted with Blender, a free 3d creation program (and when I say free, please don't think simple or cheap... dang it's complicated and difficult--but worth it to learn).

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Big and White

I am in the middle of rehabbing my old house to get it sold, and need new cabinets for the kitchen. I am thinking of going with a very light theme to accentuate the size of the room. Who doesn't love a big kitchen? The one there is huge. It is the one of the things I do miss about that house compared to the smaller house I am in now. Perhaps I should consider some of the white kitchen cabinets at for this house too. It would make the small kitchen here seem so much bigger. I love light colored cabinets and appliances. I don't care much for light colored flooring. I went that route in the old kitchen while I was still living there and it was a pain in the butt to keep clean. It didn't help that it was a farm setting so lots of dirt got tracked in all the time. But on the walls and cabinets it's great and brightens up any room.

3rd Round Entry

I just completed a new animated dance video for the third round of the teaser contests that closed today. Here it is--wish me luck.