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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Setting the Scene with Music

I love music and have played several instruments in my time, but I don't really consider myself a musician by any stretch of the imagination. However, as a screenwriter/director and ultimately in my little indie area of the world, being able to produce high-quality soundtracks and music clips is a vital part of my work.

Film Tips

Love these guys. The tips and tricks they provide are amazing!

Building Storage

In my new house now that everything is moved in, I'm in the process of actually fine-tuning everything and getting the rooms the way I like them. One of those rooms is my office. Except for my big desk and a few metal cabinets for files, I don't have a lot in there. I need a small couch or a couple of comfortable chairs to hold meetings and just to relax while reading over manuscripts or screenplays, and I'd like better lighting so that's where I'm focusing right now. Then it will be on to the very disorganized garage where some big metal cabinets would come in handy for extra storage so I can get the clutter of tools and stuff organized better.

Lazy Sundays

Spent all morning watching old movies on TV. I love a nice lazy Sunday. I still have to work, and am getting it done slowly this afternoon, but that's one of the great things about working for yourself, you can set your own schedule and fit in all those things you like to do. The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy though, with the shooting schedule for my newest short film starting this week. I don't think there will be any lazy Sunday's for a few weeks after today.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Life for Shoes

How often have you thrown out a pair of shoes just because they were getting worn down inside, or a pair wasn't comfortable enough to wear all day? I've done it a lot. The thing is, it probably isn't necessary. Simply using superfeet insoles to give an older pair of shoes a new boost, or make new shoes comfortable enough to stand in all day long would be a much better alternative. I have four pair of shoes right now that I rarely wear, and they are practically brand new even though I bought them months or more ago. They're in pretty good shape because they are uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable because of the size or even shape, but not cushioned well enough to be easy on my feet, knees and back. Yeah, it can have a big impact on your joints and back if you wear shoes that don't provide enough cushion, especially as you get older like me, so insoles that make shoes more comfortable are an important discovery.

Writer Video

I just finished a new novel trailer/promo video. I did this primarily because I've been working with green screen effects. Although it's not exactly where I'd like it to be, I'm happy with it for a beginning attempt at doing visual effects.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Dancing with Joy

My granddaughter has decided to take up dancing. She will be starting ballet and jazz soon. I am thrilled, because it instills such a respect for the arts even if it never becomes a passion or a lifetime pursuit. In fact, I'd rather it wasn't a lifetime pursuit. Dancing professionally is a hard life, but taking dance class as a child is something that carries through the rest of life in a beautiful way. It's been years since I've donned any of the typical ballet accessories like slippers or pointe shoes, tights or tutus, but it will be fun to gather them all up for my granddaughter as she begins this new era in her life.

Finally in the 21st Century!

Went to the movies today. I have always loved going to the movies and seeing the films on the big screen, but it's something I haven't done a lot of in my adulthood. The seats were just too uncomfortable. I'm a big person, although I've lost a lot of weight now, but just the general achiness that comes with age and the fact that I have issues with my back have made sitting in old seating uncomfortable to painful. Not anymore! Wow! Went to Chicago Ridge Theater today and they have the new megaplex comfort seating. All of the seats are recliner easy chairs. Not some thin-padded skeletons either, real plush, deluxe chairs with automatic reclining buttons. So comfy I almost fell asleep waiting for the movie to begin. Where I used to hate all the previews and commercials before the movie, now I was happy as a clam while they played. Oh, and the movie was really good too. Went to see "The Expendables 2".