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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Picnic on the Water

We had a great weekend. Spent Saturday/Sunday/Monday morning at the marina. It rained on Monday morning, but we were getting things ready to head back home anyway. Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous. We grilled out on the water, and did a lot of cruising. There were tons of boats out there, the river was packed.

If there's anything that is at least as much fun as cruising and grilling on a boat, it's waking up on a boat. Bobby even got some swim time in on Saturday... I haven't tried that yet, so I can't rank it, but according to him it's right up there with grilling and sleeping.

Setting Up Your Boat Rigging for Crappie (fish)

It could be true that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but you catch crappie with more poles. Anyone can rig a boat to catch crappie in a few minutes preparation. Using the spider rigging, named for the appearance of “spider legs” off the back of a boat where multiples poles splay across the transom you can have a bountiful catch every time you go out. The bigger the boat, the more poles you can add, but average are six to eight giving even more comparisons to its spider namesake.

Mount four rod holders on either side of your transom. Set them at right angles from the two center poles so that the resulting layout looks like a shallow “v.”

Insert a fishing rod in each of the eight holders. Rig each rod with ten pound test line. Put weights on each line, and rig individual lines to set at different depths giving the best coverage for the area from all eight poles. Add two hooks with bait to each pole for even more opportunities. Use minnows, crankbait, spoons, or spinners on the ends of your lines to lure crappie.

Mount two fishing seats behind the rod holders on your transom. If you already have one in the middle of your stern, move it over and add a second next to it. Having two seats gives you the most control over your rods when you get a strike.

Add a trolling motor. The most common place for this type of low horsepower motor is on the bow, although some anglers mount it at the side of the transom, it can get in the way of a spider rig for crappie fishing. The trolling motor is a useful tool for any type of fishing, but very important in crappie fishing. Other methods of moving such as drifting with the current or stationary floating will have some success but not as much as a controlled movement through the water. Move through the water at 1.5 to 2 miles per hour, much slower than possible with your main engine, and even slower than many rapid rivers, but faster than simply floating in a lake.

Install a fishfinder to help you target areas with high concentrations of crappie. A GPS/fishfinder combination is even better for larger bodies of water and helpful in keeping you on course. A GPS is not always necessary in smaller lakes, or local rivers and bays but the fishfinder will always be useful and is easy to install separately.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Know the Diet Differences

Something dieters have to learn about modern diet supplements are the differences in types. There are fat burner pills, metabolism boosters, fat blockers, and appetite suppressants. That's isn't even the full run down of the many types, but that is the most popular types. It may seem that one is just like the other, but they are all different. In the case of fat blockers vs. fat burners the difference is minimal, but it is there. With fat blockers and burners, both control how the fats you eat affect your body. They have nothing to do with existing fat cells. Of course, if you effectively control the fat in the foods you eat, that will have an impact on the actual fat cells in your body. Fat blockers inhibit the body's ability to absorb fat in food sources and make it pass directly through the body. The biggest downside to blockers is diarrhea, and that is most evident when eating foods high in fat. Fat burners work to increase the body's ability to burn fat in the food eaten. Blockers usually work a little better than burners, but the public misconception in thinking fat burns make the body burn up stored fat faster makes them popular. Other types of diet pills have more obvious differences, but it is important to be well aware of how each one works with you, or against you, to help you lose weight.

Sister Slamming

My 1/2 sister just sort of *****-slapped me on Facebook because she asked me to send someone else a figure from Farmville, and I wrote back that I couldn't, her friend had to come to the wall and click on it themselves. Well, she got all huffy and said she was sure I'd find it a home with some of the other people who 'live in the funky world of yours that seems to suck people in and addict them to the weirdities of virtual farm life."

First: weirdities is not a word.

Second: I work online so playing virtual games is a way to blow off steam in between assignments.

Third: It's basically free. (It's totally free to play, but if you want some extras you do have to pay for them. Not paying won't affect your ability to play a full game though.)

What the heck is with some people? It's not even that her life is 'perfect' or 'right', and that she doesn't do plenty of 'weird' things. Before she accuses others of 'weirdities' (sic) she needs to get her own house in order.

