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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No More Printing

As I got older, it got harder and hard to print and have it be legible. I don't write often, but there are some things you just can't get around, like envelops. For addresses I mail often such as car payments, mortgage payments or other repetitive bills, or just to have envelops with my return address printed so it's one less item I have to write out, I've found pre-printed envelopes what is available in envelope printing from helps a lot. I don't avoid writing to friends or paying bills because I have to print out a bunch of envelopes anymore, and I don't have to worry about the mailmen being able to read the addresses either. For more formal mailing situations, pre-printed envelopes just look more professional, too.

Future Monster

Just a little fun piece I threw together.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Long Way Baby

Things sure have come a long way in technology. Not only in the computerized 3d animation things I am doing now, but the writing, the mobile technology, even computers. I remember growing up, we didn't have any of the things there are today. Well, to be fair, we did have telephones and TVs, but they barely resembled what we have today, and you sure couldn't carry them around with you. I got to watch it all grow. I remember the old music setups too... wireless?? Not likely. Tripping over wires was an occupational hazard. Now there wireless makes things so much easier to move around the stage with things like the wireless mic at Musician's Friend.

Monster Dance

This is my favorite of my latest animations. Although I did not create the characters from scratch (I did do the animation and scene development), I did shape them and make them unique (the Doctor, Frankenstein, the Monster trio, the skeletons).

Smoke Online

Cigars are so expensive and it can be really hard to find the best ones. That is why buying cigar retail online makes so much sense. It doesn't help much to buy cigarettes that way. It's not any cheaper to buy them online and you can find just about any brand locally for the most part, but cigars are not so easy. I smoke cigarettes, but my husband smokes cigars and used to always moan about the lack of selection in local shops. Now he is in heaven since he can click a link and find any of his favorites easily, and usually at much better prices.

CGI # 2

Here's another pic of a recent creation I did using Blender. It is my second attempt at computer generated sculpting. I still have to work on my meshes and then learn how to rig for bones to allow animations, but not bad I don't think, for just starting.

Find Out Who is Clean

I can think of a million reasons a company or even small business would want to have a 10 panel drug test available. It can give bosses the ability to find out if employees are clean in minutes without sending them out to clinics or hospitals and then waiting days or weeks for the results. I can also think of a few ways parents could use them for when they are experiencing difficulties with teens with alcohol or drugs. It's great that they are so easily available now.

CGI Creations

I have been working at computer generated sculpting. Here are is a shot of an elf head I did. This was actually the very first thing I have ever attempted with Blender, a free 3d creation program (and when I say free, please don't think simple or cheap... dang it's complicated and difficult--but worth it to learn).

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Big and White

I am in the middle of rehabbing my old house to get it sold, and need new cabinets for the kitchen. I am thinking of going with a very light theme to accentuate the size of the room. Who doesn't love a big kitchen? The one there is huge. It is the one of the things I do miss about that house compared to the smaller house I am in now. Perhaps I should consider some of the white kitchen cabinets at for this house too. It would make the small kitchen here seem so much bigger. I love light colored cabinets and appliances. I don't care much for light colored flooring. I went that route in the old kitchen while I was still living there and it was a pain in the butt to keep clean. It didn't help that it was a farm setting so lots of dirt got tracked in all the time. But on the walls and cabinets it's great and brightens up any room.

3rd Round Entry

I just completed a new animated dance video for the third round of the teaser contests that closed today. Here it is--wish me luck.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I have some fond memories of my favorite guitars of the past. One of my all time favorites was a "Les Paul." Part of me liked that because it was the guitar one of my favorite guitarists of all time played: Jimmy Page. Playing 'Stairway to Heaven' on that guitar was like a taste of heaven. I've had other guitars over the years, but none that gave me quite that feeling. Les Paul himself worked with Epiphone because of the quality that they put into their guitars. They are solid, dependable and produce a rich, excellent sound. When I think about getting back into playing, I think about that Les Paul from Epiphone.

Out With the Old

I think it's time to let go of some old stuff in my life. A few years ago I moved away from the small farm that we lived on for 16 years, but part of it is still in my mind and there is a nagging feeling of being pulled back there. It's time to just let it go and let it be a part of the past. It's something that we did. It was fun at times, frustrating at times, and it was an experience that we will always have as a part of our lives. That is good enough for me.

Brain Power

One of the most important things you can do at any stage of life is keep your brain active. It's true for nurturing young minds, and it's true for keeping old minds alert and functioning. Games are a great way to do that. The v cube 7 is a great mind game to make you keep your mind working and it can be played by just about anyone no matter what their physical abilities are. Along with word puzzles and other easy to play games, these are a great way to keep older adults alert, and provide food for young minds to learn and grow. They're pretty great for fighting the fatigue and stress of an everyday life for people in between childhood and their senior years too.

Bad week

I've been dieting for about a year now. In fact, at the end of this month it will be a full year. Overall I've been doing really well. Slow, but steady, and usually as long as the numbers go down, I don't care if it's 10 pounds or 10 ounces. This week has been bad though. I've had three binge days in a row that lead to a 3 pound gain. That was painful, but I know why it happened. I've been sick. I don't mean just a little sniffle, I mean I want to die and be done with it sick. During that time, I needed comfort food. I just did. No excuses, sometimes you just need comfort food. So, it's times like those that you take the lumps you know you're going to get for it and deal with it later. The big trick is not to give up completely. Knowing why I gave in makes it easier to say okay, now it's over, I feel more human... back to the job at hand.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Ulta Slim - Ultra Cool

Oh yes, I want one--The new lenovo ultrabook and all that comes with a brand new laptop. The big news nowadays is "8". Window's new offering. I'm on the fence about it. I so love "7" that I think it will be hard for me to press forward and accept the new style and interface, but if you're going to be getting a new PC of any type now, and how can you resist the beauty of the new styles, you're going to be getting "8" for better, or worse. My feelings about the new "8" operating system really aren't based on any factual information or use. It's just that I love the way "7" works and was SO happy to upgrade to it from the less than stellar "Vista" that I don't really want to try a new platform. It was such a short time ago that "7" came out, it seems like technology is moving so fast today you can't even blink without missing a new upgrade. By the time I get "8" they will probably already be releasing "9" whatever that might be.

Animated Music Video - Camelot

I just started working with animation a week ago, and I have a long, long way to go before I'm really 'there', but I am very proud of this music video I created for an artist I really respect. His song Camelot really resonates with me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Warm Locales

I dream of being able to take my production company on the road and escape the northern winters. Since Illinois provides a lot of incentives for filmmakers, it's a great place to shoot---in the summer. Once weather turns chilly though, it's much more difficult. Going south would provide more varied scenery and better yet, nicer winter weather. Finding myrtle beach sc beach rental property to house everybody, and take advantage of the beautiful seaside location would be awesome. I think I'm going to check it out for next winter.

