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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trying to Lose Weight?

Hey folks, something of interest maybe to those of you who are 40+ and trying to lose weight or get healthy. I'm journalling about my journey of weight loss on the blog Fitness and Weightloss over 40 so stop by and join in the conversations, or just say hi.

I also started a new google page to lead people to the blog above. If you've never tried to create a web page, or are afraid of the complicated programs usually needed, or just don't have time to mess with them, try them out. It's FREE it's easy, no comlicated downloads or hard to learn programs, just type and click pretty much like posting to a blog. Check out my page here, and then try one of your own. It's in BETA so they're looking for folks to use the system and give feedback. Let your voices be heard.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Necessity of Life

Living in the country means having well water as a water source. It's pretty much a given that you need to have water purifiers under those circumstances. For anyone that has never lived in the country or tasted 'raw' well water, it's like drinking liquid metal. Sure they test the water anytime you purchase a home with well water to be sure it's 'safe' but just because it's safe doesn't mean it tastes good--or looks good. If you've ever seen the movie 'Back to the Future III' where Marty's great-great grandmother hands him a glass of 'water' and it's brown you know what it LOOKS like. Just imagine what it tastes like. Even city water can be improved with a good purifier, but in the country it's a necessity of life.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How Cool Is The Internet

I love the Internet. I don't suppose that's an unusual feeling anymore. I think 99% of the world's population probably feels like that. I don't know too many people who don't do everything from listening to music to getting term life insurance quotes online anymore. I know of a couple. My husband's older sister hates the Internet. She doesn't completely shy away from it. She found her last two (brief) husbands online, and perhaps thats the reason she isn't fond of the Internet even though she uses computers at work all the time. My husband's younger sister (still 50 so not really 'young') never did get used to computers or the Internet even though her children (in their late 20's and early 30's) all use and love computers. For the most part though people everywhere use it for everything and anything. It's amazing how the world just opens up to you online. I can sit in the middle of a cornfield in rural Illinois and talk to a friend in Georgia while I type this on my blog for all the world to see, and listen to music--all without leaving my home. How cool is that?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Who Needs Auto Parts?

You'd think with a brand new truck I wouldn't be out looking for auto parts, but you'd be wrong. Last week I got clobbered... yes my brand new truck. Well the insurance company will pay for the repairs--it still is a rip, I didn't cause the accident, my truck was parked and I was inside the store, but the driver of the other car didn't have insurance... yikes. At she got one heck of a ticket. Anyway, since I'm looking around for body shops I also started looking around for accessories for my nice new truck. I'm going to need something to make me feel happy again about paying on a brand new truck even once the dent is fixed. I know it was there.

Fun and Practical

Most of my wardrobe consists of blue jeans and t-shirts. That's my personality, and since I do lots of work outside, it's a good thing that I prefer to dress like that than in satin and silk. Both satin and silk are nice, but don't go well with barn chores. I suppose for my writing business I could dress in silk while I sit in my office in the back bedroom, but it seems kind of silly--and I prefer t-shirts. I like them with funny sayings, or pictures on them the best. My next favorite are animal pictures and/or sayings. Every once in awhile I even buy a blank one and make my own sayings or pictures but iron on transfers aren't as nice as the silk screened ones. All-in-all t-shirts are a lot more fun than dress shirts anyway.

In Your Own Backyard

Where do people's minds go when they do henious things? I just read today about a Texas couple who had their baby's body stored in their FREEZER. Police do not know yet if the baby died from being put in the freezer or was dead and then put in there, but either way, what were they thinking? Another couple, in the news just today, tried to SELL their baby on EBAY. Tell me how people can somehow turn off their moral compass long enough to do something like either of those things. It just makes no sense, and is scary to know you live in a world where things like that can happen. Everyone says it can't happen to me, but you never know what's going on right in your neighborhood, or even in your own home some time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Laptops On The Go

