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Friday, August 21, 2009

New Bird Website

My new website I just started for the birds.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Which Way To Go

My husband and I may never come to an agreement about what we want to do for a retirement. We talk and talk but never seem to be on the same page. The time for decision is coming up fast. One of the choices we have been considering is putting a manufactured home on one of the two lots we have available to us. The biggest problem with both places is that they both have existing homes on them. Not homes we would want to consider as permanent housing though. So it's either sell both places and buy a new one, or tear down the old and put up a new home. Manufactured homes make a lot of sense. They come in tons of great styles too which makes them attractive and over all are a lot cheaper than buying a new home.

Fitting In

Johnny is learning how to fit in. He came from a home that didn't have any other birds so he is completely unaccustomed to strange birds. He loves his own reflection, however. Luckily he and my other two cockatiels are not quarreling. They aren't close and friendly yet, but they aren't fighting. Here they all are out and about on the play top yesterday.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shop and Compare

I always joke with hubby and ask if his insurance is paid up when he takes off on his motorcycle, or goes water skiing. The fact that term life insurance is such a pain to find makes me happy that ours is. We found the company we're with long before the Internet though. I'm thinking lately it would be a good idea to do some comparison shopping. Online options make it so easy now compared to back when we found ours. I think it's too easy to become complacent and just settle for what you have instead of comparing prices and plans. It's about time we start doing that every so often.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Little Johnny

Well Johnny came to live here today. He is so little compared to Spice who is a huge tiel. Johnny's a real sweetie though. What he lacks in size he makes up for in luvin'. Took no time stepping up, seems bright and dove into the food the minute I put him in his cage. He's a gray pearl split to pied judging from the white markings on the back of his head.

I'll get some better pictures later I didn't want to over do it with him tonight.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Advocate For The Elderly--Nachshon Draiman

Having an active role in the care of my elderly mother-in-law really makes me appreciate the hard work and dedication of others who work hard to make the lives of elderly people better. Nachshon Draiman works right here in Illinois to create geriatric care and social services for the elderly. On top of all of his hard work he is a tireless and generous individual. Nachshon Draiman donates time and money as well as working as a fundraiser for charities.

Nachshon Draiman enjoys traveling the world as well as playing tennis almost as much as helping others. His business interests of developing assisted living complexs and nursing homes along with developing alternative energy to create a better world all show the generous and giving nature of this hard working individual.


Pardon my yell but I'm pretty excited about that pronoucement. It's been 5 weeks since I stopped smoking. That's a pretty big thing considering I'd smoked for 30+ years without stopping. I never really increased my habit like many do over time. I was a one pack a day smoker from beginning to end but 1 pack a day for over 10950 days is a lot of cigarettes to smoke. If I were to be honest I would have to admit I wouldn't have given up the nasty habit just because it was better/healthier for me to do so. I gave it up becuase the cost was becoming increasingly stupid. I mean, I am not going to spend a fortune to kill myself. (yeah, I know that sounds crazy, and it is) The last price hikes that shot up a pack of cigarettes and also raw tobacco, which I had used for years to roll my own cigarettes and off-set the already crazy high prices, zooming through the roof was the final straw for me.

Regardless of why, as anyone who has attempted to kick the habit knows it is not easy. Most also know that only a few manage to never go back. Whether it is 1 week, 1 year, or 10 years many go back. It only takes one 'trigger' at a weak moment. Here's hoping that moment never comes... or at least doesn't come for another 20 or 30 years, maybe by then I won't care anymore and smoke again.

What I Didn't Know About Precious Metals And Gems Andrew Wilshire Taught Me

I have a large collection of jewelry but it wasn't until I read the blog that Andrew Wilshire created to give people like me an insight into the precious metals industry and investment that I really appreciated it. I mean, of course I appreaciated what was received as a gift, or what I worked hard to earn, but to appreciate it for its beauty, value, and understand why a piece has the value it has. Andrew Wilshire even explains the best ways to keep your valuables in their best shape to ensure the hold and build their value.

Andrew Wilshire began teaching others the tricks to good investments and how to achieve financial stability 11 years ago. His newsletters and blogs are a great resource for anyone of any means to get a solid start and long-term success in investments.

Pictures, Art, and More

People who know me know I love to play with pictures. Creating pictures from scratch, painting, drawing, computer generated pictures, altered pictures, and much more. I have several paint programs on my computer and used to load all of my pictures on my websites but recently I had a reason to use photobucket. I don't know why I haven't used them before. In fact, I had certainly heard of them, and fought at ever turn to not use them. I can't really explain it. Wow, what a great website and totally free. It even has a picture editor that is just marvelous. Being all online means I don't have to have another large program loaded on my computer, and since I'm online 24/7 practically anyway, why not have it online? I think I will be using photobucket for everything from now on.

