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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gearing Up the Garage

I've been really gearing up my garage to do some serious projects this winter. Part of the new equipment in there are surface clamps that always need to be tightened and loosened. A couple of older ones I had needed new handles so I thought about getting some manual clamping systems to add to the bunch instead of redoing the old ones. Being a boat lover means spending all summer playing with the various boats, and all winter working on them. Sometimes it's easy work, sometimes it's big projects. I don't forsee too many projects on existing boats this winter though, since I did a lot last winter. So, my first project, provided nothing unforeseen happens over the summer, is going to be working on building a jon boat from scratch. It's going to be fun, and even moreso now that I have the equipment and tools I need.

Great Catch Just from Shore

While I was out cruising around in my kayak on the Kankakee River last Sunday, Bob just fished from shore. Wouldn't you know it he pulled in three times as much as me just standing at the boat launch. Here are two of his catches that I managed to paddle back in time to catch on camera.

Pro Gear for Fun and Fame

When I was younger, and serious about playing guitar, I never really had a lot of professional gear. I had some nice guitars and several good amps over time, but I didn't really have any microphones or stage stands. My granddaughter is really "amping" up, pardon the pun, to get really professional even though she's still just playing for fun. She has developed a full Christmas list of things she wants including stuff like It's funny, but at the same time, really cool to see her being so serious about the music and where she wants to go with it. When I look back, I can definitely see the differences. It isn't a matter of right and wrong. I loved playing the guitar, but it was never a serious occupation for me, it was just fun. She loves to play the guitar, but there's a whole extra element to her love, it's a passion that goes far beyond fun. Maybe someday it will bring fame, but no matter what, she will be doing something she loves.

Kayak Fun

I am having such a good time with my kayak. Here is a video of my second trip out with it on Tampier Lake.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Warm Water in All Weather

Spring is the time of year when everyone gets anxious to jump in the pool. Winter is over and I know that all I can think of is all the stuff I want to do outside including swimming. Unfortunately spring weather doesn't always cooperate. Cool nights and chilly mornings can make it impossible to use the pool. Even a few temperature changes in the summer months can make the pool too cold to be comfortable to really enjoy. The best way around that is to install a raypak heater that will keep the water at a steady temperature during any kind of weather. It extends the swimming season and keeps water a consistent temperature even in regular summer months.

Spring is Time for Planting

Did a bunch of work today in the yard. Really starting to shape up. The grass is really long though. It's been really rainy and it was drizzling all day today. I could have probably mowed the lawn, but I kept expecting it to pour. Tomorrow is going to be a little warmer with much less chance of rain (according to the forecast) so hopefully I can get that done tomorrow. Planted a bunch of flowers around the front and spread mulch, plus planted some Thai peppers and tomato plants and two planters today. Hope to get some gladiola bulbs put in tomorrow and put in some lettuce and cucumbers. Here's a picture of the front flowers I planted today.