Not Easy, But Better

The number of weight loss products available today is amazing, but what I really like is how many of those are actually supplements that support good nutrition. High protein and whey, low calorie bars. Those all help lose weight as well as maintain health. The pills are greatly improved, too. At least as far as safety is concerned. In some ways I sort of mourn the loss of the old diet pills. They really got your engine running. It wasn't really a good thing, however. Now, we know that exercise is the best way to get the motor started and metabolism moving. The Internet helps provide information to dieters on the best products, the safety elements, and finding the best deals for cost. Dieting may never be easy, but it is definitely getting better.

Get Over It

The atmosphere around dogs and dog ownership has changed a great deal in the past 20 years. Last time I had to look for a puppy things were much different, same with attitudes toward raising them. Oh, it's not really so much my beliefs are outdated, many still share the same beliefs, but they are often challenged by others. The only problem I have with someone stating a different way to raise/train etc a dog is when they insist their way is right and no one else is, that's rarely true. One thing that has changed a very great deal is doggie psychological disorders. Maybe I'll find that more of them suffer from things like SA (separation anxiety) than before, or is it that the 'problems' of SA are really just something taken notice of now, where before it was just 'that crazy dog'? It just seems that the same as with people, too often now dogs are over medicated, treated, and coddled rather than expected to 'get over it' and behave.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There Has To Be an Answer to Weight Loss

I'm a little disappointed. After my post on hoping that all the new activity would help me lose weight and saying it hasn't really, I did hope that last weekend would have at least kept my weight the same. It didn't. I need to lose weight, and I can't rely on my body to do what is right, or even normal. When I see the scale doing what it does, though, it really delivers a big blow to my psyche and I just binge. Now, a lot of times I binge on healthy foods. I don't have much in the way of junk food at the house. It doesn't matter though. It is possible to gain weight on good food as much as it is on junk food. What really makes me mad is that I heard for years how it got harder over 40 to lose weight. I ignored those comments. I even proved it wrong in part when I lost a bunch of weight at 44. I guess 40 wasn't the number for me. 45 was. Now I can definitely identify with what those people always said. Nothing works. Everything that used to work--doesn't. My metabolism is in the sink no matter what I do, how hard I work, and what I try. I keep looking for the answer. It has to be out there somewhere.

Games on and Off Facebook

I have given up on all of my Facebook games except for Farmville. I still play that one. I keep threatening to give that up too because of time, because of cost, because they keep on adding silly things that only people who 'pay to play' can get. Yes it's their prerogative. Yes I understand they need to make money, too. I think it's because it's linked with Facebook I feel it's wrong to charge for it. Maybe that's why there's such a push from both ends recently to disassociate the games from Facebook. That too is a double edged sword from the game company's perspective, I'd imagine. Away from Facebook it is more legitimate and less people will bicker about having to pay for certain game aspects. Heck they'll probably expect that. However, away from Facebook takes away the audience that just 'finds' them as a result of being on one of the biggest social network systems on the Internet. I know I would not have found them otherwise. I don't bother with other gaming sites. So they'll likely lose a lot of 'stumble' in traffic.

Getting Rid of an Unpleasant Subject Matter

My son has been using fiber to keep himself regular but I think a good colon cleansing is in order. It isn't fun to talk about, but not dealing with it is downright painful. The right cleansers have a combination of steps and fiber therapy is just a small part of it. It is interesting to find out how a colon cleanser treatment works. In doing some research on them for my son I have come to find a few really good products, and a lot of coat tail riders trying to profit from the popularity and results of the top brands. If you know how the cleansers work and why they do what they do it is easier to guard against picking the wrong type of product. The best systems will get rid of impurities, toxins, and even worms while at the same time, replacing important minerals and electrolytes so you are not depleted. Of course, price should not be a guiding influence, but in these times it is not a small factor, either. The better brands do cost a bit more, but they won't break you, and they usually offer very helpful protection and money back guarantees so you do not have to worry about losing your money. Lesser products may not do that and it is a chance you would be taking. It's not a pleasant subject to talk about, but it is an important subject for your overall health.

