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Friday, July 16, 2010

Online School Choices

Online learning is a popular method to obtain higher education. My son is looking into an online school because it will allow him to go to school without having the expense of living away from home. It also lets students with jobs or families continue to meet their obligations while getting a better education. The following list of top ten online universities provides a look into the prestigious schools that offer quality education online. So I looked around a bit and made my own list of choices:

1 DeVry University

DeVry University combines a well-known name with a strong curriculum to place in the highest position of the list. Traditionally a technical school, DeVry has its roots in electronics and software skills, but has expanded to include business MBAs, health, education, social science and criminal justice programs. For information contact:

DeVry University
Administrative Offices
One Tower Lane
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

2 University of Oxford

The prestigious University of Oxford in the United Kingdom offers accelerated courses online in archeology, history, English literature and philosophy. The school also has continued education courses in human rights law, nanotechnology, data and systems analysis, plus a variety of courses for professional enhancement. For more information contact:

Rewley House
1 Wellington Square
Oxford, Oxfordshire
OX1 2JA, United Kingdom

3 Western Governors University

Western Governors University is a 100 percent online university that allows it to offer the same great educational programs as other universities at more affordable prices. They still have financial aid for those who need it. Western Governors University is fully accredited and offers programs in education, technology, health, and business. Because the classes are completely online students work at the pace that is most comfortable for them, and it is even possible to accelerate courses and get degrees faster. For more information contact:

Western Governors University
Salt Lake City, UT

4 Liberty University

Liberty University offers Degree programs from associates through masters in fields from accounting to criminal justice, and management information to religion. The school offers both physical campus and active online resources. Liberty University is a Christian University. For more information contact:

Liberty University
1971 University Boulevard
Lynchburg, VA 24502

5 LeTourneau University

LeTourneau University accentuates its campus based university program with an adult online education that includes associate through Bachelor degrees and Master's in business administration and education. The school offers financial aid and is accredited with SACS, ABET, IACBE, SBEC and FAA. For more information contact:

LeTourneau University
2100 S Mobberly Ave
Longview, TX 75602-3564
(903) 233-3000

6 University of London External System

The external system is the University of London's online study program offering associate to Bachelor's degrees plus graduate programs. The external system of long distance learning is not a new thing to the University of London. Their program began reaching out to students worldwide in 1858. For more information contact:
The Information Centre
University of London
Stewart House
32 Russell Square

7 Nova Southern University

Nova Southern University offers a wide variety of Bachelor degree programs from accounting to vascular sonography and writing. It is a full campus university located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that also has a well-rounded online curriculum. They also offer undergraduate and graduate programs in business, medical related fields, arts and science, law, humanities, pharmacy, psychology, computer science, marine biology, criminal justice and education. Financial aid is available for qualified students. For more information contact:

Nova Southeastern University
3301 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale-Davie, Florida 33314-7796

8 University of Phoenix

A dedicated online school, the University of Phoenix has built a solid reputation for outstanding academics. They offer full-scale financial aid along with scholarships and incentive programs. The courses include business, education, social sciences, natural sciences, information systems and technology, nursing, humanities plus GED and corporate educational advancement. Along with their very well publicized online school the University of Phoenix also has many satellite facilities all across the country. For more information contact:

University of Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona

9 Salem International University

Online programs include associate programs and Bachelor programs in business administration, and Bachelor's in criminal justice: CSI, information technology and nursing. The online school is a continuation of the physical campus and distance education students are always welcome to visit the school in person. For more information contact:

Salem International University
223 West Main Street
Salem, WV 26426

10 Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University in Phoenix offers both online and campus classes for its students. Grand Canyon University offers two Master's programs: one in fire service leadership and the other in education. GCU also offers a bachelor's degree in public safety administration. For more information contact:

Grand Canyon University
3300 W. Camelback Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85017

Friday, July 09, 2010

Weight Loss Drug Side Effects

There are many great diet products available to help those of us that struggle with weight loss. Before taking any it is more important to learn what the good and bad points are. Any drug has drawbacks. That doesn't make them necessarily bad. Before you take something like Thermotox you should investigate the side effects of thermotox. That way you can be prepared for what they cause, or you can find a product you feel more comfortable with. There is so much online to help you study the various products there is no excuse for not being completely informed on how they work and what they do.