First Time Animation

There aren't many things I can say I'm doing for the 'first time' anymore. At my age I've tried just about everything. At least it seems that way, but I have completed my very first animated film. It's super short, but wow, there's a lot that goes into even a simple animation. I'm always up for a new learning experience though, so it was a great adventure, and I look forward to creating more as time goes on. Here's the kid's short I did yesterday.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

On the Move

Even though I am self-employed and work from home I often have to travel to get things done. As a writer I have to make my work visible so I get out to writing conferences and do book signings--once in a while. I used to do them a lot more, but the internet has changed the face of self-promotion in many, many ways, most of them good. It has cut down a lot on the need for promotional touring. With social media the way it is, you can be out in front of the people 24/7, and you can get close and personal with fans in ways that was never before possible. However, there is still a need for travel in this high-speed internet world. Some things cannot be done online. I still go to conferences and for my film work I attend festivals and also have to take meetings that sometimes take place clear across the country. Many of the film festivals I attend or have films entered in are local enough that I can get to them by car in a few hours, but the big ones are usually nowhere near home. They involve a traveling hundreds, even thousands of miles and I am not going to do that by car, and sure can't get back home to sleep in my own bed at night. Even though many meetings can be held online today, in the world of film it is still often necessary to have face-to-face meetings. Of course, being in Chicago isn't horrible for filming, there is a bustling film industry that is alive and well here, but the big guns are still mostly on the west coast, so it's become quite customary to hop a plane and spend a few days in the glare of the Hollywood lights. Yeah, I know, so sad... like I don't love every minute of it. LA and the surrounding area is probably one of my favorite places on earth, but I have to get there. Now this is where I truly thank the heavens for cyberspace and the internet. Never has it been easier to get the reservations I need both at hotels and on airlines, and while the internet has made it easier and easier--now with smartphones--wow it's lightspeed easy. Once you download the to your phone, you are just a click away from any reservation you need no matter where you are. I can be talking on the phone with my agent or a production company secretary setting up the day and date, and clicking away on my app to make the flight and hotel reservations all at the same time and I don't have to be anywhere near my computer. Oh come on now, there are times I am nowhere near my computer. I've actually set up meetings and completed all the reservations required to get there and stay there while standing in a supermarket aisle. I love the modern age. It has made so much come true for me as far as my dreams and aspirations go, and it has made getting there as simple as picking up a phone.

Crazy Days

I have been so busy working on my new film that other than doing my daily writing I haven't had time for much else. You sort of get a tunnel vision going on during those times, then when it's all over you wake up, sort of like from a dream and think who are all these people and what is going on here. Okay, it's not that bad, but wow do I have a lot of catching up to do on housework, yardwork and just a little relaxing and unwinding. Here's a still shot from the short film I'm working on. Imagine ME only 4 inches tall.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Setting the Scene with Music

I love music and have played several instruments in my time, but I don't really consider myself a musician by any stretch of the imagination. However, as a screenwriter/director and ultimately in my little indie area of the world, being able to produce high-quality soundtracks and music clips is a vital part of my work.

Film Tips

Love these guys. The tips and tricks they provide are amazing!

Building Storage

In my new house now that everything is moved in, I'm in the process of actually fine-tuning everything and getting the rooms the way I like them. One of those rooms is my office. Except for my big desk and a few metal cabinets for files, I don't have a lot in there. I need a small couch or a couple of comfortable chairs to hold meetings and just to relax while reading over manuscripts or screenplays, and I'd like better lighting so that's where I'm focusing right now. Then it will be on to the very disorganized garage where some big metal cabinets would come in handy for extra storage so I can get the clutter of tools and stuff organized better.

Lazy Sundays

Spent all morning watching old movies on TV. I love a nice lazy Sunday. I still have to work, and am getting it done slowly this afternoon, but that's one of the great things about working for yourself, you can set your own schedule and fit in all those things you like to do. The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy though, with the shooting schedule for my newest short film starting this week. I don't think there will be any lazy Sunday's for a few weeks after today.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Life for Shoes

How often have you thrown out a pair of shoes just because they were getting worn down inside, or a pair wasn't comfortable enough to wear all day? I've done it a lot. The thing is, it probably isn't necessary. Simply using superfeet insoles to give an older pair of shoes a new boost, or make new shoes comfortable enough to stand in all day long would be a much better alternative. I have four pair of shoes right now that I rarely wear, and they are practically brand new even though I bought them months or more ago. They're in pretty good shape because they are uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable because of the size or even shape, but not cushioned well enough to be easy on my feet, knees and back. Yeah, it can have a big impact on your joints and back if you wear shoes that don't provide enough cushion, especially as you get older like me, so insoles that make shoes more comfortable are an important discovery.

Writer Video

I just finished a new novel trailer/promo video. I did this primarily because I've been working with green screen effects. Although it's not exactly where I'd like it to be, I'm happy with it for a beginning attempt at doing visual effects.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Dancing with Joy

My granddaughter has decided to take up dancing. She will be starting ballet and jazz soon. I am thrilled, because it instills such a respect for the arts even if it never becomes a passion or a lifetime pursuit. In fact, I'd rather it wasn't a lifetime pursuit. Dancing professionally is a hard life, but taking dance class as a child is something that carries through the rest of life in a beautiful way. It's been years since I've donned any of the typical ballet accessories like slippers or pointe shoes, tights or tutus, but it will be fun to gather them all up for my granddaughter as she begins this new era in her life.

Finally in the 21st Century!

Went to the movies today. I have always loved going to the movies and seeing the films on the big screen, but it's something I haven't done a lot of in my adulthood. The seats were just too uncomfortable. I'm a big person, although I've lost a lot of weight now, but just the general achiness that comes with age and the fact that I have issues with my back have made sitting in old seating uncomfortable to painful. Not anymore! Wow! Went to Chicago Ridge Theater today and they have the new megaplex comfort seating. All of the seats are recliner easy chairs. Not some thin-padded skeletons either, real plush, deluxe chairs with automatic reclining buttons. So comfy I almost fell asleep waiting for the movie to begin. Where I used to hate all the previews and commercials before the movie, now I was happy as a clam while they played. Oh, and the movie was really good too. Went to see "The Expendables 2".

Friday, August 17, 2012

Choosing the Right Materials for a Patio

I want to make a raised patio to the right of the front entry door here at the house, but I am so conflicted about what type of patio flooring to use. There are so many patio flooring options to choose from. One of my favorites is wood planks, but that wouldn't really match the existing structure here. Cement block would work, but I'd like something a little more attractive, and pouring cement is out of the question for a flat cement pad. There are many different types of cement pre-poured slab squares that would work though. I'm thinking a brick pattern will be nice, but a white or off-white brick, not red.

