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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Work

When I was younger I would have probably laughed at the idea of home work being a good thing. Working from home is great. I've been working from home for about 8 years now and there is nothing quite like it. Come to work with no traffic, no gas use, no getting up a couple hours before I have to leave to get ready. Run errands when I need to. Operating a home business can be a real joy if you have the motivation. That's perhaps the hardest thing because there are so many distractions when you work from home. My kids are grown now but when I started they were in their mid-teens and always needing to be driven everywhere. The home business was a two-edged sword there because it allowed me the great flexibility to do what needed to be done, but also the tendency to not rush back to get to work. I had to learn how to really be my own slave driver. Now it is much easier since I only have me and my hubby to worry about on a regular basis. It is more relaxed too. Working from home takes a lot of pressure off and really reduces work related stress. Everyone should try it. Nothing beats working in your pajamas.

Fishy Subject

A deep freeze and several long term power outtages depleted my fish tanks over the last few weeks. It was very depressing to lose several fish I've had for years, and a few of which were born here in my tanks. I finally went to the store yesterday and bought some more. Three of the tanks I convereted to cold water (goldfish) tanks, I only have one remaining fresh warm water tank. I can't seem to give up on tropicals completely. I bought two blue gouriamis. The existing three red sepia tetras that were still in there (the only fish remaining along with the plecos from the freeze, hardy little buggers) seem to be doing fine with them. The tetras, while very small in comparison are very aggressive little fish so they should be fine. The gouriamis are pretty laid back.

My one original cold water tank did fine in the freeze so I'm hoping that the other two that used to be tropical will do better if it happens again. I have them nicely stocked with some beautiful goldfish including two very tiny (for now, lol) black moors. I haven't had black moors since I first started with fish years ago and i made the mistake of putting them in the tank too soon before it was fully cycled (typical beginner anxiousness) and it didn't make it. So I'm really glad to have a couple of them now.

Hopefully we've seen the last of the long power outs for the winter but I kind of doubt it. This has never happened before but now in the last week we've had one 4 day out, 1 2 day out, and several hour or two outs. Last night it was out for 6 hours.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shasta Pools are a Work of Art

I'd love to have a built in professional pool in our backyard. Shasta Pools creates amazing pools for people in the Arizona area. That is the sort of thing that can make a home feel like a palace. Even a regular house can seem like a movie star house with a creation like those made by Shasta Pools. What I'd really like someday is to really have a movie star house. One like the house I saw in Beverly Hills not too long ago. It even had a pool that spilled over the edge -- as it sat on the side of a mountain. Now that's classy. Of course I am not sure I'd want to actually swim in a pool that spilled out over the side of a mountain like that.

No matter where you live though, finding a company with master craftsmen like Shasta Pools can really make your yard a work of art. If building a pool like that seems like a scary project because it's so involved just think it will only take a short time and then you can live in real luxury. I want one with a jacuzi built in too.

Africa Through the Eyes of Wangethi-Mwangi

Another amazing place I'd love to vacation and see some day is Africa. Kenya is like the cradle of civilization and would be amazing to see. I think Africa is the only place on earth where you can go from safari on an open wilderness plain with lions, and wildebeests to a beautiful city Nairobi in a heartbeat. Wangethi-Mwangi works with the Nation Media Group to make sure that not only is Kenya beautiful and diverse, but honest and its people are well informed.

This picture is a prime example of exactly what I meant above. Right outside of Nairobi, a big modern city, is a beautiful giraffe just wandering in the wilderness with the backdrop of buildings. In a place so amazing it is vital that government is kept in line and people have the ability to judge for themselves how things are being run. That is why what Wangethi-Mwangi does a job so important to the overall health and welfare of the country.

Nation Media Group is the largest privately owned news source in Kenya. It is easy for anyone living in the U.S. to understand how news and media can be controlled by political groups, religious groups, or other factors and how that influences what is the truth as we know it. Wangethi-Mwangi and his associates believe that must not happen in Kenya and their work is a splendid example of non-partisan reporting to keep Kenya a thriving and amazing place.

Time for A Consolidated Resorts Vacation

It's winter. While the weather is kind of bad all over the U.S. it is typically worse in the Midwest and we are living up to that. Winter ice advisories, snow, cold, and it's only mid-December. I am going to be ready for a vacation by January for sure. Consolidated Resorts have amazing vacation packages that make going on vacation easy.

Consolidated Resorts not only have great deals cost wise they're hotels are beautiful and relaxing. Their resort in Kauai is simply breath taking. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and they make it possible. With winter starting here in Illinois already this seems like the perfect year to hit the sandy Hawaiian beaches.

