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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Strapping Up for Music

Sometimes, as I am looking at all of the new technology and equipment available to musicians today I get a little jealous. My granddaughter is just starting out, but there are so many things that make life that much easier, even little things that make a huge difference. One of the things I picked up for her that I wish we'd had when I was her age are the straplocks from musicians friend. It may seem like such a simple little thing of little importance, but the guitar and maybe the sax are two instruments where this is really important. It isn't likely that a musician would drop a piano if they moved around a lot while playing, or that the drums would hit the floor when the drummer twisted about, but when playing the guitar, and to some lesser extent an instrument like the sax, if the strap lets go, it can be easy to drop a very valuable piece of equipment. At least with the sax the musician is usually holding with both hands, although a dropped sax could end up with a big sour note when the player grabbed it to keep it up. The guitar, however, is not being grasped, except for lightly in the right hand, and fumbling to grab it as it fell could easily end up loosing it and having it fall to the ground.

I Can See Clearly Now

Well, I always could, but in a few weeks, my hubby will be able to also. He is having cataract surgery. Watching this YouTube video of the procedure makes me glad I don't have to be there though. Ew