Stop the Lazys

I have to get my living room cleaned up. Daughter and her boyfriend are coming into town next weekend to go up to the boat with us. The grandkids are staying with their father, which is cool for now, we're still new at the boat thing, but after that it will be fun to have them there. Anyway, they're coming in on Friday night and sleeping here until Saturday morning so we can all leave at the same time. I need to inflate the air mattress for them to sleep on, and there really isn't much room to do that. I'd like to get rid of a few pieces of furniture too that I've been wanting to throw out, or store, but have been too lazy to do. It really probably would only take an hour or so, but I just keep putting it off. I have been really lazy lately during the week since we're so busy on the weekend, but I have to stop doing that.

Plateaus and Stalls

I'm losing all patience with myself when it comes to weight loss. It's nobodies fault but mine, but I really need to get it under control. I thought spending so much time on the boat, outside in the fresh air, and in the heat of summer would really help, but it doesn't seem to. Well, in truth it probably is a bit. I'm not 'gaining', but I'm not 'losing' either. I found a product that promises quick loss. I need something like that to start me off, and give me something to feel good about. 7-dfbx reviews show the good and bad of using the weight loss supplement, along with others like it. I need something to give me inspiration. My problem lately (the past year) has been lose a bit, feel great, then stop, or gain a pound, and just give up. I need to get past that 'plateau' that happens so fast.

Pap Speed

I'm really hoping to do agility with my new Papillon puppy when she gets older, hence the name "Fly by Night". Here's a video of an amazing little pap doing an agility course, they are terrific at it, and a very familiar breed seen on the courses:

Law of the Water

Boating is fun. Boating people are a lot of fun. Boating has many inherent dangers, however, and you can't always control how other people will behave. Accidents happen, just like on land, but when they happen on the water they are often much more serious. An accident is one reason you may need a good Texas Maritime lawyer if you've been on the Gulf, or in the rivers and lakes around there. Other reasons are to protect yourself from fraudulent sales practices, or when someone charges you with a bad sale. If you have been in an accident don't rely on the insurance companies to do right by you. Just like in a car, boat owners usually (although it's not a law) have insurance. Just like in a car accident, however, the insurance companies are not out to help you, they're out to protect themselves. Get a good lawyer who will make sure you and your rights are protected. If you caused a boating accident, either by mistake, equipment failure, or lack of attention, don't mess around and take chances with your future. A maritime lawyer who understands the laws pertaining to watercraft is essential to stand up for you in court.

It's Hot, Hot, HOT

I've been waiting for summer and it seems summer is here with a vengence. It's HOT out, and in. First we spent the weekend on the boat and it was the first weekend that we nearly roasted. We have to find some way to make that less uncomfortable. Then we came home and found our central air only working in a marginal fashion. It's not horrible in here, but we're having freeze up problems and have to keep turning it on and off. We had that 'fixed' last year, but apparently whatever the actual problem was/is, it's BAAACK. I've found several boat/camping 'air conditioners' that are really not much more than ice chests with fans attached. We can do that ourselves. Going to try that next weekend. The 'real' air conditioner (portable) is almost 1000.00. Won't be doing that too soon. Next boat is coming equipped with air/heat. LOL

Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Set Up on the Dock

We stopped and looked at some patio furniture for the dock yesterday, and again today. we're looking for a big patio umbrella that we can bolt to the edge of the slip so when we sit out by the boat we have some shade. I have seen several styles on other slips and know what type I'd like to get. Saw one like it last week, but didn't pick it up. I'd like to shop around a bit and be sure the one we get is the one we want. It's pretty permanent once we 'plant' it. We did get some really REALLY comfortable lounge chairs last week, and used them for the first time this weekend just past. Very comfortable.

