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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taking the Wind Out of My Music

I LOVE the wind instruments. As a high-schooler I took the flute, but I was always fascinated with the oboe. It wasn't available when I signed up or I would have taken that instead. One thing that always stumped me was the need for reeds in most of the wind instruments. Playing the flute, I didn't have that issue. I always thought it could get rather expensive, having to replace the reeds so often. However, there are some wonderful options to help make things easier like the They produce a rich, vibrant tone while making it more cost effective to keep the reeds in good condition. I don't know if I'm too old to learn a new trick anymore, but I might be tempted to pick up an oboe and give it a try now. I still adore the amazing sounds and beautiful melodies that instrument produces. I've always liked the sax too, but I just don't have the soul for that one.

This Old House

Sigh, still having bathroom troubles. The toilet and flooring replacement last spring didn't do the trick apparently. It's acting up again. I didn't replace the old, kind of rusty, cast iron flange when I replaced the toilet and that turns out to have been a short-sighted mistake. So, back to the drawing board and pulling everything up again. Ugh.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Update-It wasn't Blogger with those Ads

I'm so relieved to learn that it wasn't blogger putting all of those extra text link ads in the posts I was seeing. It was some sort of external text link site. If you are suddenly seeing text link ads EVERYWHERE you go, you can click here to unsubscribe:

Friday, January 04, 2013

A Ten Dollar Word

It's one of those words that is so long and looks impossible to pronounce. If it wasn't for my hubby's occupation in the medical field I wouldn't have even known what a sphygmomanometer was, much less anything about sphygmomanometer price and availablility. We were talking about blood pressure and blood pressure machines and he mentioned the sphygomomanometer the doctor's office uses vs the personal bp cuff he has at home. It's one of those words that make you blink and look off into the distance for a moment while you try to place it, then realize you can't without an explaination.

New From Blogger

I guess Blogger (owned by the mega company Google) has decided that free blogger sites are not going to be free anymore. I suppose they have to make money somewhere, but I really dislike the popup style ads they are using. Inline text ads are one thing, but ditch the pops please.

Dream Computer Set Up

I just love some of the monitor stands that I've found online. My dream set up are monitor display stands that can hold several monitors and be easily moveable since I use a computer cart for the majority of my work now. I'd prefer to ditch the cart and have a stand with monitors and a keyboard holder. Then I'd have a computer set up on the desk beside me and not have to move the cart all over the place.

Funny Face

I made a 3d prop head in Sculptris that I just thought was hilarious. Then I managed to import it through Blender and 3dxchange into IClone to make it a part of an avatar by attaching it to the head of the existing one. That way I was able to animate it to a certain extent and have fun with it. Here's a little clip of the action. The expression still makes me laugh.