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Sunday, November 18, 2012


I have some fond memories of my favorite guitars of the past. One of my all time favorites was a "Les Paul." Part of me liked that because it was the guitar one of my favorite guitarists of all time played: Jimmy Page. Playing 'Stairway to Heaven' on that guitar was like a taste of heaven. I've had other guitars over the years, but none that gave me quite that feeling. Les Paul himself worked with Epiphone because of the quality that they put into their guitars. They are solid, dependable and produce a rich, excellent sound. When I think about getting back into playing, I think about that Les Paul from Epiphone.

Out With the Old

I think it's time to let go of some old stuff in my life. A few years ago I moved away from the small farm that we lived on for 16 years, but part of it is still in my mind and there is a nagging feeling of being pulled back there. It's time to just let it go and let it be a part of the past. It's something that we did. It was fun at times, frustrating at times, and it was an experience that we will always have as a part of our lives. That is good enough for me.

Brain Power

One of the most important things you can do at any stage of life is keep your brain active. It's true for nurturing young minds, and it's true for keeping old minds alert and functioning. Games are a great way to do that. The v cube 7 is a great mind game to make you keep your mind working and it can be played by just about anyone no matter what their physical abilities are. Along with word puzzles and other easy to play games, these are a great way to keep older adults alert, and provide food for young minds to learn and grow. They're pretty great for fighting the fatigue and stress of an everyday life for people in between childhood and their senior years too.

Bad week

I've been dieting for about a year now. In fact, at the end of this month it will be a full year. Overall I've been doing really well. Slow, but steady, and usually as long as the numbers go down, I don't care if it's 10 pounds or 10 ounces. This week has been bad though. I've had three binge days in a row that lead to a 3 pound gain. That was painful, but I know why it happened. I've been sick. I don't mean just a little sniffle, I mean I want to die and be done with it sick. During that time, I needed comfort food. I just did. No excuses, sometimes you just need comfort food. So, it's times like those that you take the lumps you know you're going to get for it and deal with it later. The big trick is not to give up completely. Knowing why I gave in makes it easier to say okay, now it's over, I feel more human... back to the job at hand.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Ulta Slim - Ultra Cool

Oh yes, I want one--The new lenovo ultrabook and all that comes with a brand new laptop. The big news nowadays is "8". Window's new offering. I'm on the fence about it. I so love "7" that I think it will be hard for me to press forward and accept the new style and interface, but if you're going to be getting a new PC of any type now, and how can you resist the beauty of the new styles, you're going to be getting "8" for better, or worse. My feelings about the new "8" operating system really aren't based on any factual information or use. It's just that I love the way "7" works and was SO happy to upgrade to it from the less than stellar "Vista" that I don't really want to try a new platform. It was such a short time ago that "7" came out, it seems like technology is moving so fast today you can't even blink without missing a new upgrade. By the time I get "8" they will probably already be releasing "9" whatever that might be.

Animated Music Video - Camelot

I just started working with animation a week ago, and I have a long, long way to go before I'm really 'there', but I am very proud of this music video I created for an artist I really respect. His song Camelot really resonates with me.