Cute Papillion

What a cutie!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Pounding it Out

Drums--I love them. I love songs with powerful drum solos and wild pounding drums in the background. When I was growing up I learned the guitar, and I love it still, but I have always wanted to learn to play the drums. There's so much more to playing drums than just banging on a skin with sticks. You have to have the right cymbals, have all the right other equipment, have control of the rhythm and be able to lead the entire band. The drums are the backbone of the music and the drummer is the master of the rhythm.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Money in the Market

I made $10.32 in the Forex market today. I've been averaging between $5 and $10 a day. That's nothing, I know, buy we're talking the micro account size where returns are ten cents on the dollar. That means that that $5 to $10 would be $50 to $100 in a standard account. I consider the smaller returns -- well nice extra money, I don't get that much interest from a bank on a daily basis, so it's not bad. But it's also like "paid training". I'm still learning and developing my strategy. By the time my account is big enough to switch to a standard account, I'll have more experience and can make bigger more aggressive trades each time too. In the meantime... damn it's fun.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

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Today's FX Deals

Here is a picture of one of the major charts I worked with today. It isn't the only one, and I've had several successful deals in other currency pairs today, but this one was the big hitter. It was going down all day long. Using stops and limits, I was able to maximize my gains and take very few losses, getting back in on each and every down turn for a profit.
It was an EXCITING day. Being new to this, I usually only do 1 or 2 deals on my live account. I still use my demo account all the time to make more trades, but I only trade on my live account if I have a very certain feeling about it. Today, I had a total of 19 deals, (other pairs included). And really had fun.

Out With the Old

I hate old fashioned curtain rods. That's what I have in the living room now, but I'm thinking about painting and re-doing the curtains in here over the winter. I'd love to get sway curtains with ornamental rods. I think they are so pretty. It will be a little bit of a job to get the old-fashioned pull rods off because of the way they were installed, and unfortunately whomever put them up years ago, put them right into the wood frame of the window. Kind of common I guess, but it's easier, I think, to fix plaster than wood. Hopefully the holes won't be too big and a little putty will solve it, and the new curtains will cover it.

Foray into Forex

Wow, I have been having a ball lately. You'll have to excuse me if I bore you on a regular basis with the details. I signed up for an account at FXCM (they don't have an affiliate program, so I'm not pushing it for profit. I just really like them.) Over the course of a few weeks I tried the demo programs from quite a few forex brokers. Some were better than others, but FXCM's out-shined them all. They have a great reputation for quality service, and I can attest to the fact that if you have a question they are all over it for you.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Perfect Idea

A little over a year ago my husband was in the hospital. It was a bad time, but one thing that came out of it was an idea for a great computer table. I work from home, and spend a lot of time on the computer. I have an office and a desk, but I don't like being holed up in an office. So I sit on the couch in the living room a lot, and I have a portable desk for it, but it's clumsy. The hospital had a table that would easily fit in front of a couch and it had lots of slide outs for extra space and a lift up top for storage underneath. There are all kinds of hospital carts and tables that actually could be used in other applications. They're built well to withstand a lot of abuse, and many are very attractive now. The table that my husband had was a walnut wood grain looking table that would have fit in well in the decor of my living room. Just as well as the beige wood table I have now.

Phone Problems

About a year ago, I decided I had been out of the technological loop for long enough. I had a cell phone that I liked, and did a great job, took good pictures and was fine for texting, but it wasn't a "smart phone." Sooo, I went out and got an android smart phone. I loved it for awhile, but I have about had it with this phone. It messes up a lot, just on the normal stuff like phone calls, although it also turns itself off at very inopportune times, and I have to take the back off and take out the battery in order to get it to turn back on. I'm really wondering if I shouldn't just pitch it and go back to my trusty old "simple" phone.

Legal Problems

No, I don't really have any legal problems, at the moment anyway. However, I watched the news today and someone had gotten involved in a serious accident that had criminal overtones. This is no time to mess around. The guy didn't seem like he was worried, or was going to consult a lawyer. It's true most minor accidents, and even some major ones do not really require a lawyer, but when they do you need to find good criminal law expert, and that guy really needs to think smart and get the help he needs.

Favorite Foods

During this recent heatwave, I didn't feel like making anything hot for dinner. Not that I didn't want to eat hot foods, although I didn't really, but more that I didn't want to turn on the oven, turn on the stove or anything that would increase the heat in the house. I'm not much for microwaved foods, so that left very few options for lunches and dinners. Well, when you are forced to look more closely at things you have to eat you can discover things you forget. I found a can of garbanzo beans in the cabinet and remembered how much I loved Hummus. So several times this week I had hummus on toast for dinner. It is such a simple thing to make, doesn't require any heating, and is very filling. It's also very high in protein, good for you, and tastes great.

The Fender has it All

As a former guitarist, there is nothing I love more than a beautiful guitar. The Telecaster is one of THE most stunning guitars ever in my opinion. It is also one of the most powerful and elegant. I saw a picture of a really unique, almost dangerous looking flying V the other day on Facebook. Now it was artistically one of the most shocking, beautiful and alluring body styles I've ever seen, and I've always been a fan of the basic flying V style. This one looked like razor blades, or razor edged lightening on both sides though. Now, I don't know if I'd want something that looked like it would shred me while I shredded... but I do know that Telecasters are my favorite brand of guitar on the market and always have been.

Yellow Grass

The recent really bad week-long heat wave with temps over 100 have done a real number on my grass. I was a little afraid to water during that heat spell, but I did a couple of times, always for at least an hour (usually a little more) to really soak the ground, and never in the middle of the day. There are still some parts of the lawn that are incredibly dead. I don't know what to do about them. I've never had grass die so completely before. I do have to admit that the little bit of water I did get the grass has made my lawn look better than many I've seen. Only the neighbor across the street and one a few houses down on the other side have better "green" in their lawns, and they too have a few yellow areas. Will it grow back? I hope so.

Water Attractions

Okay, I don't like my house flooded by a broke water heater like last Tuesday, but I do love water. I love to swim and I love water attractions like parks and beaches. I also love fountains, and the perfect combination of all of that would be to have a special setting built in. I've seen Wall Water Fountains that are just stunning. They're so beautiful and peaceful, they'd be the perfect living room or bedroom decor. I would love to do something like that here in the bedroom. It would make it a beautiful oasis to relax in at the end of the day, or wake up to in the morning.

Sprung a Leak

I had a long week this week. I got up Tuesday morning, prepared to do a little work and then get some swimming in at the health club. Turns out I didn't need to go to the club to swim... my porch was flooded. Yep, the hot water heater sprung a leak. Oh joy. So much for getting work done or going to the club. Instead I had to wait for the plummer to come out and check things out. Of course, it wasn't something simple like a busted pipe, loose fitting, or bad connection. Nope it was the heater itself. So instead of a hundred, or couple hundred it was over seven hundred dollars. Needless to say, I wasn't much in the mood to do anything after that.