Laptop computers are probably more common than the cumbersome old desktops now. After all, in a mobile society what makes more sense than a mobile computer. With WiFi hotspots all over, wireless connection ease built into laptops, it makes perfect sense, and actually is a lot cheaper -- you can even do away with a monthly internet bill if you make use of the free wifi areas, although it's not secure the way a paid service is. For me, at home however, I prefer the old workhorse of a desktop. It used to be because desktop computers were far more powerful than any available laptop, but that's no longer the case at all with most laptop speeds and storage capacities equal to any desktop. For me the whole reason for prefering a desktop computer is the keyboard. With my wrists, the odd situation of the way a laptop keyboard is set in is uncomfortable after awhile. My husband uses a laptop exclusively and loves it. For me though, the only time a laptop comes in handy is while I'm traveling. It doesn't make much sense to buy and maintain a laptop for just those times, even though it happens often enough, but you can make use of a laptop rental in those situations, and not have to worry about maintaining the computer, or keeping it in working order if something goes wrong with it. That's the best option for me, until they ever invent a laptop with a comfortable built in keyboard.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Hollywood

I don't know if it's my imagination, or if there really is more and more reporting of celebrities going into drug rehab, and or being put in prison on drug charges than ever before. Just this past month I've counted four incidents alone, and that number pales in the numbers of the past twelve months or so. Is it because the authorities are finally cracking down on celebrities and treating them like everybody else? Or is it because it's become more of a media ploy for attention? Sometimes the sensationalism of it all makes it seem more like 'there's no such thing as bad publicity' and if they can't get their names in the papers one way, they'll do it another, even if it means a felony charge. I know that seems a bit far-fetched and rediculous, but hey, it is Hollywood we're talking about.

Friday, May 09, 2008

You Never Know When You'll Need a Boat

Something you don't think you'll really need when you live in-land is an inflatable boat. This winter though, people in nearby Watseka and other surrounding areas in Iroquois county and Kankakee county learned the great importance and value of owning inflatable boats as many of them, as well as canoes, and anything else that would float on water were brought into service during two floods that occured in the little rural towns, even the big city of Kankakee in January and February. The areas were declared disaster zones by the governor and federal aide was requested, but I'll never forget the pictures of the land turned lakes, or driving into Watseka only to be stopped on highway 24 at the edge of a lake of water that engulfed the entire West side of the town. There are still reminders of the horror as you drive through side streets and see homes up on girders as their lower levels and basements are repaired from the water damage. I remember in the weeks that followed the floods driving through and seeing piles of garbage higher than cars lining the streets. I even have a picture of cars submurged in the water during the floods, and can only imagine the tremendous financial impact to those families not only having to repair homes, replace furniture and clothing, but cars as well. Luckily I live far enough away from that area not to have been directly impacted. It's a sight I hope to not see ever again, but it might be a good idea to buy a boat just in case.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Makings of Memories

My son's room is litered with his highschool, and little league baseball trophies, basketball, track, and many others as well. Our family room has various trophies everywhere, from dog shows, rabbit shows, 4-h, and other livestock shows. My husband once commented we should put all the old trophies away. Some of them are 10 or more years old. It isn't the age of them that's important. For my son his baseball trophies are like memorabilia that make him feel warm, and happy remembering his accomplishments. Many of the livestock and 4-h trophies upstairs have the same effect as he was the most active in 4-h. For me those same trophies bring back wonderful memories of our family working through the year together, and showing together. Other animal show trophies have the same accomplishment for me that my son's athletic trophies have for him. Hours of work, paid off in the form of winning animals. You can't put an age limit on the feelings and memories that those items possess. My husbands theory was that since we have so many current ones, we don't need the old ones, but mine is that the old ones are treasured memories, the new ones are fun new memories, and the space I just cleared for this year's shows, is for memories in the making.

Not So Wild After All

While I've always considered myself somewhat conservative, I find that the people I surround myself with, including those in my family are somewhat 'fringe' conservatives. For instance most of the men in my family, including my husband, son, son-in-law, and father have been known to wear men's jewelry. My husband has a pierced ear, and occassionally wears a necklace, and has several rings. My father for as long as I can remember has worn a gold chain on his neck. Various boyfriends of my past have worn different forms of jewelry from necklace, to bracelet, earings, and well some other piercings not mentionable. My daughter's boyfriends and husband have all had various piercings, and some have worn necklace jewelry and rings. So, while I may consider myself conservative all I like, I must have a wild streak in me... or maybe it's not so wild after all.