New Family Member

Pretty soon, anyway. We've been considering getting a new dog for a long time, but the death of our former beloved Dobie took a long time to get over. Bob still isn't over it completely, but is finally open to the idea of a new dog. We met a papillon a week ago that really made an impression on us both. That is one of the breeds I've always liked but I hadn't actually met one until then. Well, we started looking and found a litter in northern Illinois. They're 4 weeks old, so it will be a few weeks before our new puppy comes home, but we picked her out. The breeder just sent me some current pics so meet "Batty", or "Fly" (registered name "kennel name" Fly By Night)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 Gone By, and Ready for 5 More

It is really hard to believe, but I've had this blog for 5 years! Time sure flies when you're having fun. Actually this isn't even my oldest blog, and I was online for a few years before I even knew what blogging was. Still, 5 years is a long time in cyber life. It seems like websites, blogs, and other Internet formats come and go, and rarely last for any period of time. A few do. The good ones. I guess I can feel good about having such a long, and happy stretch online with my blogs. Thank you to any readers who make a regular stop along their cyberpaths here. Thanks to all who stumble through and read a bit. Here's to another 5 years that seem to pass in the blink of an eye, and a happy, healthy passage.

License to Fish

I picked up Bobby's fishing license today since he was with me at Big R. I had to get a new mailbox after someone destroyed ours in an accident (a regular occurrence out here). Bob and I got our licenses a few weeks ago. How exciting it was. I've never in my life had a fishing license. The likelihood of getting "pulled over" on the river by a DNR (department of natural resources) agent isn't really all that likely, but it could happen. It is better to be prepared than to be embarrassed, and have to stop fishing right when you're having fun.

Music Makes the World Go Round.

One thing I am never without, anywhere, are my ipods. Music is important to me, like it is to most people. I remember when CDs took over cassettes, and when cassettes took over 8-tracks... this transition, though, the ipod transition is the easiest one I ever made. None ever made such good sense. With an ipod I can carry entire libraries of music with me in the palm of my hand. I have 3 separate ones. Some people have a lot more, but 3 do me fine. I have one for my house, mostly the bedroom so I can listen to it as I fall asleep, 1 for my car, and 1 now for the boat. I could do it with just one, and carry it from place to place, but that makes it more likely to lose it, or forget it. I just keep one in each place I want it and never worry about forgetting it, or losing it. They say music makes the world go round... it certainly does mine, and now I get to listen to it just the way I want to, and never worry about not having the right CD with me. I carry all of my music everywhere.

Mother's Day on the Water

It was a great weekend. Saturday started out a bit rough with high winds, but we refused to let it keep us down. We couldn't go out on the water but we could go out to eat on the water. We stopped by the Katie Hooper. They had the bottom level open because of the weather. The top decks are open air seating... well, this was a grand opening of the lower level and it was so warm, comfortable and inviting.

Sunday, however, turned out to be everything I could have wished for. We spent 7 hours on the river: boating and fishing. We had several 1sts- we filled up with gas, a first for us, and anchored off channel to fish. It was wonderful and the water was covered with sun-diamonds.

I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant day. It was the perfect Mother's Day.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Finding A Fat Burner

If things keep going the way they have, I am going to start taking a fat burner again. That will be better than restricting calories further than I am now. It gets to the point where you have to continue to lower your calories as you loose and after a point there is no where to go from where you are without starving. I remember that from years ago, but that was before they had fat blockers and metabolism boosters. I have to start looking around at the websites that compare the various products so I can make a good decision on which to use.


A few months ago I joined the Power Squadron by taking one of their courses. The course itself was about the same as any of the other boating safety courses, although their materials are far superior. They have a great books and CD for their basic course and it's nice to have on hand to look up and refresh memories. It turns out one of the biggest benefits to the Power Squadron course is their continuous email information. They send emails packed with links to articles that are great sources of additional information, refresher topics, and interesting developments in boating.

Appreciating the Opposite Sex

As a woman I never have to worry about using testosterone. However, my husband has taken a testosterone booster for years. He did the research and discovered that men stop producing testosterone but the body will always use it if it is available. It keeps him looking younger, people always think he's 10 years younger than he actually is. It keeps him virile... enough said. Women may not ever have to take a testosterone booster, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate them.

Safe Harbor

Here are a couple pictures of our boat in its summer home.

I was opposed to the expense of a slip. You have to pay thousands of dollars to keep the boat 'parked' on the water for the 6 month season. However, after towing it up there, launching it, and seeing how long it all took, not too mention the stress, I am so glad we got one. Not only that, but the slip gives us someplace to be at after dark, an electrical source to run our appliances and charge the batteries, and just a great place to meet other boaters.

