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Monday, February 17, 2014

It's What You Know and How You Know It

I've never been much for technical or mechanical things. If I build something, it probably won't stand for very long. However, there are always things we have to know just enough about so that when we are talking to a contractor or someone fixing a piece of machinery around the home or business, we understand what is being talked about. When an air-conditioner repairman or woman is talking about needing to replace the gusher pump will you know what they are saying? Maybe, maybe not. The great thing is that now, with the internet, all it takes is a few minutes of investigation and you can find out so that you know what is going on, and what you should be paying.

Winter Not Too Wonderland

Snow again. Yes, another weather report. I can't believe the winter we're having here in Illinois this year though. It has been nearly non-stop snow. We are on track to get about 6 inches again today. It's as if winter is determined to hang on right to the bitter end with no real relief. This week looked like it would be a bit of a repreive at first, with a forecasted warming trend culminating in a 50 degree day on Thursday. But here we are on Monday getting hit by a blizzard again, and that 50 degree forecast has been downgraded to maybe a 40 degree day. 40 is still nice, but by the time Thursday rolls around, how much is the bet that it will be a lot lower than even 40 degrees?