Standing In

When I moved a little over a year ago, I left my big entertainment center at the old house. It was a great piece, and very strong and still in good shape, but it was huge and heavy. It wasn't something you could easily take apart to move either, so I left it. I did bring my tv stand for the big screen, but I had that already at the old house, and it was easy enough, even if it was kind of clumsy and heavy, to move. I need a new stand for my family room TV though. Guess it's time to go shopping again. Aw shucks!

Hot, Hot, Hot

Wow, just endured a week long heat spell of 100s or better. It was like living in an oven even with air. Made it, but sure glad the heat broke. It was in the high 80s today with a nice breeze and quite lovely. There's so many dangers and from what I've heard several people in the Chicago area died due to the heat this week. For some reason we always associate cold with dangerous weather, but extreme heat is just as deadly. While I survived it, I sure didn't get a lot done. Really need to catch up. Just existing in this heat was a chore, and exhausting.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting in on Lotto Fun

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

YouTube Money

I finally got approved to have my YouTube videos monetized. I didn't even ask them this time. They had the banner to join in on my video manager area. Never saw that before, but now I can at least enjoy some of that through their adsense program

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Self Employment and Insurance

Those of us that are self-employed know the importance, and sometimes the difficulty of obtaining private insurance. It's important though, and when you need it, you'll be glad you found it. You can get all of the information you need at so you don't get caught off your guard when you get sick. This is especially true of self-employed people (writers and anyone who works for themselves) if they have families, and young children. Kids are always in need of doctors, and you can let things go for yourself, but you never should for your kids. Without insurance, it's impossible to manage the bills and you end up putting things off that you really shouldn't and you don't want to. Check it out and have peace of mind, and security.

True Blood--True Excitment

Some shows start to fizzle when they've been on for several seasons. True Blood (HBO) definitely isn't suffering the "pains" of age. It is just getting better and better. I have to admit, I'm just in love with the theme song now too. When I first heard it, early when the show was first released in season one, I hated it. Now it makes me sing along, and I really love it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kentucky Dreams

I've been thinking that Kentucky would be the perfect compromise between Illinois being too cold in the winter and Florida being too hot in the summer. I love the Kentucky Lake area for boating too. I don't think I'd want to live in the more rural area right around the lake though. I'm into city. I've been looking at louisville real estate ads, and thinking that would be just right. Not too far away from the northern side of the lake, and plenty of city life and convenience. Still in the looking phase. It may be a few years before I could do anything anyway. I have to get rid of the Donovan property. 10 acres, big barn and nice house, but it's hard to sell rural areas.

Book Trailer

Check out the second in a series of "fan" videos for Dark Side of the Moon

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Bonus to Ordering Cheesecake on the Internet

Food is something that many different people are interested in, and it is also something that people work really hard to learn. There are even those who decide that they should go to school in order to learn all of these kinds of skills. It is not the easiest thing in the world to learn, but for those who are willing to work hard and be dedicated to it, it is something that you can become good at. There are those who want to make these kinds of things on their own, and there are also those who would rather order cheesecake online.

There are definitely some benefits to deciding to order cheesecake online, such as the fact that you don't have to make the dessert on your own, but someone else can make it for you, and that leaves you in a better position as far as time goes. These kinds of desserts can be tricky to make, and there are also a lot of different things that can go wrong when you are making these kinds of things. There is always the chance of burning things or of making them dry and tasteless. This is one of the reasons that baking is considered to be a science. Everything must be measured out correctly in order for them to be made correctly.

One of the other good things about ordering this kind of food online is that you can order it ahead of time. This allows you to get the product while it is fresh, and it also allows you to order any of these products, no matter what time of the year that it happens to be. This makes the online option great for holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, or for anyone who likes food or desserts in general.

Desserts are something that will always have a cult following, and there will always be those who are going to try the best way that they can in order to make them. There are all kinds of different places that can teach you the best ways to make these kinds of items, and there are just as many places where people are able to order the kinds of things that they want to eat. When it comes to eating these kinds of items, it is important to make sure that you are not overindulging yourself. Overeating on these kinds of rich foods is something that has the ability to cause weight gain, and it also has the ability to cause other illnesses such as diabetes. This is one of the reasons why moderation is important.

Whether you decide to order these kinds of items through the internet, or you decide to make them yourself, it is important to have something that you can enjoy in a healthy way. These kinds of foods have a negative connotation within our society, however, if you choose to make these kinds of things yourself, there are ways that you can make the things that you like, and still enjoy them.

Author Interviews

I have several cool author interviews on my writing blog at tamiparrington .com Please check them out. I'll have several more added in the days to come, so keep checking back.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Really Good Cigar

My husband swears by them... he loves a really good cigar. He isn't a cigarette smoker, but he will light up a cigar after dinner, or sometimes just to relax after work. He prefers alec bradley cigars There are many different selections and assortments in alec bradley cigars and that's part of the appeal. However, it's the brand he really trusts for a uniformity every time he buys them. His favorite is probably the Sun Grown Robusto. I like the aroma of that one too.

Weather Woes

Well, it isn't summer yet, but we have definitely jumped right into summer weather. From a balmy 60s and 70s, we have skipped right into the 90s. No 80s, no high 70s. Right into hotter than the sun. I am not complaining too much. I like heat in general, and much prefer it to cold, but it would have been nice to have a spring.

Guitar Sounds Like No Other

Have you ever wondered how guitarists made those really interesting "bendy" notes or wailed away? I used to play guitar when I was younger, and they had the same kind of things then. They were called "wah wah pedals"--at least affectionately. Now, though, the technology is far more advanced. You can do much more than just make bendy notes. You can make a whole new sound with "screamers." These really are just that. You can use a screamer to create all of the interesting sounds, and even adjust volume controls and other levels to get the perfect sound from your guitar.

New Video New Release

Here's the follow up video to the last one I posted. This is for the second book in the series that will be released in the fall.

Fine Furniture and Redecorating

I was telling some friends just the other day that I really like chaise style couches. I want to add that to the decor in my living room. First, however, I want to paint and get new drapes and really start from scratch. Now that the kids are grown I would love to add really elegant furniture. Horchow creates some of the most visually stunning pieces, and they even have a beautiful chaise that would fit perfectly into my favorite "earth tones" color scheme.
There are lots of others, but that one really struck me when I saw it. When a piece of furniture resonates with you, you know that is the right piece for your home. I loved the huge 4-poster bed they have too, but one room at a time!

