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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Better Sales

Creating sales leads in an business is tough. Getting life insurance leads is even tougher. People still tend to be loyal to their insurance companies. Using lead lists from companies that generate them is a better method than the traditional cold call. You, at least, know that the people you are calling have an interest in what you are offering. That's the first, and hardest hurdle in any sales position. The leads lists are pretty accurate too. That has given insurance salesmen a real boost in sales ability.

Crazy Day

Had a long, somewhat aggravating day today. Started out with my router quitting on me. It just shut down. For some reason it does that every now and then. Then the electric company was cutting trees and shut the power down for an hour. It seemed like I just wasn't getting any breaks. Then the power came back on and my router decided to work again... for a few minutes, then it popped out again. I finally got that rebooted and working. So far, the rest of the day has been calm. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, though. I may have just jinxed myself.

1800flowers Says it All

Did you ever wonder what some flowers symbolize? Some of the symbols even have to do with their names, like "Forget Me Nots." They are a symbol of true love (and you thought it was just roses), hence the name. They are meant to be a reminder of the person who loves you. 1800flowers is a great way to send flowers to remind the one you love of your devotion too.

Roses are still my favorite and they go with all occasions from declarations of love to congratulations and celebrations. 1800flowers can develop a bouquet of beautiful roses or any other flowers you prefer to say what you mean from your heart. They and the wonderful vases and keepsake containers available will be a constant reminder that you care.

Every rose color has its own meaning too. Roses have complex histories and meanings. Red is the traditional symbol everyone recognizes, though. 1800flowers will make a bouquet that says it all.

Sailing Away

I am a little disappointed. The 'nicer' (depends on what you consider nice) weather had me ready to go out and get started, in between snow showers of course, and start working on the boat. One of the projects I thought I could get a jump on is removing the old numbers and getting the new registration numbers on it. I have the numbers, I have the new heat gun, I'm ready... then i find out I have to wait until the temperatures are at least 50... dang. That will be right before we can go out on it. I'll be putting letters and numbers on as we sail down the river. LOL

Focus on Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners

Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners has a strong background of investment banking. For the past eight years his focus has been on infrastructure software and investments on the Internet. Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners has a lot on his plate at work, but he does not let that stop him from being active in several important charities. He divides his time between such charities as "Make a Wish Foundation," "New York city Police Foundation," and "Sergeants Benevolent Association."

Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners, graduated Harvard Business School in Boston, Ma with a master's in business administration. While in school, he garnered several honors including distinguished academic performance two years in a row. His energy was evident even then, and he was a varsity tennis player, division IA NCAA at the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School, in Philadelphia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He received high honors there too with the Dean's Award for Excellence, and election to several honor's societies.

New Summer Home!

Our boat officially has a new summer home. Not the one I pictured below. We went out to look at marinas over the weekend and one of the places we checked out was Hidden Cove in Seneca. It's perfect. Only an hour and a half away... close by comparison to any others, and at least the same as a few of them. On the Illinois river so it will be less turbulent than Lake Michigan. However, it's connected to the big pond so we can go there when we want to experience the Chicago scene on boat. Hidden Cove (the Seneca Yacht Club) is only one lock (about an hour's boat ride) from Starved Rock too, which is a beautiful area to spend time on the water. I'm SO excited. We made arrangements to take the boat to a local place (very nice) to have the GPS put in, and get it bottom painted since we decided to keep it in water all year, a week before we plan to launch. We're taking it up there April 30th. We'll pick it up from the shop, drive it down the road to the river, and launch it on May 7th. I'm so excited. It's still 2 months away, but it seems so much closer now with all the plans made. Plus March and April will be busy getting the boat ready, and we have a trip to Lake Geneva at the end of April too.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Get Ready for Summer

I am still experimenting with weight loss supplement pills. I have to do something, summer is coming fast. I suppose that is the thought on most women's minds now. Summer is just around the corner. Winter makes it easy to avoid the issue of weight gain. You wear big clothes, heavy coats, and sweaters. However, if I don't get started to seriously lose weight now I'll have to keep wearing those sweaters, jeans, and long, heavy coats when it's 100 degrees outside. Too bad they don't make bathing suits in long-john style anymore.

Summer's Coming

This is one of the marina's we are seriously considering. We have cut the options down to 3 or 4 marinas, with 2 at the very top. Going to look at this one in person in a few weeks and if it is what it seems to be, it will be the one. What this does is really drive the 'cabin fever' home. I am so anxious to be out on the water it isn't funny.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting Help to Act on Cholesterol

I have been after my husband to watch his cholesterol for what seems like forever now. His thoughts are that he's gotten this far without a problem, so he probably is okay. We're both getting older now, though, and considering the fact that we were never especially health conscious as younger adults the buildup has to be there. Anyone our age, with out past probably should be worried about finding ways to reduce cholesterol. It's pretty confusing because you hear about bad cholesterol, and good cholesterol. The medicine, however, is pretty good about attacking the bad stuff. It usually isn't enough to simply change a diet. Most people don't stick to a long term change in lifetime habits. That makes getting help a good idea, because the problem won't just go away if you think about them, you have to act on them.