For the really adventurous you can even find jobs at Consolidated Resorts. Living the great life all over the nation. If I were free and single that would be an amazing way to live.

Tim Arel is an Example of Great Property Management

I've lived in condos a few times. I actually like them better than a house because there isn't as much outside work to do. It is really important to have a good representative like Tim Arel working with you. The right management can make or break a condo experience.

My dad had a beautiful condo a few years back but the condominium association was just badly handled and made the whole experience a nightmare. He needed great management from someone like Tim Arel to make things run smoothly. It can be difficult to find a great manager. Everyone in the association needs to agree on the fact that they need someone to take control and make the appropriate decisions regarding the common areas.

Living in a condo is a lot different than living in a home where all decisions on your property are yours. When you live in a condominium your manager like Tim Arel will work to make sure all of the common areas you share with your fellow condo owners is properly cared for as well as that all rules regarding the maintenance of each unit are being properly followed.
The weather has been horrible around here. I console myself with the entire country has been dealing with horrible weather. It has made things difficult here in so many ways including work. It seems like everytime I need to get something done for work the internet goes out. Just another reason to hate winter.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Finding the Simple Things

I've always wanted to go on vacation to Las Vegas. I think it would be a great vacation spot. My husband has been there several times so finding a great hotel in las vegas wouldn't be that hard. There are a lot of packages available. I think I would need something like that in order to see the things I'd want to see. It would be too easy to get caught up in one or two things and miss so much in a town like that. It is not the biggest place in the world but there is so much packed into it that it is huge. From what I've seen in pictures, and on TV you could easily get caught up in just the glitter and lights and be blinded to some really cool things that are really simple right in front of you.


A friend of mine and I were talking today and she was watching 'Pretty Woman' on TV at the time. That is one of my all time favorite movies. I love the last line when Richard Gere rescues Julia Roberts and says then what happens when the prince rescues the maiden from the tower and she says 'she rescues him right back'. Isn't that the way love should be? I think it is. I know me and my hubby have had many periods of time over the years where one comes to the other's rescue, but in reality we both need each other for our individual strengths and love... we rescue each other.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Weight Loss That Works

One of the popular weight loss aids is alli. It is available with out a prescription and that makes it easy to get and it is easy to use. While you are still responsible for a good diet and exercise this is one diet aid that really seems to hit the point and do the job. There are many consumer reports that give credence to the claims made by the company that the product does work. It is a little on the pricey side like most good diet aids that actually work, but you can do your research online and find the best prices so that it is more affordable.

Meet The Browns

I love Tyler Perry movies and I finally got around to watching 'Meet The Browns' yesterday. It certainly didn't disappoint. It was much in the same vein as most of Tyler's movies but that is what makes them so endearing. It is a part of his 'Madea' series even though 'she' (Madea is the old grandmother played by Tyler Perry in gloriously hilarious drag) only makes a small cameo appearance in a wild police chase down a Georgia highway. I like the way Tyler highlights the charms of Georgia while always touching on intense social issues with just enough comedy to make it light and enjoyable to get the 'message' that God and love will save the day.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Ultimate Gift

With Christmas approaching fast and having to buy more gifts for people who are incredibly hard to buy for I still prefer gift cards. A lot of noise is being made in the news about stores closing and not wanting to accept gift cards anymore but that's just not as much of an issue as they are making it out to be. Gift cards are like cash for them and there is no reason not to accept them.

Gift cards make everything easier. You do not have to fret about getting the wrong thing, the wrong size, etc, and your loved ones will not have to spend hours in a return line exchanging gifts. It helps protect against fraud with online purchases and people getting gift cards can use them to buy items they want online without worrying about using their own credit cards.

Even if you feel qualified to make purchases for certain people on your list there are always going to be people you do not know what to get. Gift cards give you the ability give them the ultimate gift--what they truly want instead of something that will be shoved to the back of the closet because they don't want to offend you by returning an undesirable item.

You can obtain cards at gift card malls and through companies like Blackhawk Network for great holiday gifts.

Satellite vs wireless

I don't know which type of Internet service I like best. I've now had experience with both satellite and wireless high speed (no not cable yet) and both have their ups and downs---primarily downs. It's a real pain getting steady service although really I actually think the wireless is better and the plan I had that is wireless was unlimited which was better than the Satellite although they have a large limit on the plan I am on. Overall I think the wireless is a little better and more stable. It is less affected by weather.