Website and Video

Don't forget to check out my new writer's website at You'll get lots of information on what's new in my fiction writing world as well as cool videos, and helpful writing tips. Here's my latest video

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Playing with Fire

I really miss the fireplace I had in my last house. There's no place to make a real one here in the new house, but there's plenty of room to put an electric one. Actually I can think of several places I could put one. I could put one on the back wall in the living room, in the nook in the bedroom, and maybe even one on the enclosed patio. That's one of the really cool things about electric fireplaces, you can put them anywhere, and you don't have to worry about access, chimneys and best of all, you never have to clean them. That was the one thing I hated about the wood fireplace I had at the other house. You had to clean that thing, and it was a dirty, messy job. Soot always got everywhere no matter how hard you tried to keep it tidy. Once a year I had to have a chimney sweep guy come and make sure the chimney was clean and safe to prevent fires. None of that is necessary with an electric fireplace.

Metal Building

steel shop buildings make great outbuildings. When we decided to build a new barn on our rural property, I really wanted a wood, old-fashioned one. They always seemed so warm, friendly and inviting, but you know what? They are also hard to take care of, decay quickly, and sometimes even dangerous. We finally decided on a metal building and it looks as new today as it did 10 years ago when we had it built. It will continue to look great for many years to come and we never have to do a thing to it to keep it that way. There's a lot to be said for metal. If we decide to get a new garage on the urban property we live at, I'm pretty sure metal will be the way we go then too.

Tired, but Feeling Better Now That Spring is Showing Up

Spring has finally decided to come back. After that brief tease in March where we had record temperatures and summer-like weather, it dove back into the cellar temperature wise for all of April. Finally, it seemed like the minute May came around, so did the nicer weather. It's warm and breezy today, and all the windows are open! It's amazing how good that can make you feel. I've been working overtime lately, and the weather and the work had me dragging my feet and always feeling tired. The good weather makes it easier to work hard without feeling drained.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Movie Channels

Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

We recently moved to a new house and we got cable tv. I was pretty impressed with all of the movie channels that we have. My husband and I do not really like to go to the movies that often anymore because it has gotten so expensive. We used to rent a lot of movies, but now that we have so many movie channels, we do not even have to do that. We have been able to watch so many new movies. We are both kind of homebodies too, so being able to watch movies at home is more comfortable for us. I like to go to a nice dinner, then come home and put on my pajamas, and curl up on the couch with my husband. It probably sounds really lame to most people, but it is what we like to do. We have been able to save a lot of money by not going out as much. Maybe one day when we make more money we will be able to go out more, but in the meantime, I think we are both pretty content.

Somethin' Fishy

I hate PetCo. Okay, I don't hate it. I love it. But it's a dangerous place for me. I had to get parrot food today. I walked into PetCo and walked out with the parrot food, 2 new betta a new betta tank, food and care supplies. The end result was a total expense of more than twice what it would have cost for just the bird food. If it wasn't so heavy, meaning a lot of extra shipping expense, I'd order bird food online. It would keep me out of PetCo.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mobile Workstation

When my husband was in the hospital last year, I was captivated by his bed table. It dawned on me that those kinds of overbed table would be perfect as a writing table by my couch. My biggest problem has always been that the typical writing stand, computer table, ect, had to fit underneath the furniture and on my couch that never happened. If I wanted to sit in my recliner, that was even worse. I had to mess with the tables, and configure them to work and it made them unstable and less likely to work. The bed table that they used at the hospital where my husband was was perfect! Not only was the base the right style for fitting around chairs and couches, but the table itself had several sliding levels that would accommodate computer on one level, extra screen on another and the keyboard on still another. It's a great idea for anyone who likes to work from the comfort of a chair or couch and have mobility too.

Fun and Frustration

I've spent more time that I should the last few days getting back into the swing of being an author and promoting books. It has brought back all of the emotions of the fun and frustrating parts of being a novelist. In a perfect world, all a writer would have to do is write. In this world, however, if all you do is write, very few people will ever read the words.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Iron Working

I've been looking around at some tools to help with my home improvement projects in the new house. miller welders are a great deal and I think I'm going to break down and get one because there's some iron work to do on the front porch. I like the looks of the iron and don't want to completely change to wood there. It would change the entire atmosphere, but I'll admit I don't have a lot of experience with working with iron. The thought is to incorporate the iron motif all the way out to the garden and around the front landscaping as well. I hope the end product keeps the feel and ambiance of the current structure.

Writing Again

I've forgotten how much I love to write. That's right, forgotten. It's all coming back to me now though. Just a few days ago I decided to get back into writing. Just a few pages each day, and I also finished up my long discarded non-fiction piece. It's available on Amazon now (Business as Usual: How to Work From Home Successfully) and I'm having so much fun. I know it may seem strange to say I forgot how much I love to write when my job is writing, but commercial marketing content is far different from fiction or even non-fiction. And there's far more to being an author than just writing as well. There's a whole community, and passion involved that doesn't exist in commercial writing. In commercial writing, when the job is done, it's done. When you write novels or non-fiction, when the work is done the birth begins and a whole new life is in the world forever.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Replacing Testosterone

There comes a time in any man's life when they need a little help. Testosterone fades as they get older, and even stops almost completely after a certain age. But testosterone is very important to sexual desire and performance. It is also important in other areas of a man's life. The aggressive work drive, even their own self-esteem is regulated by their testosterone levels. Finding a good testosterone replacement can be tricky though. It's a good idea to look at all of the resources available before deciding on a product. You can find reviews like this progene review that will let you know all about the drug itself as well as how users feel about it, and if it helped them. That way you can make the best, most informed decisions on your health care needs.
I'm looking forward to building several raised beds for flowers this spring. I had a bit of a start already, but cooler weather set back in that is keeping me out of the yard. I found this very helpful video to get ideas for making raised beds easily.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Real World Dating

Going back out into the dating world would be really scary to me. It's been many years, and so many things have changed. It's dangerous now. There are killer diseases that there's no way you can see. Taking someone's word that they're clean isn't a good idea either. I keep telling my daughter, who is still in the dating arena, to make sure she gets the peace of mind of std testing for anyone she's going to be with. Never be afraid to bring up the subject. It's you life you're talking about.
Remember this? I just loved this series, not only for the actual plots, characters and action, but for all the boating.

More Power!

Living in the Chicago area, I don't have many problems with cell phone coverage. It isn't until I make a trip down south to our property in a rural area that I realize how spotty my service can be. I take it for granted that I'll always have clear reception, no dropped calls, and just a signal in general. I tried to get on the Internet down there on Thursday--forget it. I tried to make a call to my daughter that lives just an hour away from there to see if we could hook up for lunch--no signal. I am really thinking about looking into cell phone boosters to improve my service down there. It would be helpful for any time I travel through areas without good reception too, which is often enough. You never realize how much you depend on your cell phone until you can't use it. At least I didn't.

Blogger Format

I'm not sure if I'm in love with the new Blogger format yet. Some things about it are pretty cool. I like the new big text input area, and the general layout. I really like the analytic tracking area better in this new platform. What I DON'T like is where the title bar is. It feels like it's separate from the posting window. I often forget to enter a title for my post because of where the title bar is now. Everything is still available that was available in the old posting area so that's nice. It's also a little easier to use with the options on the left side bar by the window rather than hidden in an options link underneath the post the way the old version had it. If they'd just put the title bar down on top of the text window, I'd be a happy camper.

