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Thursday, April 23, 2009

So Hooked

Why is it I always seem to come late to the party? Well when it comes to following trends anyway. I think it's because my mind fights to resist hype. Being in advertising I think I have become a bit jaded to it. I am cynical. There I said it. Well, the problem with being cynical is it makes it too easy to avoid good things that really are good things. That's where my current passion is seated. A few weeks ago I finally watched the movie version of "Sex in the City" when it played on HBO... and promptly fell in love with the characters--that's right I'm the 1 person on the planet who had never seen an episode of one of the most popular sitcoms on TV prior to watching that movie which was really an 'end cap' although it did well as a stand alone too.

So now I am hooked. I just finished watching the DVD set of season two and am about to start in on season three. I even took one of the discs with me on vacation last weekend that's how hooked I am--and to think I've missed out on these all these years simply because I hate to follow the 'next big thing' trend. It's time to stop being so cynical. I miss out on too much. Thank heaven's for DVDs and re-runs.

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