Shelter From The Storm

A storm, or a bomb shelter has one single purpose, to protect its inhabitants from the worst that Mother Nature, or man can throw at it. A storm shelter needs to be impossible to move, resistant to the biggest, strongest impact of a tornado wind or bomb explosion. It is possible to build a storm or bomb shelter in your house, but the best type of safe room is underground, away from existing structures.

Find a suitable spot near your house where you and your loved ones can get to the safety of the shelter fast. Try to keep it less than a hundred feet from your door if possible. A hundred feet isn't far to run under normal circumstances, but you may have very little notice of a bomb threat, and in a storm, running through wind, rain and falling debris can make it the most challenging 100 yards you ever run.

Dig out a gradually receding slope to an opening with a floor space large enough for the number of people you plan on sheltering from storms. Usually just the number of people living in a single home. Another consideration to think about when considering size is what you will use the shelter for. A small shelter will suffice to wait out a severe storm. An 8 by 8 shelter will allow a family of four to sit and lay down for several hours. However, for longer term survival after a disaster, war or environmental threat where you need storage for food, supplies, and water bottles a 10 by 10 or larger is better. Make the walls of the dugout pit at least five feet tall.

Frame the floor of the dugout with 2 by 4s and stake them to keep them in place.

Pour concrete into the floor area. Smooth over with concrete trowel. Let it dry for at least 48 hours

Create ribs for a side arch wall with plywood. Attach the end of a chain, or chord to each corner of a piece of ¾ inch plywood with the center of the arch four feet. Repeat the step 30 times. Use a hammer and nails and combine 3 ribs together per section to create a 2 ¼ inch rib. Place each of these ribs along each side of the shelter from front to back and secure in place with L-brackets.

Nail plywood up the sides bending it to the slant of the ribs. Place a piece of tarp over the top to seal the roof seam. Cut 2 by 4s to size as braces from floor and secure down the center of the building. Nail the braces to the ribs at the center of the roof and let the 2 by 4s set on the concrete. The weight of the building will hold them in place.

Nail the end of the field fencing to the bottom edge of one side and lay the fencing over the building attaching it to the bottom of the opposite side. Repeat as often as necessary to cover the full length of the shelter.

Pour concrete over the sides of the shelter using the trowel to pack it into place. It does not have to be perfectly smooth. Allow concrete to dry at least 48 hours.

Cut out plywood to fit the door opening. Nail on a door frame and cut out a door opening at the center of the front opening. Hang the door.

Use bricks and mortar to build up from ground to roof covering the front wall of the shelter except for the door.

Back fill the sides over the concrete and over the roof with the dirt from the site excavation.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Making the Right Choice

A great place to look for information about what diet pills work and which ones do not is It's one of the great things about the Internet and it also makes finding all the varieties and kinds of any product easy. That's really important to someone like me who lives far from big cities and where even the larger stores are small in comparison and don't carry all the available products for things like weight loss. Shopping online makes it easy for someone like me to get what I need. Since I can't get a lot of feedback in person, it's important that the information like this is here too. This site gives a good review of products so you can choose what will be best for you in an intelligent way.

Puppies Play Hard and Sleep Hard

Our new puppy is a real challenge. She's amazing and cuddly and loving... she is also hyper, and crazy, and has a mouthful of needle sharp teeth (like any puppy). We are having a great time with her, however, and she's funny to watch play and bounce around like a little piece of popcorn.

She plays hard, but then, she sleeps hard to. She is funny even when she sleeps. She rushes up into your arms, throws herself onto her back, and falls fast asleep before you can protest.

