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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Extra Great Vacation at Lake Geneva

I just got home from an amazing vacation weekend. I spent three days at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin's Lodge at Geneva Ridge. It was so luxurious. It is a 5-star resort on its own private lake. Actual Lake Geneve is downtown and huge, but the resort has a big lake all its own. The rooms are super luxury with king-sized pillow top mattresses, a couch, a wide-screen wall mounted tv with cable and dvd player. The spa has full-service massages, body wraps, herbal baths, manicures, pedicures, and facials. The fitness room has all the expected workout equipment, and the pool, oh is it heavenly complete with a middle of the pool island with a tree, a full atrium deck with plants and lawn chairs and tables. There is a delicious sauna and steam room, and of course the whrilpool of which I made good use of all of the above. In the summer there is also an outdoor pool with poolside bar. I'm going back for my birthday for a 4 day weekend in June! Here's a picture of the room, and a picture of the PATIO (yes we had our own patio) view.

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