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Sunday, July 29, 2007

City Life

Besides all the beautiful new homes being built out here in the country just plain acerage and real estate like that is going through the roof price wise. That's nice since I'm in the process of considering my options for selling my house and moving someplace where hubby and I want to retire, but the double whammy is wherever we want to move is apt to be expensive too. I'm beginning to lean more towards getting a real estate agent to find us a nice town home, or condo and forgetting about owning any amount of land. There are a lot of benefits to condo living that I can really appreciate more and more as I get older and the yard work gets harder. I grew up in the suburbs so city living isn't totally foreign to me, although it would take some getting used to again. There are lots of perks to the convienience of city life though. It's getting very tempting.
Apparently Usher called off his wedding to Tamika this weekend. I feel sorry for them, it seems like the pressure got to be too much for them. Not only did Usher's family hate the girl, but his fans were merciless. That has to be tough to deal with. On the one hand you might think 'well they have to learn to just ignore all the talk', and of course they do, and I'm sure Usher probably has, but for someone not used to that type of thing it has to be really hard to deal with emotionally. Fans get way too carried away. I've seen in on all kinds of message boards and fan sites for all different artists. They're the ones that have to learn how to 'chill' and leave those people alone.

Gorgeous New Home

There is a beautiful luxury home being built not too far from me. When you consider where I live out in the middle of corn fields and cows it seems kind of out of place. Most homes built now though are magnificient mansion looking types of places. I can't say I'm not a bit envious--becasue I am. I have a very nice three thousand square foot home, but it's just a regular run of the mill ranch house. Nothing as spectacular as those new homes that you find popping up everywhere. I'd love to be able to get a house like that someday. Maybe when we retire.

Death Kitty?

Have you heard about the 'nursing home cat'? It seems there is this cat that can predict with sort of freightening accurracy when patients in the nursing home where he lives will pass on. If he goes up and lays with a patient, within four hours the patient is dead. Jay Leno had a funny skit on it asking if the nursing home attendants didn't just think 'maybe the patients are allergic to cats'. What's REALLY scary is that yesterday one of my cats who is normally very cuddly and lovey, but not overly insistant about it suddenly would not leave me alone. The moment I sat down anywhere this cat jumped up on me and cuddled and lay down to fall asleep. Hubby looked at me at one point and offered that 'maybe she's trying to tell you something'. I have to admit I was a little afraid to go to sleep last night. HAHA, but I'm still here this morning, so either she was wrong, or I just got lucky.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Essential Communications

Having worked in several types of business situations I know that every business needs to collaborate with its employees in the most effective manner in order to ensure successful dealings on a day to day basis. Finding the right software that will allow ease of communications and shared files can be a nightmare. The collaboration software by Epazz is remarkable in the way it allows seamless intergration for improved workflow with a one-point secured access to keep out intruders. Visit their website to get a free 30-day free trial of this revolutionary new software that will give you in-depth personalization to create the perfect business atmosphere, and group scheduling and email solutions just right for your company's needs. Their software comes with complete support in a totally managed host situation--Epazz works with you from start to finish. You can enjoy the powerful colaboration abilities with Epazz like no other software you've ever experienced. Contact them today for your free trial and get your company started on the right foot toward optimal communications.
I have to admit that I'm a little jealous of the Harry Potter series and J.K. Rowlings success. I'm not sure of course, but I think if she hadn't been so seriously struggling in her personal life, financially and all, I wouldn't be quite as jealous. It really doesn't make sense. Maybe if I were more financially independant, or successful with my own fiction efforts it wouldn't bother me at all either. I have to get over those feelings. It's a really good story and it deserves all the attention it gets.

High Speed World

I have recently looked into satalitte Internet as an option for higher speed out here in the boonies. As I checked into the various companies I'd found I also learned I would need a router like the Linksys router to hook up both my husbands and my computer at the same time to the systems, AND that those companies didn't provide that service so we were on our own.

I was actually quite relieved to learn that the satalitte companies I was looking at were less than desirable. I didn't have to worry about routers anymore. Well now I've learned of a local satalitte Internet provider that does work well. A friend of mine has been using it for several months with no ill effects that often plague the users of a couple of the more famous, or should I say infamous companies. Well it means I'm back at looking at router options again. Linksys router has a really good option that I think even I can figure out how to work. Now I have to call the satalitte company. I haven't checked yet if they'll install the routers, but I'm pretty sure they won't.

