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Monday, June 24, 2013

Zuchinni Fun

I love summer for a lot of reasons. Number one on the list is fresh veggies and fruit though. Zuchinni tops the list as one of my favorite vegetables. I love it just about any way it can be made. I found a new recipe today online and had to try it for lunch. It's REALLY easy. Half a zuchinni, coat with a little oil and top the halves with garlic powder, tomato, a little salt and some mozerrella cheese. Bake in the oven for about 25 minutes at 375 and it's done. Made for a great, light lunch. Here's a picture. I had made 2 zuchinnis but my son stole one of the halves before I could take the picture. Next time I might leave them in about 5 minutes or so longer to get them a little browner, but they tasted wonderful.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Best of Both Worlds

Hubby and I are both smokers. I smoke cigarettes and he smokes cigars. In a lot of ways, cigars are so much better since it doesn't take as many, and it is more of a flavor experience than cigarettes are. The biggest drawback to cigars is the price at most stores. Hubby always tries to shop around to get the best cigar prices. Smoking cigars really is the best of both worlds, you get the nicotene and smoking experience, but rich, hearty flavors. I even love just being in the room with them when he smokes them. The aroma is splendid. My favorites are the fruit flavored ones that leave a hint of the aroma in the air. He likes woodier flavors, and they have a warm, soothing aroma.

Can't Wait

Tomorrow is the day! We are taking the new boat out for the first time. Have had it for almost 3 weeks but the weather has been so terrible with severe storms and flooding it hasn't been possible. I'm a little nervous. I've had a boat before, but it was a big cruiser. This is a small bass boat. I have no idea how it will handle. Luckily, in spite of the crazy weather lately, tomorrow is supposed to be bright, sunny, warm and best of all, not windy at all which will make handling a new, strange boat easier since there won't be waves other than wakes from other boats.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Important Steps in Online and Offline Business

Business is easier than ever before now. Anyone and everyone seems to have some sort of online business going. Whether you have an online business or an offline one though, some steps are going to still be as important now as they were before the computer made having a global storefront a simple process. You have to have the proper legal setup to protect yourself and that requires the help of a business lawyer. You can certainly find them online, but you should look for one that is local. If you are in Raleigh, you should look for a business lawyer raleigh nc not just some lawyer from California or even London. It isn't because those lawyers aren't good enough, but they may not have the local law information you need to protect yourself and the best information on how to compy with the state and municiple regulations. Even online you have to make sure you are operating legally so you don't run into trouble that can cost you far more than a few minutes with your local lawyer.

Knot Necessarily Prime Time

I religiously tape and watch Knot Right Kayak Fishing on TV every Wednesday. I love the show. This outtakes video they recently posted on YouTube was priceless. It's not exactly rated PG though for anyone who might be a little sensitive. For everyone else,... it's just plain funny.