Being a Guitar Hero Again

It's been some years since I played guitar. I think about it all the time. If I were to buy a guitar now and start up again, I think I'd look atSchecters. They are so sharp, come in so many cool body styles, colors and designs. It helps that they are very affordable too. For someone like me, who is just thinking about getting started again, finding a solid, reliable instrument that has great sound, but also will be easy on the budget is a must. I do miss playing. I have the time now, and would really enjoy it just for fun if not to be in a band again like when I was younger.
It's that time of year again. The time when I am thinking about the water and boating. With all the warm weather a lot of people are already boating this year. I don't know if I'll get back in the water this summer, but I can still dream about it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lining up all my purses for my own display

Guest post written by Marianna Brooks I think it never hurt to try and take the normal things that you have in your home and make them look really nice. That's how I feel about my clothing and accessories. I have a really cute bird cage-shaped earring stand that spins around that I keep out on my dresser top. I love little things like that because I love looking at my earrings even when I'm not wearing them! I feel the same way about my purses, so I decided to go in search of some kind of way that I could display my purses while still keeping them protected and not just plain out in the open. When I was thinking through this and looking online for some purse organization tips I saw info on Debt Management. I could definetly use the info to start working my way out of debt and towards a financially sound place again. I found this amazing idea for hook purse storage where you hang hooks from the ceiling of your closet above a top shelf so you can see your purses hanging but they take up so much less room! I thought this was a great idea and I can't wait to try it out with my closet and purses!

Again, Rude, Rude Drivers

Driving home today, it was just a few short blocks and I was driving a long at the speed limit in very heavy traffic and I saw the car coming up from the rear in my mirror. I saw the driver dart into the other lane and knew they were coming around... the problem was, there was only half a car's space between me and the car ahead of me in the opposite lane. This coming driver was not slowing down, so I did because at that instant in the only slightly wider gap between my car and the car in the other lane, that driver flew across in front of me. What an IDIOT! At first, I thought it had to be a cop in an unmarked (sports car--like that's likely), but as luck (or not for that driver) would have it, the light ahead changed and they ended up getting trapped behind a big truck and a lot of traffic so they couldn't go around, and when the light changed, I actually drove passed the woman with the long blonde hair casually looking in her visor mirror... oh yeah, that dangerous dive she did really got her far. I ended up a block ahead of her--doing the speed limit, in my own lane, with no crazy stunts. People are just plain stupid when they do things like that. They take everybody's lives in their hands to get nowhere really fast.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Visions of Flower Beds

Ah, spring is in the air. No, I mean REALLY. The weather we're having is just unbelievable for Mid-March. Heck, it's been unbelievable for February, and all winter long really. It is so absolutely gorgeous outside, and has been for several weeks, that I have had a really hard time controlling the urge to garden. I've allowed myself to appease my desire by working the dirt a bit, getting beds ready for planting and things of that nature, but up until now, haven't given in to the urge to plant anything. Mother Nature could definitely still throw us a smack down. At the same time, all of this warm weather has visions of foliage and garden tools dancing in my head. I'm in a new place now and this is my first spring here, so I have to re-start many things I had in place at the old house. I'm looking into a smaller, more compact worm composting bin for this place. The soil here is beautiful, and it will be a real thrill to work with it, and create lovely flower and vegetable garden spots around the front and back yards. I spent most of the end of last summer and fall after moving in here, cleaning up the overgrowth of a once cared-for, but overrun yard, and am now ready to see how it can really shine.

Funny Thought For The Day

Work Clothes

Lots of people wear uniforms at work. Watching the hotel employees I was taken back to the days working in various positions that meant wearing work uniforms. cherokee workwear creates workplace clothing for all sorts of jobs. Some are even cool for people who just like to hang out in scrubs because they've found out how comfortable they are. My husband works in the medical field and once I tried on some scrub pants he had, and now I buy them all the time just to wear around. I still have some of my old work uniform shirts too. Workwear has come a long way over the years, and some times they can double nicely for casual wear at home.

Beautiful Lake Geneva, Beautiful Weather

Spent the weekend in beautiful Lake Geneva, WI. I come up here every year about this time for a conference, but NEVER has the weather been this BEAUTIFUL when I do. It was just a joy being up here.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Protecting Your Pool

We had a pool at our old house, and I miss it a lot. I love the health club pool, and it's bigger too which should be a great incentive, but I miss being able to just walk out in the back yard and jump in whenever I want.

At our old house, fencing wasn't necessary according to the law, but we always thought that a safety pool fence was just a smart move. Whether it is to protect your kids, your neighbor kids, or pets from accidents when you're not around, fencing is just a good idea.

However, up here in the city, if we were to add a pool a fence for safety would be mandatory. It makes sense that areas with denser populations make having pools fenced off to prevent people from just walking through and jumping in, possibly getting hurt. It is a win/win actually. It protects others from accidents, and protects you from lawsuits.

Toeing the Line

I've been having a good time giving myself mani/pedis lately. I left all my  nail polish at the old house, and for a long time went without because I refused to buy more when I had so much, I just had to go get it. With the weather and all, I haven't been able to get down there for months, so finally I broke down. I just made a pact that I wouldn't buy any colors I already had. So I'm back to having fun again, and keeping my tootsies as pretty as possible. LOL

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

I went into work this morning after direct tv ft lauderdale stopped by to install the new television package that we had ordered. I probably should have just taken the whole day off because when I went in everything was a mess. The girls in the front office were having a horrible time. Another girl was out sick and the phone had been ringing off the hook all day. I usually don’t work in the front, but they were so slammed and I ended up helping out. It was exhausting! I remembered why I liked to work in the back. People were coming for their appointments and asking a thousand questions. You have to check the patients in, answer questions, collect money, and check them out. The other thing you have to do is get on the phone and talk about payments and schedule patients that call. I really don’t know how the girls in the front office handle it. I had some people on the phone that were just so rude to me, I couldn’t handle it. By the time I left and headed home, I was almost in tears. Kudos to the girls that work up front!

So Much for That

Well, after 4 weeks of not smoking with the e-cigarette as a replacement, I finally broke down and bought a pack. I am not smoking all the way, but find that I just need 2 or 3 a day. That's still a huge improvement over smoking a pack and a half a day, and the e-cigarette is fine to fill in the gaps. It really can't get over that hump though. Even after 4 weeks, in fact, it got worse at about 4 weeks, I found that there were withdrawal symptoms in spite of the nicotine replacement. There must be other things in cigarettes--well I know there are--that are as addictive and cause as much withdrawal as the nicotine itself. Unless, because the e-cigarettes nicotine is not as easily accessed, it isn't as efficient a nicotine delivery as a cigarette, I just can't get enough nicotine to resolve the issue fully. Either way, I'll have to be satisfied with having cut down a lot, rather than quitting altogether.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Guitar Life

I love the guitar. When I listen to music, the guitar riffs and drums are the instruments that really lure me in. I grew up playing the guitar. I started lessons when I was 8, and played in several bands during my teen years. Back then, carrying around a guitar and amplifier was pretty bulky business. Even the small portable amps were clumsy and cumbersome. I don't play anymore, but I think about it now and then. If I were to start again, I'd love the small portable amplifiers they have now like the lunchbox sized amp. It is so lightweight and portable you can carry it anywhere. I love that it is no bigger than a lunchbox and you can just pick it up and move around with it.