Fat Free

I'm having a great week. After over a year of not losing weight I actually lost 5 pounds this week without really trying. I think a lot of it had to do with a release of stress. Over the last year and a half there has been one source of stress after another and last weekend, when the boat got in the water and worked well removed the very last of stressful items from my list. Stress is a real killer to a diet. Even when stress isn't an issue there are ways to help get the scale moving in your favor. Diet pills like apidexin, a fat burner, get rid of the fat you eat normally in your diet and increase weight loss. They do work. there are a few side-effects to fat burners, but things like excessive gas, loose bowels and heartburn are less if you do your best to restrict fats in your diet. The fat burners will take care of any fat, but the more you give it to do, the harsher it may seem on your body. The great thing about them is that it is nearly impossible to eliminate all sources of fat from a diet, and fat burners like apidexin make it possible to have a fat free diet.

Choosing a Boat Prop

One of the most important boating decisions you can make is what type of propeller to use for maximum performance. Good performance can mean the difference between faster speeds, and better gas mileage as well as stability so your choice will both save you money, and provide more fun for you and your family. One of the more confusing issues in prop choices is selecting the number of blades. There are good reasons for both the 3 and 4-bladed versions. In order to choose the prop that is right for your boat you need to know what each type does best.


A 3-bladed prop is easier to find. It is the most common type of propeller used on recreational boats. If, for all purposes, a 3-bladed prop will give you the performance you need you'll find it easier to get replacements in a pinch. It is still a good idea to have a spare on hand, even if the prop you use is readily available, however. If you damage a prop in the middle of a lake, river, or ocean it won't matter too much to you if the marina you dock at has another in stock, or not.

One of the biggest reasons to choose 3 or 4 blades depends on the type of power you need for your daily boating. Both props offer better power for separate reasons. A 3-bladed prop is slower, but has a much higher speed at top end RPMs than its counterpart. A 4-bladed prop is excellent for water sport enthusiasts because it has a faster acceleration to get the boat out of the hole and up on plane faster. A 4-blade prop also helps keep the boat on plane at lower speeds and reduces fuel consumption.


Since 3-blade props still dominate the market. They have a much wider selection of sizes than 4-blade props. Increasing or decreasing the diameter of your prop will increase or decrease horsepower. Once you determine the best size for your boat, it isn't likely you'll need to keep getting different sizes. If the size you choose is available in a 4-blade prop and that suits your needs you are in luck. If not, you have no choice other than a 3-blade prop and making it work for you.


The bigger the water the more power you need to control your boat. A 4-blade prop has more holding power for strong currents and rough water. If you operate mainly in small, inland lakes, or calm rivers a 3-blade prop provides more than enough stability for your boat. If you go out in coastal, great lake, or ocean water a 4-blade prop is more important for the extra holding power.


One final note on the 4-bladed prop vs. a 3-bladed prop: the 4-blade prop gives a smoother ride. It has less ventilation (shaking) in turns, and more effortless thrust. While 4-blades are generally a more sports-minded prop, some cruising enthusiasts are willing to exchange high-end speed for the stability and comfort of a 4-blade propeller.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Working from home is great, but it requires having a constant determination to seek new opportunities. There are days I wish I still worked in the outside workforce. Out there I just had to do my job well and I succeeded. In here, I have to watch for opportunities to move forward. If I don't, it's easy to fall backwards instead. There is no staying the same. Companies like merchant account reseller give extra opportunities to people trying to broaden their horizons online. This type of sales creates residual income that you continue to earn from your initial efforts. It is wise when operating an online income source to make sure you diversify so you know if something slags off one month, something else will compensate for it. Opportunities that have residual income have extra bonus. Revenue share is another proposition that gives bonuses for your hard work. One of the most important things to remember when working online is never put all your eggs in one basket, and always keep your eyes open for good solutions.

First Weekend

I can't believe I didn't post on here about last weekend! It was a fantastic 5-day vacation and our first weekend on the boat. Here is a video clip to commemorate the event.