Real News

With all the hubub over the young Harry Potter star who just turned 18 today and is 20 million dollars the richer for it, it's easy to overlook such heartwarming stories as the one about the adorable little dog who saved a toddlers life in Colorado. The child was splashing his hands in the birdbath in his Grandparents yard when the little dog jumped between him and a rattler that slithered his way over to him. The dog received several painful and nearly fatal bites. Thankfully for all concerned Zoey the Chihuahua is alive and well today and will continue to guard her human friends for a long time to come. Zoey truly embodies the spirit of 'man's best friend'.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trick Out Your Truck

We spend a lot of time in our truck traveling from state to state, and show to show with our animals so I like the fact that my husband likes to trick out his truck with truck accessories. They make riding more enjoyable, and even create a sense of pride in the little extras on the outside that he installs. Some of the things are downright invaluable like exterior lighting for those times when we are doing things in the dark like loading up at five a.m. or getting ready to come home late at night. It's a lot of fun to customize your truck and most things do not take a lot of technical know-how either. Find out what you can do to make your truck fit your life and style. It's worth the effort.

State Of Theater Art

Creating a comfortable atmosphere to relax and enjoy your home entertainment has never been easier. Home theater systems are more popular than ever before, but you can take it to the next level by using home theater seating to create the true movie surroundings complete with plush chairs from top companies like Berkline that come in amazingly comfortable home style designs with recliner attributes, cup holders, and all with the deep, plush upholstery that will surround you in total comfort. Get accessories for your surround sound, even popcorn machines for the titalating smells and sounds of fresh theater popcorn for fractions of the cost to complete the home theater surroundings.

Get wall art depicting your favorite movies, or develop the perfect mood with special lighting. Now you can even get theater style carpeting, and all kinds of art decor to accentuate your families viewing areas.

There is no end to the fabulous things you can do to make your movie viewing the true state of the art experience it should be.

A Blog With Bling

What is it with people in the world today? Everywhere you go you hear complaints about not having enough money, there's a recession going on, the economy is heading for a depression unlike any we've seen before. Gas prices are through the roof, but it doesn't stop people from driving. Food prices are nuts but checkout lines are full of folks piling in garbage instead of finding the good quality foods that would end up costing a lot less in the long run. Drive throughs are packed with busy commuters and moms on the run feeding them and their families with empty calories. What's more is now there are people buying bottled water with BLING. People paying astronomical prices for a single bottle that contains fancy gold or diamond sparkle. LOTS of money for a little dazzle in their drinking water.

The economy can't be that bad off if people flock to stores to buy huge prices for water with sparkle. Now if I could only figure out a way to make a blog with bling I could be set for life.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Rejuvination In The Sun

So many of the blogs I've normally visited on a daily basis are now either completely dissolved, or on vacation. Most of them are writers blogs. There's a level of burn-out in being a writer. It's probably the most discouraging of all the arts. A certain amount of expectation is built up in the writer's psyche. Unlike painting, tons of books are published every year and sold. A fair enough portion of them for good money. That makes it seem so much more plausible that you could actually make a living as a writer--until you hit all the brick walls. Taking a vacation from it isn't a bad idea. It's not like you ever lose the ability, or talent to write. You can pick up where you left off at just about any time. It's a good thing to take a break. Maybe go to Florida and take advantage of a Orlando vacation home rental by the beach and let your battered spirit be rejuvinated by the gentle waves on the beach. Sounds like a plan to me.

Monday, July 02, 2007

There was a recent post on one of the forums I visit regularly today regarding an article someone posted that claimed benefits to being overweight and that being a factor in lesser chances of dying from heart disease amongst other things. That's a switch. Of course the article was met with much disention, some claiming the poster wanted merely to grasp at straws to compensate for their own overweightness. But straws or not, it was an actual article, written by, and researched by doctors. So fair game. Personally I think the medical community would like there to be far greater risks with being overweight than there actually are. In fact, I think many healthy levels for a lot of things like cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, just to name a few have been lowered quite a bit just to boost the need for more pharmacudicals to prevent problems as much as to treat them... and if you pay any attention to the vast number of commercials that are so common now you'd question the horrible side effects of many of those very drugs. Many times the cure can be worse than the original problem. It seems now too, like every other commercial on tv is for some sort of drug. Growing up I can't remember hardly ever seeing any. Can you? Just another sign of the times, and how very important it is financially to the medical community to promote our 'lack of health' to further their own needs.