Taking Life Seriously

February has been a really slow weight loss month for me. I've tried. I have been fairly good about watching what I eat, but I let myself slack on the health club a lot for several weeks. Finally last week I kicked myself back into gear, and stopped making excuses. It felt good to get back on track, and the scale even nudged a little. I could blame the cold weather, the fact that I quit smoking, or just that I have been very busy work wise, but the bottom line is, I made excuses. This has to be the year of no more excuses for me. I have to conquer this once and for all. After all, it's also the year I turn 50. Time to take life seriously.

Bargain Coupons

Coupons, coupons and more coupons. It's actually a great way to save money. If you have the knack for it, you can even get many things completely free. I have a friend who is an amazing couponer. I've never achieved her stellar heights in coupondom, but I do manage to save a tidy bundle every time I go to the store. It only makes sense. Groceries and household items are expensive. You can get a lot more for your dollar if you pay attention to sales, collect and use coupons and also use store cards. What may not seem like a lot on face value, the .10 here and .50 there really does add up to a lot of money when it's all tallied up at the register. There are a lot of great ways to get coupons online too. RedEnvelope coupon codes are an excellent resource for cost saving coupons that you can use for special items that you don't normally find coupons for like jewelry, flowers and even holiday or birthday presents.

Ignorant and Rude

I witnessed something yesterday that just left me completely flabberghasted. I couldn't believe the audacity of these people, and it wasn't just a couple, it seemed rampant. Here's what happened. I was on the way home from the health club, and in a very good mood. I got stopped by a ton of traffic on a normally busy, but smooth moving street. The traffic was backed up for almost a mile. I thought there must be a horrible accident up at the intersection ahead, and braced for seeing something horrific. What did I find when I got there? The lights were out. Nothing more horrible than a blinking red light in each direction. That isn't cause for alarm, and while it does cause traffic to back up, what really got my attention was the ignorant and rude actions of some of the drivers.

Oddly enough, not the drivers on the street I was on. Everyone, and I do mean ABSOLUTELY everyone I watched obeyed the normal and common courtesy of approaching the line, waiting their turn, and crossing the intersection. That meant three at a time on each side, because the road is three lanes wide at that point. That's fair. What was so shocking was the actions of the drivers on the cross street. IN EVERY instance, when the cars pulled up to the line to wait their turn, when the road was clear, not only did those three on each side cross, but TWO more lines of three on each side crossed as well. This did not just happen one time, as if a group of unruly drivers felt their right to get through the ordeal faster than anyone else... no, it happened repeatedly through as many exchanges as I could see as I approached. It had to be eight crosses before I got up to the line and watched the gaggle of cars boldly charge across before it was my line's turn to go.

I lost a lot of faith in human decency yesterday.

I know this is the "big city" and people do things that are rude and in their rush to be where they are going faster than anyone else, can seem ignorant, but that was far beyond anything I would have ever imagined before. What got me most was that it wasn't a few brash, rude people, it was dozens of them. Shame on you... you just aren't that important. You can wait your turn like everybody else.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Preventing Identity Theft

I've been hearing a lot about identity theft online, but there's an even greater danger in brick and mortar stores. Your credit information can be stolen even when you don't take your card out of your wallet! That's scary! Apparently chips in the cards can be read from several feet away, through material and most common wallets. Just when you thought you had enough to worry about when shopping online. I've seen special wallets for sale that prevent that type of theft. I'm thinking getting contactless cards is a good idea. How often are you in a store with your credit cards in your pocket or purse? I mean, I know I am a lot. I don't go anywhere without them, so I am always vulnerable. If it stops just one instance of possible theft, it's well worth the purchase I think. Even if you stop any charges in time, it's a HUGE hassle to have to do it. What's that old saying? An ounce of prevention, in this case it's worth more than a pound of cure.

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Review of the Nebula from VaporNine

First I want to say that I am not getting paid in any way (product or cash) for the reviews on e-cigarettes I am doing. I am searching on my own for a product that will help me quit smoking cigarettes, and I've found it.

The first e-cig was good, but not good enough to provide the satisfaction that allowed me to completely give up cigarettes. It did help me cut down, but then I found the Nebula.

At the very base of this product is a KR808D-1. While the K808 as it is sometimes called is not as versatile or customizable as a 501 or 510 base unit, it is plenty versatile in that you can find cartomizers at almost any reputable vendor and get chargers, drip tips and other add-ons for it. The ability to shop around for the best price, or pick up a pack of cartomizers (the part that resembles a cigarette's filter, and holds the juice and atomizer in this two-piece unit) when you buy juice at any vendor makes it very convenient.

As for the basic KR808D-1 model, there are a LOT of e-cigarettes out there being sold under various brand names using this model, so the Nebula is not necessarily "unique" but in the world of "pen-style" closely resembling what those using e-cigarettes (calling themselves vapers) call analog cigarettes, the KR808D-1 has a very solid reputation for being reliable and producing good results.

I didn't know that when I found the Nebula on the website. I found out afterwards while I waited, and I was then very anxious to recieve my starter kit. What I did know when I found the website was that I hadn't seen this kit for a better price anywhere!

On the VaporNine website, the Nebula starter kit is $29.95. That's the lowest I saw anywhere. Of course, you have to pay shipping and taxes, but it is still an amazing value.

Shipping was very fast. They sent out the kit the day after I ordered, and I got it two postal business days later (can't count Sundays).

What You Get

In the box (which is very attractive and makes a good storage unit for the kit) there are two KR808D-1 batteries, one USB charger and an AC adapter so you can charge the battery (only one at a time) either using a computer or from any wall outlet, and a set of 5 cartomizers come along with the kit. You can choose any flavor they stock, or regular tobacco flavors in varying strengths of nicotine.

I chose their Blueberry in a 24mg strength.

The Results

I LOVE this e-cigarette! The very first day I was down to just 3 "analog" cigarettes, and the next day just one, and I haven't had a single one today (the third day) and I don't have any desire for one!

The flavoring in the blueberry is very mild. I'd say a bit too mild, I would have liked a stronger flavor, but I also bought 3 - 10ml bottles of Carolina tobacco 24 mg juice to refill and that is very satisfying. The blueberry is plenty satisfying as a nicotine replacement, and I don't crave cigarettes anymore even with that, it's just the flavoring I had a little issue with.

