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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Little Guitar Player

Alexis is always excited to learn new ways to improve the sounds she can create on her guitar. The fun use of the great jet city amplification jhs a/b overdrive pedal is just one of the things I have talked to her about. I've found that not only does our shared love of music really give us a connection that I am hoping will make the transition to teen year communication strong, it also makes it a lot easier to figure out the best gifts for holidays and birthdays. Since my grandson hasn't quite developed a desire for an instrument yet (he's leaning toward the drums, and his mother is constantly shaking her head madly at me when I discuss possibilities with him, lol) it can still be quite a diffiuclt decision when it comes to getting him something he will love for a gift. Alexis is easy. I know exactly what to think about when considering gifts for the little guitar player in the family.


Boy, can't even go fishing in peace. Well, it wasn't me, but this is a cool video.