Amos Tamam Makes Public Transportation Better Than Ever

If you're like me you don't carry cash around with you. The fact that I'm so far from town, banks, etc and that I work and get paid online makes it less likely I am in a position to get cash unless I am at a store and use my bank card as a debit card to get cash back. I don't even do that. I just don't like carrying cash. I especially don't like carrying cash in busy cities or strange places. Being that way makes me really appreciate people like Amos Tamam who have worked so hard to make life easier for those of us who rely on modern technology to get through all aspects of life from work to travel.

Amos Tamam literally started from the beginning when he came to the States in the early 80's. He had vast technological experience in his homeland but here he started out working in a Taxi garage. From there he began to see where improvements were needed and to develop the technologies that would make that happen.

All of that was wonderful for the taxi industry but where the inovations of Amos Tamam truly became a service to the public at large came into play was placing his verifone credit checking machines in taxi's throughout various metropolitan cities. The beginnings have been slow but here's hoping that the concept of credit acceptance in public transportation continues to grow until the time comes when we couldn't remember not being able to pay for a cab ride with a credit card.

Settling In

The birds are really settling in now. They have been terrific from the start, showing that they had been well cared for prior to my getting them. However, little by little you can really see them opening up even more. Now Spice (the gray male in the picture) has decided he just HAS to eat whatever you are eating and will literally come running from wherever he is on his perch to be near enough to you to beg. He begs so cute too. He's a real junk food junkie though and much prefers chips and popcorn to fruit and vegies... lol.

K-Designers Provides Real Quality

I have come to a painful conclusion. Well it's not painful so much as scary. I am going to need a designer to realize my dreams of what I want from the final version of my new house. The time is coming swiftly when final plans will need to be drawn up and put into action. Looking for a designer is tricky. That's why when you find someone like K-Designers you rejoice and know that you are in good hands.

A fantastic home designer will make sure you have the best in quality and their construction standards will be second-to-none. K-Designers works only with the best materials and it shows in the beauty and long-lasting product they produce. Now for some companies that is just a minor after-thought but when you are dealing with a company that will be producing your home, the place you live in, your family's place of security that means more than ever.

So, it's time to put down my own in-experienced pen and paper and so some serious searching for someone who can give my plans true life with the quality that will make it a home I can be proud of for years. Don't skimp on your home construction, remodel, or additons call K-Designers and see what real quality and craftmanship looks like.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

An Adorable Cockatoo - Message Boards - The Friendliest Pet Bird / Parrot Forum on the Net !

An Adorable Cockatoo - Message Boards - The Friendliest Pet Bird / Parrot Forum on the Net !

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Good Ole Boys and A Lot of Country

Lately most of the vacation plans I've scouted out involved bodies of water suitable for boating. However there are areas that either I or my husband would like to visit/experience that don't involved boating such as Gatlinburg vacations. Gatlilnburg has a cultural life that almost requires people who love country music visit it. As part of the Smokey Mountains it has a divergence of cultures that fights to remain what it was while also joining with what is. It is one of those juxtaposed places in history that manage to combine the past with the present in an almost seamless manner. That isn't as easy to do as it would seem just by looking in. If you are a fan of the "Dukes of Hazzard" you simply have to visit the area to see Pigeon Forge, Cooter's Garage, and the "Dukes of Hazzard Museum". Of course no country music fan can live their whole life without going to "Dollywood" and seeing the home of Dolly Parton.

Boat Accessories

I've learned a lot about various things that have to do with boating because of all the research I've been doing lately. One of the most intriguing items is the depthfinder/fishfinder. Modern technology has made fishing a truly relaxing endeavor. No more worries about sitting for hours without a single nibble fish finders make it possible to know exactly where the fish are. For boaters these devices both help them find fish filled waters they also help navigate shallow water areas without damaging their boats by keeping track of the depth of the water.

Purchasing a Fish Finder

Don't skimp. Get a fish finder with as many pixels as possible. The more pixels the fish finder has the clearer and more accurate the picture. Color shows more detail than a black and white screen. For extra value get a fish finder/depth finder with GPS capability and make sure you never get lost and can always communicate your position to rescue craft when necessary.

Professional Installation

It may be tempting to install a sonar device on your own to save on costs but this is one time when hiring a professional makes more sense. You may pay a little more but you'll save on worries of having engine interference, putting the depth sounder in the proper position for your particular type of boat, and if for any reason there are problems with your unit when you put your boat in the water, you can take it back for repair without paying extra in most cases.

What You're Looking At

You will have to become accustomed to looking at the images on a fish finder. Both objects in the water and fish themselves do not look 'lifelike' but as you use your sonar device you will learn what fish look like, what to look for to find fish such as brush in the water where bass are likely to be living, bottom swells to watch out for to keep from bottoming out your boat.

Fishing Aid

As you learn to distinguish the various types of fish on your screen your fish finder will help you catch fish by letting you know the depth of the fish so you can get your line right down to where the fish are. Some fish finders will allow you to see in all directions around your boat so you can fish off several sections of the boat at the same time. It will even tell you the temperature of the water so you know when fish are most likely to be active.