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Friday, December 22, 2006

A Piece Of The Puzzle

Are you still looking for it? That elusive, mysterious piece #2 of the rockstartup puzzle?

Here it is just for you.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

If You Work From Home (or want to)... You Must See This.

Wow if you work from home, or want to there's a new blog out there you have to check out! A fellow postie of mine, Eve, has a terrific info packed blog on all things home biz called (appropriately) Home Biz Blogger. You can bet I put that blog on my 'speed dial' here. It's a hot link for sure with a great article right now on the top page about the various shopping cart options available and their pro's and con's, and I'm busting a gut over her cartoon on web 2.0. I sure should have checked that out the other day when I asked the question 'what is Web 2.0?' on my other blog.

Articles like '10 hot business ideas for parents,' and 'getting a website for your business' are only a few of the well-thoughtout posts on Home Biz Blogger.

Eve also has a Fun page for a humorous look at home business, and a tips page for great tips, and an advertising page for a quick look into indepth articles on marketing!

This blog is a MUST check for anyone working from home. Oh, and I love the layout too, and the FONTS are great Eve!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Stop for Fun

Cruising the blogosphere this morning I found out something rather funny. The skin on your elbow is called your 'wenis'. This is just too humourous to pass up as a comment. Apparently this skin is also totally without nerve endings. (Not to be confused with your actual elbow which is just packed with them, as evidenced by the shooting and prolonged pain even a bump can cause.) Think of all the puns you can get away with without being 'dirty'. Wanna touch my wenis? Your wenis is showing. Don't bump your wenis on the doorjam.

Okay, stretching but still... funny stuff.

Grand Designs

I wonder how many towns ended up like this from what seemed to be grand beginnings?

And how many of us have grand dreams only to wake up years later to find that life was just the same-old-same-old? I don't think anyone works, or even plays with the assumption that things will turn out crappy. Sometimes they just do though.

I bet there are loads of little towns that thought they were gonna be the next big thing, but missed by a hair.

Need Cash in A Hurry?

Hey, you've seen those places as you drive down the street, the get cash now places. You go in and if you need cash in a hurry you can get an advance against your next paycheck, or insurance settlement check, and things like that. A great service for those caught in a quick bind and needing cash now -- not next Friday, or two weeks from now.

Well, here's a better way. Get cash now ON-LINE. Yeah, no more driving to the cash store. In fact, no more 'hey, I thought it was on this street, where is it'? It's right HERE.

You can even get a loan without a credit check try that at your local bank. Apply now and will take care of everything for you.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Checking on a post related issue

I needed to see if I'd come up with a solution to my late inability to post videos to the blog. I have. Yippeeee! Here's a sample of my anti-hate video created a few months ago.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Writing Season

This is a hard time of the year to get any writing done. First there was Thanksgiving, now Christmas is looming only a few short days ahead with all of the family things that it entails. Many of us have family coming in. Those writers with little ones at home, while always having to deal with the trials and tribulations of balancing a job-work at home or not-and toddlers now have the festivities of the yule to contend with as well. Those with older children have them hanging around the house all day as vacation time strolls in for its long stay. What's a writer to do to cope?

Remember to give yourself time to be you. It's okay to take a few weeks off during the more hectic times, and enjoy your family and the time together. Lots of writers feel guilty if they take that time away and don't get their 'words in'.

Write in spurts. Instead of burying nose in your computer as writers are prone to do for hours and hours on end, take an hour here and there and get in some precious writing time, or, as you have a special idea, sit down and jot it down before you loose it (because we rarely remember those jems an hour later, am I right?).

Don't forget to pamper yourself a bit. When times get crazy it's even more important to remember to relax. Close the door and take a nice hot bath. Take a nap while the baby is sleeping. Say goodnight to houseguests and take an hour to read a good book before bed. Do the little things that still let you feel human even in the midst of insanity and the days will be over and gone before you know it, leaving only a nice little trail of memories in their wake.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Court Didn't Want Me

Well no, I wasn't arrested, or needing to appear for any minor infraction. I didn't make the line-up of the top 5 Court TV's Next Crime Writers contest. It kind of sucks. It's not exactly a 'rejection' but it feels painfully close.

I knew my entry probably wasn't dark, and crime embeded enough to actually win... but it would have been nice to make the finals.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The New Blogger

This is just fantastic. For once a company that has promised fantastic upgrades really came through with all that they promised -- and in a fairly glitch proof way as well. It works smooth, takes only a short while to transfer over, AND you don't have to hang out on the page as it transfers either. Bless you Blogger--you're terrific.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This is too funny! And Too True.

For all of us who LOVE to blog I think we can all identify with this video (edited because I just found the direct link on You Tube.