The actual e-cig Nebula unit is fantastic for a small battery style unit. It produces easy vapor with low resistance. Not the lung-pulling inhalation of the last e-cig I tried. The biggest drawback is the small cigarette sized batteries do not last long. It takes 2 hours to charge them, and they only last about 2.5 or 3 hours depending on use. I do use them heavily in general though. On the upside, there are two of them, so I can keep things in rotation fairly comfortably. I did order a few extra batteries that I'm waiting on, one is called the "monster" that is supposed to give some extra time. I'll let you know how that works when I get it.

Overall, I'm very happy with the way this works and you can't beat the price! I have a 510 3.7v unit coming that I ordered today. I figured I'd use that at home for much longer, stronger vapeing time, but I won't be giving up my Nebula any time soon. It's great for when you're on the go, and just a nice size for casual daily vaping. The bigger unit I am hoping will give me a little break on the charging though.

Conclusion: If you're new to vapeing, and want a PV (personal vaporizer/e-cigarette) that works great and is very affordable, you can't beat this.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring's Coming, and So are the Flowers

It's been a mild, and slightly weird winter weather wise, but it's still too early to be thinking about gardening. I am though. It's kind of cool to think about some of the things I want to do since we're in a new place. The yard is much MUCH smaller, but also much, MUCH more manageable. It also has far better dirt than at our other house. So I'm really looking forward to getting started. I did a little bit last summer, but there was so much going on with my hubby's health issue, cleaning and moving, and getting rid of all the over-growth already here. So I only got a few small things done last summer. This year, I'm all set to really get things done.

I have a lot of tools, but there are some gardening tools on my wish list that I have to get together for spring. Another thing we need, although not exactly a gardening tool, is a new lawn mower. We had one regular lawn mower at the old house that didn't work, and there were THREE here, and none of them work either. Well one limps through it, but it's a real chore to mow even this small lawn with it. Our big tractor mower is just far too big to maneuver on this property, so we need a new one.

It will be a lot of fun though. I can't wait for winter to be over.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My E-Cig Review

I received the E-Cig in the mail on Saturday. It is a nice looking piece. One of the most "cigarette" looking styles of electronic cigarette.

The starter kit comes with one battery (the long white part of the cigarette), and 2 cartomizers (the filter looking part of the cigarette that holds the nicotine soaked filter and the heating element), 1 USB charger and 1 case to hold the battery and 2 cartomizers.

The Cons

It is a high resistance type. That means you have to suck harder to get anything out of it. Some people like that. I prefer less resistance.

The battery lasts about 6 to 8 hours. Not bad for an e-cigarette, but not great. It takes about 2 hours to charge. That wouldn't be bad if the starter kit came with two batteries, but it only comes with one. That means a 2 hours down time unless you have something to take it's place.

It only comes with a USB charger so unless you are near your computer, and it is on, you can't charge it. Many kits also come with an AC wall adapter that you can plug the USB plug into and charge it anywhere you have an outlet.

Replacement cartomizers are VERY expensive. They don't tell you that you can refill the existing cartomizers, and do not sell the liquids. However, you can buy refill nicotine liquid from any supplier and use it to refill the e-cig cartomizers. There is a limit to how often you can refill a cartomizer before it is spent, however, so you will eventually have to buy some. I have yet to find out if other brand cartomizers fit with this battery. If it is a 501 then there are other options for refills that will cost a LOT less.

The biggest "con" is that the e-cig company automatically enrolls you in a refill subscription before you even have a chance to try the starter kit. They say you can stop the automatic refill by emailing or calling them. I have emailed them. I'll let you know what happens, and if they do stop the subscription.



You can purchase several accessories such as car charger, AC wall adapter, and even a charging case.


Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

I constantly checked the weather updates last night using my wireless internet Covington connection. Word of a really big snow and ice storm coming through had been talked about for the last week. I hate to say that I love when big storms like that come through, but I definitely do. I am a school teacher. Enough ice on the roads and that means that class is cancelled. One time a couple of years ago, we ended up missing a whole week of school because of a snow storm. The weather wasn’t even that bad ( by Western standards, where I am from). So of course, the updates and alerts were pretty certain that there was going to be no school. I went to bed thinking that I was going to be able to sleep in. When I woke up at six o’clock to check the status, I was disappointed when I saw nothing had accumulated on the ground. What a bummer! I guess I will just have to wait until next time, but it can’t come soon enough!

More on the E-Cigarette

E Cigarettes?

I decided to try and quit smoking actual cigarettes by going with an electric cigarette. Commonly known as e-cigs, they have some drawbacks, but are largely a big health improvement over regular tobacco cigarettes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

February 14th Coming Fast

Wow, it's hard to believe that it's the middle of January, and February 14th is right around the corner. Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorites. It just makes sense that there's a day dedicated to love. I remember the fun of Valentine's Day at school when I was a kid. I have to admit that when my kids were going through that, the work of helping them get all the cards and treats together, and buying it all wasn't always that much fun.

However, now with my grand kids it is a lot more fun for me. I find myself thinking about what kinds of valentines gifts for kids to get each of them, and how much fun they will have at school. Of course, I'm looking forward to what kind of gift I'm going to get from my husband too, but there's so much more joy in watching the kids find the joy in celebrating love and friendship.

Summer Thoughts in Winter

Went to the Chicago boat show this weekend. It was fun. It seems strange to be talking about boats and touring boats in the middle of winter. In the past it was always a precursor to fun summer water life. However, last year due to my husband's illness we didn't get on the water and our boat stayed in its shed in the driveway. I think it may again this year. Things aren't really looking up. That's okay, it's life, but I do miss it, and it put a little bit of a pale over the boat show. We didn't even tour everything. Somehow it was a little sad.

However, I'm still sore from all the walking we did do. LOL

Monday, January 09, 2012

On the Move with Mobile Apps

I have been looking for a tablet for quite some time and I think I'm in love! For many years I resisted the idea of a laptop, certain that my desktop was all I would ever need, but now I am fully integrated in the mobile age, and having a laptop makes it easy to take work anywhere at anytime. Still there are some places where carrying a laptop is just plain inconvenient, and unnecessary. I don't plan on working, but need to be in contact, check emails, and it would be great to be able to watch videos, play games and do things with my apps on a screen bigger than my phone's 3 incher. The RIM has a Blackberry that is to dream of. It would be perfect, and I love the fact that it is so compatible with all of the Android apps that I already use. I have got to get me one of these!

Moving at a Desk Job

If you have never tried chair aerobics, you're in for a great treat. This is a cool, surprisingly good workout that only takes about 11 minutes out of the day. Give it a shot and see if those of you that spend your days working at a desk can't find a few minutes on a break to get some cardio in while getting your body moving.