Learn More Daily

Whether it is something to do with a hobby, or something to do with my work, or even about health care, I always want to learn more. It is important to me to be up on what is the most current information on how to do things. I find the Internet an amazing resource. Now, most kids and young adults know that, too, but I think it's hard for many people under 30 to really and truly appreciate the way it used to be. Even ten or fifteen years ago there wasn't anything nearly like the Internet that exists today. It just started up 30 years ago, and it was simple and limited. Fifteen years ago it began to really expand and the world wide web opened up. Anyone born during those developmental years, or certainly after, can't remember a time when information wasn't directly at your fingertips. Can't remember a time when five-year-olds didn't know how to work a computer. It's a glorious world and we should be the most well-informed people in history... all that is missing is desire. Computers have to be about more than games, they have to be about learning.

Healthy House Plants

There are many criteria you can use to choose a favorite houseplant. Common points to consider are color, ease of care, and even size, but did you know some houseplants even promote a healthy environment by destroying things like mold, and other toxin? Here is a list of a few of the top houseplants to beautify your home as well as keep it healthy.

The Boston Fern

Boston ferns are very popular houseplants because they are very easy to care for. They take quite a bit of abuse from either over or under watering, grow well in all types of lighting, but will only grow and thrive with direct sunlight. Although they enjoy warmth, Boston ferns are okay with sudden drops in temperature. What most people do not even know about their beautiful, feathery Boston fern is that it is also a great air cleaner. Boston ferns remove formaldehyde from the air and exude oxygen for a fresh, healthy environment.

Areca Palm

If you have floor space this large potted palm is an extremely beneficial houseplant. The areca palm produces moisture and increases the humidity in a room. At the same time, the areca palm removes toxins from the surrounding air. They do not require a great deal of attention and thrive indoors. The areca palm prefers well-lit areas, but will do well even in a corner. Like any plant, they do best when watered with attention to proper amounts and timing, but even an amateur can keep an areca palm healthy. They are tolerant of mistakes.

English Ivy

Loved for its shapely leaves and heavy, bushy foliage, the English Ivy removes toxins like mold spores and formaldehyde from the surrounding air. English Ivy performs double duty in homes with pets by absorbing general pet odors and litter box odors. It is a colorful plant with various size leaves. The English Ivy is very hardy. You can also grown English Ivy outdoors, but it will quickly take over any area, so beware. Container planting, both indoors and out helps keeps Ivy in its place.

Peace Lily

A lesser known, and slightly more difficult to care for plant that still tops the list of great houseplants due to its various cleansing attributes is the peace lily. Peace lilies must have well-drained soil, and be placed in an area where light is available, but not direct where it may burn. Peace lilies, also known as Mauna Loa, remove toluene, xylene, and benzene odors commonly released by nail polish, solvents, adhesives, and paints. They are great plants for shops, beauty parlors, and salons as well as bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. The peace lily has an extra quality of being a plant you can place directly in the water of a clean fish tank, specifically beta fish who will feed on the root system.

Breathing Easier

When my mother-in-law was living with us she had a portable oxygen concentrator that generated high level oxygen for her delivered through tubes to her nose. It was actually not that big and did a good job. I've considered asking my doctor about something like that because of my asthma and night attacks. Having a unit like the respironics oxygen concentrator would be plenty to insure an easier night's sleep. They fit in easily to any room, wheel about easy if you have to move them, and are simple to program.

Healing up and Big jobs.

I have about had it with summer already. I got all bit up at the docks last weekend and am still itching. My son and husband got into some poison ivy, which is everywhere out there, and they're all itchy. We are a house covered in Calamine lotion at the moment. A bunch of pink people. It's kind of comical. On a serious note, I have the heating and air conditioning company coming out tomorrow to replace the entire central air unit. It really seems like a huge job to me, but it must not be that much since they say it just takes one day. To me it's a lot to do in a day. They have to disconnect the old unit and then haul it out of the yard, the old pad it was on is cracked, but they said the new unit comes with a new pad, so they have to haul that in, and then bring in the new unit. That's just the start though, then they have to excavate the cement tube that the tubing and electrical cords go through to get into the house. That is the part that I think would be difficult. They are probably used to it though. Then they have to replace something in the furnace itself, and it should be done. Still seems like a lot for one day.