Burning it Up

I just watched last week's episode of Burn Notice. I'm a little behind in my viewership. I don't know what I did before DVRs, and it's only been about 2 years since I got it. That little black box is a miracle of technology. I never miss shows. I can watch them repeatedly, but the best part is they record automatically. I never have to set it, or remember to change tapes, etc. I love it. I love Burn Notice too.

Learn by Doing

Having spent the last four months cramming to learn more about boats, cruising, keeping, and maintaining boats, and how to act on a boat I feel like I am ready for the summer with my new boat. However, the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know anything at all. Just when I think I know enough to make me competent, I find some new fact that makes me feel like it is an impossible task unless you were born on a ship. Now, I know that everyone starts someplace. I know that the majority of people who own boats didn't grow up around them. Even the ones who did, still have things to learn as new technology is developed. That doesn't help me in feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of skippering a 26 foot cruiser for the first time. I don't know if I'll ever be able to learn enough before I actually get behind the wheel. I may just have to realize it's a matter of learn by doing.

"Fly" fishing

This takes the idea of fly fishing to whole new levels. You have to admit it's pretty ingenious.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Close and Accessible

I love how the Internet has impacted all parts of my life; especially shopping. It is so easy now to find whatever I want. I am not limited to certain types of an item either. I can also research everything from cold cream to acne remedies to find what the best product and prices are. With social networks friendships are made online that are sometimes stronger than any in person. There's no limit on distance or nationality. The Internet brings everyone closer and makes everything more accessible.

Like a Fish out of Water

The old saying "like a fish out of water" has less punch now. These fish propel themselves out of the water.

Keep in Plain Sight

All through life there are stages when vitamin supplements are important. Even at an advancing age I find it important to make sure I have a good, well-rounded vitamin. I am trying to impress on my daughter how ever important prenatal vitamins are. She is no new-comer to being pregnant, but she was never good about taking vitamins. I have to admit I understand it. Even though I always make sure I have the proper vitamins for whatever stage of life I'm at, I can be bad about taking them. It helps to put the bottles in a spot where you know you will find them. I set mine by the coffee pot. No way I can miss it then, and forget to take them. They should have a label reading "keep in plain sight" right on each bottle.

No Justice

You know there is no justice when the tractor you just bought has a flat tire when you go out to use it to plow the driveway. I still ended up shoveling a 750 foot driveway. What's worse is knowing how good it works when it doesn't have flat tires. The last snow was so easy to get rid of. My back was killing me last night after all that shoveling.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Honoring Love with 1-800Flowers

Well, it's almost here... Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I even got a little pink heart in my email from my sweetie today. A little reminder that the real thing isn't far away. I love Valentine's Day. The thought behind the gifts is one of the most loving of all the holidays. I especially like getting the beautiful flowers and always treasure the special vases they come in. I really like the utilitarian types of vases like mugs that 1-800Flowers has for their arrangements.

Of all the flowers, roses are my favorite. They are robust and beautiful and come in such an exciting variety of colors.

Who could resist this little bear surrounded by luxurious red roses and delicious chocolates? Not me, that's for sure. The keepsake vase with the heart charm at its focal center is certainly something to cherish always. Yep, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday of the year. Aside from the flowers, candy, and lovely cards, what can beat a day set aside solely to honor love?

Looking for Water

I'm going to take a trip up to the marina I'm interested in getting a slip at for the season. I'll probably go next weekend. I know it's kind of weird going in the middle of winter, but slips sell fast and if you don't get in before the warmer weather hits all of the marinas on Lake Michigan are full. As it is this marina is further north than I'd really like, but the slips right in Chicago are very expensive, very exclusive, and very hard to come by. Of the marinas I've looked at though, North Point is very nice. It even has TV at each slip along with electricity and water. Electricity isn't unusual, water is somewhat common, although not completely standard, but TV is usually a reservation for expensive marinas. The marina has WIFI too. A huge plus.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Narrowing Decisions

We are coming close to making a decision on where to harbor the boat for the summer. We're leaning towards on Lake Michigan on North Point Harbor. It is kind of far, but a beautiful marina.

Big Entertainment

I priced a new xbox and some games yesterday when I was at the store. I play so many games online it would be a lot nicer if I could have them on the big screen TV. The biggest problem now with playing video games is deciding on which game to buy. There are so many. I like XBox 360 because it can also play DVDs and CDs so it is an all around entertainment system. That really streamlines a lot and since I am usually in one spot it makes sense. I can even run my internet through it and have my computer hooked up to the big screen. Now that would be awesome.

Hot is Coming

Summer is getting closer. It may still be several months before we can put the boat in the water, but we really only have one more month of horrible weather. March is tricky but it the end of the bad weather and pretty much nothing March can throw at you is disturbing because you know it will be gone soon. February, however, as short as it is, can be a real pia. It is typically the worst month, usually even worse than January which is bad. January wasn't really too bad here though this year, and so far, on this the first day of February, it isn't starting out too bad this month either. Of course, that could mean March is going to be a REAL stinker... and in weird years April has even been a little strange, but if we can get through February without many horrors I'll put up with it.

Right now I manage to get through it remembering that February is starting, it's short, and after that it's a short stint until spring, at the end of April I have a vacation to Lake Geneva, and I'll spend the nicer days of March and April prepping the boat for water, washing/waxing, putting new lettering on it, cleaning up the outdrive, and making sure all the electronics work. The weekend after we get back from LG we hope to splash the boat into its new home for the summer.