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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Building Fun Spaces

Someday I want to live by the beach. When I do, I'll do my best to make the outdoor areas around the house the most comfortable and fun. Outdoor areas can become a real extension of the inside, and when you live somewhere where there's a great view, that's even better. For for swing sets in virginia beach which is one of the areas I would love to move, I'd pick something more rustic and classic, than if I moved to So California, another favorite spot. Each place would be different, and the type of outdoor setting would have to dictate what I choose, but it will be fun no matter where it ends up being, Virginia, Florida, California or even possibly Oregon.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Strapping Up for Music

Sometimes, as I am looking at all of the new technology and equipment available to musicians today I get a little jealous. My granddaughter is just starting out, but there are so many things that make life that much easier, even little things that make a huge difference. One of the things I picked up for her that I wish we'd had when I was her age are the straplocks from musicians friend. It may seem like such a simple little thing of little importance, but the guitar and maybe the sax are two instruments where this is really important. It isn't likely that a musician would drop a piano if they moved around a lot while playing, or that the drums would hit the floor when the drummer twisted about, but when playing the guitar, and to some lesser extent an instrument like the sax, if the strap lets go, it can be easy to drop a very valuable piece of equipment. At least with the sax the musician is usually holding with both hands, although a dropped sax could end up with a big sour note when the player grabbed it to keep it up. The guitar, however, is not being grasped, except for lightly in the right hand, and fumbling to grab it as it fell could easily end up loosing it and having it fall to the ground.

I Can See Clearly Now

Well, I always could, but in a few weeks, my hubby will be able to also. He is having cataract surgery. Watching this YouTube video of the procedure makes me glad I don't have to be there though. Ew

Monday, February 17, 2014

It's What You Know and How You Know It

I've never been much for technical or mechanical things. If I build something, it probably won't stand for very long. However, there are always things we have to know just enough about so that when we are talking to a contractor or someone fixing a piece of machinery around the home or business, we understand what is being talked about. When an air-conditioner repairman or woman is talking about needing to replace the gusher pump will you know what they are saying? Maybe, maybe not. The great thing is that now, with the internet, all it takes is a few minutes of investigation and you can find out so that you know what is going on, and what you should be paying.

Winter Not Too Wonderland

Snow again. Yes, another weather report. I can't believe the winter we're having here in Illinois this year though. It has been nearly non-stop snow. We are on track to get about 6 inches again today. It's as if winter is determined to hang on right to the bitter end with no real relief. This week looked like it would be a bit of a repreive at first, with a forecasted warming trend culminating in a 50 degree day on Thursday. But here we are on Monday getting hit by a blizzard again, and that 50 degree forecast has been downgraded to maybe a 40 degree day. 40 is still nice, but by the time Thursday rolls around, how much is the bet that it will be a lot lower than even 40 degrees?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Moving Music

Any musician that travels even a little needs an easy way to move equipment. It's pretty true for almost any hobby really. However, when I was younger, and playing in a band, being able to save on rock and roller cart at musicians friend would have come in so handy. I didn't have the Internet, or a store like that in the area back then, but my granddaughter who is just beginning her music career does. It's so much fun going online with her and seeing all of the great deals there are, getting her the things she needs to participate and enjoy her love of music.

Major Snow

We're REALLY getting slammed this year. This is just a sample of the many massive snow storms from this winter. It seems like every "snow" is a major snow. No dustings or minor blizzards this year so far.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Strike up the Band

Wedding parties are only as good as the music. Live bands are great, but limited. To really get a good selection of music that everyone will enjoy and have it really sound like the songs we all love, a DJ playing the music is the best way to go. Searching for a good DJ isn't hard. It can all be done online. Since it isn't like buying an item that can be shipped from anywhere, however, you have to make sure you narrow your searches to a specific location. Use the area that the wedding will be in. Even if you live in Illinois, if the actual wedding will take place in your hometown of Charleston, NC, finding a DJ in Chicago isn't going to help much. You have to look for a charleston wedding dj.

Make sure the DJ has the selection of music that best fits your style and has a personality that will also be in-tune with your own tastes. Preferences for style aren't the same for everyone.

Oops, wrong words

I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time. I love misheard song lyrics. I'm usually a champ at them myself.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Making Changes

I've been wanting to remodel my kitchen for awhile now, but even though it's small, new cabinets are not in the cards. The ones in there now are dated and old. They are still in decent shape, however, and nothing is falling apart, so I should be happy with that. They don't even really need to be refinished, although it certainly would change the looks of them. What would make a really big difference is to add hardware to change the cover appearance of them. Since there have never been any, however, getting handles to stay in place on the doors is hard. The wood isn't holding screws. I've looked around for these inserts before when needing to anchor heavier items to a wall, or for other uses. A small insert will help convert my old cabinet doors with no handles into something more updated and attractive without having to change the entire door.

Burrrrrrrrrrr Baby It's Cold Outside

Weather report blogs are kind of cheating, but this one bears mentioning. Finally, after over a week, we're creeping out of the sub-zero weather and deadly wind-chills that have been round the clock regular here in Chicago this year. The cold sure did start early too. While not that deadly stuff, we got freezing weather and snow far earlier than I can remember since way back in my childhood. I suppose it could actually be considered normal, at least I remember that early cold and deep December snow from back then as normal. It hasn't been normal at all for the past couple of decades though, and I certainly can't remember -40 degree windchills in December or at all during the winter at all. I think the only state that escaped the most severe weather was Florida, especially in the SW. Boy do I want to move there. I was born down in Florida, and I need to get back to my roots. The coldest it got there was mid-50's on ONE day. All the rest were typical January Florida 70s and 80s. Gotta love that.